Complete Xenoanalyst II Guide for Story and Veteran Mode, available in Ilum during the Relics of the Gree event. Includes instructions on how to get to the boss, mechanics and tactics, missions and rewards!

How to get to Xenoanalyst II on Ilum

Xenoanalyst II is only accessible during the Relics of the Gree event on Ilum, which is active for one week at a time as a Conquest event that shows up every few months.

To access to the Gray Secant, where the boss is, you must reach Newcomer standing with the Gree Enclave and purchase Authorization: Gray Secant from the Gree reputation vendor for 1,000 credits.

The Authorization is only required to use the teleporter. You can also get summoned inside by someone else that has it.

To reach Primary Observatory Four, the arena for Xenoanalyst II, you’ll need to make your way to the back of the Gray Secant. Make sure to go in the side that matches your faction or you’ll get deleted by the guard droid.

Xenoanalyst II Boss Mechanics Explained

The entire boss fight has you fighting a huge droid named Xenoanalyst II whose whole job as your Interactive Research Liason is to test your group’s combat capabilities as part of the Gray Secant’s ancient mission as a research vessel.

In the eyes of the Gree, the whole fight is just a science experiment, so all of the mechanics are a bit fourth-wall-breaking with their names.

Like most lair bosses, all mechanics are present in both Story Mode and Veteran Mode with the primary difference in difficulty coming from numbers checks. In SM, you will be able to ignore some mechanics because they are less punishing.

Environmental Awareness Test

There are 3 shielded Power Cores located around the edges of the room. While Power Cores are shielded, they are completely immune to damage. Xeno will channel Environmental Awareness for 30s, which will randomly deactivate one of the shields protecting a Power Core while the channel is active, giving you 30s to destroy the core. The boss doesn’t do anything else, so everyone in the group should go over and hit the Power Core.

You can tell which Power Core’s shield is deactivated by a blue beam connecting Xenoanalyst II to the Power Core.

If you are successful in destroying the Power Core, it will conveniently explode without dealing damage, knocking all nearby players away from the Power Core back towards the center of the room. Combat styles with Force Charge or Force Leap can quickly swivel their camera around, retarget the boss, and activate that ability to be back in melee range without ever needing to hit the ground. Xenoanalyst II will be stunned for 12s with a debuff called Simulated Overload.

If you are unsuccessful, the boss will cast Negative Reinforcement for 1.5s, which will kill one of the tanks (or in SM, damage them heavily). It’s not the end of the world because you can just brez them, but if you can’t manage to destroy a Power Core in VM within the time limit, you will most likely run out of time and wipe.

Some groups like to deliberately skip the final Power Core and choose to spend those 30s dealing damage to the boss, though this will result in a tank dying, so it should only be done when DPS is too low and you can spare the brez.

Problem-Solving Evaluation

Xenoanalyst II will periodically channel Problem-Solving Evaluation, which lasts up to 90s. While this ability is being channeled, the boss is shielded, is completely immune to damage, and does not attack. The terminals at the bases of 6 of the columns around the room will light up purple. Each of them needs to be clicked. Once a player has clicked a terminal, they will get a debuff that prevents them from clicking other terminals.

Once all of the panels have been clicked, the shield breaks and the entire group takes a bit of AoE damage. The DPS and healers should pop a DCD in response to this damage. Once you’ve clicked your panel, start watching the other panels to see how many are left to click. When there’s only 1-2 left, start pre-applying DoTs and pre-casting.

Some groups like to assign players to click specific columns in order to speed up the process since the timer is still ticking down.

Problem-Solving Evaluation always happens about 10s into the fight, so DPS should hold off on using longer OCDs until after Problem-Solving Evaluation is done. After the first activation, Problem-Solving Evaluation will only occur during Species Comparison. It’s essential that you wait to click all panels until after all the adds have been defeated so that you don’t have to deal with the boss and the adds at the same time.

Species Comparison (Adds Spawn)

Xenoanalyst II will spawn adds near the entrance to Primary Observatory Four. Each time this ability is used, there will be a different species of adds. The adds always appear in the same order in the same quantity:

  1. Akkbeast x4
  2. Terentatek x4
  3. Rancor x1

None of the adds pose a significant DPS check, so use tacticals and ability tree buffs that boost single-target sustained DPS.

Simulated Akkbeasts

The first Species Comparison features 4 Akkbeasts.

These adds are basic, standard enemies and are super easy to deal with as a result, just keep them all stacked up in the same place and AoE them down.

Simulated Terentateks

The second Species Comparison features 4 Terentateks.

The Terentateks hit hard, but move slowly. It is possible to AoE them down, but it’s much safer to have 1 tank AoE taunt them and kite them around the room while the group focuses each of them down 1 at a time.

Some groups prefer to have one of the tanks kite the group while the other tank taunts a single Terentatek out of the group for the DPS to focus down. This is a bit excessive and sacrifices rotational AoE like DoT spreads. It’s usually enough to just mark 1 that the DPS will focus down.

Healers should pop their threat drop as soon as the adds spawn while DPS should wait until at after 4 direct damage GCDs. If you get aggro of a Terentatek and aren’t a tank, make sure to run away and pop 1-2 DCDs.

Simulated Rancor

The third and final Species Comparison features a single Rancor. The fight typically doesn’t last long enough in SM to even get a third Species Comparison and it’s possible to beat the fight in HM without seeing it.

In addition to its basic attack, the Rancor has a special attack called Ground Pound. With Ground Pound, the Rancor slams its fists into the ground in front of it, dealing damage and knocking away everyone nearby in what is likely a 5m radius. You can see an orange circle when it does the ground pound.

