BioWare revealed the unique rewards you can earn by helping them test the new SWTOR 7.0 expansion Legacy of the Sith on PTS!

As of two days ago BioWare patched the SWTOR PTS with what I assume will be the latest update for the year. As Endonae said earlier, we believe that everything new coming with SWTOR 7.0 in February is now available for testing on the Public Test Server.

The developers brought PTS back up earlier this week after they announced the delay of the expansion. Legacy of the Sith will now launch on February 15th, 2022.

This gives both you and me plenty of time to help the developers test the new gameplay features, mechanics and systems.

What is on PTS currently is far from finished and polished, but BioWare are asking for help to do that. And to spice things up and encourage more players to participate in the tests during the Holidays, they offer rewards!

SWTOR PTS is a unique server, only accessible to players who are currently subscribed to SWTOR. You need to literally install the whole game a second time.

If you opt to copy a live character onto PTS for this phase, you will bring over all of your Legacy level, items, money, titles and so on, but you will not have your achievements transferred.

This is on purpose as BioWare wants you to help them test the new character creator tool, which is still not working properly, sometimes. They want you to experience the new leveling game using the new Combat Styles and see how the gameplay feels for your favorite class(es) with the new skill trees, pruned abilities and all the other changes we have been telling you about since late Summer.

There are six titles and two mounts available for you to earn by completing various activities on PTS until they bring it down.

Here’s the list:

Activity Rewards
Log into PTS New “Led the Charge” Title
Complete the Class Story on any class “First Line of Defense” Title
Complete all expansion Story content “The Cutting Edge” Title
Reach item rating 322 with one of your characters and complete the PvP, Heroic, and Flashpoint Weekly Missio “Strike Team Specialist” Title, “Strike Team Commander” Title, and Kai Zykken’s MK-85 Log Mount
Complete all the above New “Strike Team Hero” Title and New Kai Zykken’s MK-90 Holo-Log Mount
New Kai Zykken’s MK-90 Holo-Log Mount
Kai Zykken’s MK-90 Holo-Log Mount
Kai Zykken’s MK-85 Log Mount

I personally like reading the weirdly funny role-playing tidbits that the devs do sometimes. Usually they put some in patch notes, but today we got a larger chunk as part of the SWTOR 7.0 PTS rewards announcement:

We reached out to Kai Zykken, noted interplanetary adventurer/entrepreneur, for a description of the MK-90 Holo-Log Mount:

“Well, so many people came to me after we released the old MK-85 Log Mount, and said ‘Wow! So impressive and ingenious!’ and I said ‘Of course, I’m the one who made it!”

But everyone knows Kai Zykken doesn’t settle for perfection. So I scoured the galaxy for a new breed of log: a log that would be sleeker and faster; a log that wouldn’t give you splinters every time you sat on it or grow mold in the rain; a log that was constantly glowing so that no one could possibly look at anything but me… I mean, you, as you ride by!

I never found that log, but I did find a state-of-the-art shipment of holoprojectors!** Mix in a secondhand swoop engine and a few dabs of Corellian industrial adhesive and boom, the MK-90 Holo-Log Mount was born!”

*Kai Zykken may not have actually made any components in the original MK-85 Log Mount.
**Any similarity between the holoprojectors used in the MK-90 Holo-log Mount and those reported stolen from a storage facility on Carrick Station are coincidental until proven otherwise in a court of law.”

All of the above-mentioned rewards will be granted to you on all of your existing and new characters on the live servers of the game when the expansion launches.

If you have been with SWTOR long enough you may remember two of these titles. “The First Line of Defense” and “The Cutting Edge” are now exactly new, but it has been a very very long time since they were last granted to players, so it’s highly likely that a large chunk of today’s SWTOR population has not yet earned them and BioWare wants to give them away again!

All of the listed activities must be performed on the Public Test Server. If you need a hand, I have a helpful guide to show you how to access SWTOR PTS and how to transfer a copy your characters to it.

What do you think of the rewards? Let me tell you what I think….

The rewards are not really worth all of that trouble. I have begun doing it, because I am silly and stubborn like that, but in general four titles (two of which are not really new), a holo version of a mount that I already have from previous PTS rewards cycle and… nothing else.

The mount has a great “shimmer” animation effect and semi-disappears from time to time.

There is no doubt that the holo mount is super cool, but it’s got to be an incredibly low effort to get the old log mount and add a holo effect to it. If we are to spend upwards from fifty hours claiming and deserving these rewards, BioWare needs to spend a bit more time on creating something truly exclusive. Something that will make every other player on the live servers turn their head as we stroll past them.

They should have offered more. A lot more.

If you would like to help the developers by tracking issues and bugs, you could do that with or without the extra rewards. The SWTOR team needs any help players can provide with QA and bug-hunting, because this way we will get the most polished and fluent experience when 7.0 launched.

You can do any of the activities on any number of characters. There’s no requirement to do it all on one character.

The getting to IR 322 object will be tricky, because SWTOR’s PTS doesn’t have a great reputation among players and not a huge amount actually do play regularly on it. I am hoping that BioWare steps up to organize something around mid of January after they come back from their Holidays.

They have done organized test sessions in the past. There’s a possibility they would do it once again. If not, your only option will be to call upon your friends to install PTS and farm some gear that will later be taken away from them as their PTS characters get deleted.

Speaking of organizations, how about a few helpful tips on how you can go in prepared and spend less time on PTS to get these achievements completed sooner. Provided you are up for farming them at all.

If you copy an existing character, you Legacy Level will copy with them. Most of you are probably Legacy Level 50 already. This will allow you to benefit from your Legacy perks on PTS.

You can boost any character by interacting with the special PTS droid located just outside the “landing area” on your origin planet.

If you prefer to take out the leveling experience from the equation, you can go through the narrative as a level 80. Not ideal for testing purposes. That droid does give you money too, which is helpful, of course.

If you decide to level up a new character directly on PTS, I still suggest you to copy a live character to bring over some credits, items and – yes – the Legacy level and get all those sweet perks!

While playing on PTS be mindful that this is a test environment and there are no guarantees that your gameplay will be smooth.

Leveling through the origin story feels like a breeze now, but the most time-consuming will probably be the twenty-five chapters of KOTFE and the nine of KOTET. If you have done them as many times as I have, you probably feel a bit disgusted in doing them again.

It would have been great if BioWare found a way to allow us to keep the character(s) we create for this test phase over to the live servers. This way we can enjoy the leveling and gear farm knowing we will not lose them at the end.

As I said in the beginning of this article, we strongly believe that everything that is coming with SWTOR 7.0 is actually now available on PTS. This is a great opportunity to check out the new features yourself. Of course, the new story is now on PTS. The Flashpoint is, but it’s in its generic version, with all of the story scenes excluded.

If you can’t install PTS and play yourself, but still want to know what is coming up with the expansion, check out the detailed coverage we have done over the past few months on every single patch and announcement related to 7.0:

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