The tank with aggro should kit the Rancor around just like with the Terentateks. In order to avoid getting knocked, the tank should try their best to stay outside of melee range in front of the Rancor while the mDPS need to stand behind the Rancor barely staying in range. The tank without aggro should be on standby to taunt in case the tank with aggro gets knocked or loses aggro. DPS should run away if they get aggro and remember to threat drop.

Thermal Tolerance Evaluation (Tank Swap)

Xenoanalyst II will periodically fire a super-hot laser on the player with aggro (normally one of the tanks) in a 10s channel called Thermal Tolerance Evaluation. Over the course of the channel, the target will take a ton of damage and receive stacks called Severe Burns, which increases that player’s damage taken by 20% per stack. Severe Burns lasts 90s.

It’s basically impossible to stay alive for the full channel unless you burn all your DCDs and even then, you still may not survive. The intended strategy is to use a cheese while running behind the nearest column to break line of sight with the boss and end the channel prematurely. It is ideal to predict when Thermal Tolerance will come so you can already be near the pillar, but this is not essential.

The other tank should taunt as soon as the channel begins and have aggro on the boss, along with any adds that they’ll be taking damage from, until the next Thermal Tolerance Evaluation. The idea is that you don’t want to get hit by things while you have the Severe Burns debuff.

Each tank class has an optimal approach to breaking the Thermal Tolerance Evaluation channel:

Juggernauts and Guardians Strategy

Mad Dash / Blade Blitz towards the side of a column paired with another DCD to get you the rest of the way there. You can also Intercede / Guardian Leap to a designated player that is already positioned by a pillar. Usually assigning a healer and focus targeting them is best.

Assassins and Shadows Strategy

Assassins / Shadows have the easiest time dealing with this mechanic since they can just stealth out immediately to interrupt the channel entirely. If Force Cloak is unavailable for some reason, just use Force Shroud and run over with Force Speed instead. Make sure to have the Two Cloaks tactical equipped.

Powertechs and Vanguards Strategy

Use Energy Yield / Infused Kolto Packs for mitigation since you can take advantage of the Supercommando legendary implant to protect yourself while the channel is active and use Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line as a movement speed boost to hopefully get you there by the time the Supercommando shield expires.

Time Limit to beat the boss

Unlike other bosses, Xenoanalyst II actually tells you about its enrage timer on its buff bar. In SM, you have 10min while in VM you have 8min. You only need to drop below 20% and begin loading Final Evaluation before this timer expires.

If you fail to meet this DPS check, Xeno will begin repeatedly casting Negative Reinforcement, which will 1-shot each member of the group, giving you less than 12s to reach the final phase.

If you’re running into issues with the time limit, either DPS is too low or your group is very slow to respond to mechanics. Consider skipping the final Power Core if you need to buy yourself more time and use raid buffs at the beginning of the fight.

Final Evaluation and Generate Urgency (Burn Phase)

Once the boss dips below 20%, you no longer have to worry about the time limit. Xenoanalyst II will activate its shield one last time and begin loading the Final Evaluation. Everyone in the group should stack up near the boss so healers can heal everyone up. There’s no damage going out, so this is just a quick break before the burn phase begins.

Once the Final Evaluation channel is complete, the boss will start exclusively spam casting Generate Urgency. This ability deals a huge amount of damage to each player and can kill you if you’re not at full health or have a strong DCD up. Generate Urgency casts get progressively faster over time, making it harder and harder for everyone to survive.

Sorcerers / Sages should make sure to bubble the entire group and give extra protection with Force Barrier if using the Empowered Restorer Legendary Implant as soon as the boss starts casting Generate Urgency. Snipers / Gunslingers should use Ballistic Shield / Scrambling Field as soon as the boss starts casting Generate Urgency.

Tanks should alternate taunts on the boss for as long as possible to take as many hits as possible. Don’t bother taunting if you don’t have a DCD available unless both tanks are out of DCDs. Healers should prioritize keeping the tanks alive while they have DCDs and then switch to prioritizing DPS and healers once they start getting hit. Everyone should have as many offensive cooldowns as possible available and active during this phase. Make sure to pop all raid buffs as well if they aren’t needed a second time in the first phase.

Overall Strategy and Rhythm of the Fight

Shortly after pulling, Xenoanalyst II will always channel Problem-Solving Evaluation. This is the only time in the fight where Problem-Solving Evaluation is not paired with Species Comparison. From there, the boss will cycle through its 3 main mechanics 3 times.

  1. Thermal Tolerance Evaluation (Tank Swap)
  2. Environmental Awareness Test (Power Core)
  3. Species Comparison + Problem-Solving Evaluation (Adds + Panels)
  4. Repeat

In between each segment, you’re just whacking the boss. Once you’ve DPS’d the boss down below 20%, Xeno will switch into a Final Evaluation channel where it’s immune allowing everyone to group up and heal up followed by whacking individual players in quick succession.

Xenoanalyst II Missions and Rewards

Apart from the obvious reason to defeat a boss – because it’s there, there are quests you can complete and items you can earn by doing so.


Xenoanalyst II does not have any weekly missions associated with it, though there are a couple of 1-time missions available to each of your toons:

  • Unity Examination – Defeat Xenoanalyst II
  • [Area] Combat Specimen – Defeat Xenoanalyst II, Gravak’k, and Surgok’k

Unity Examination provides 2 Gray Helix Components, 1 purple reputation trophy, and the standard small amount of credits while [Area] Combat Specimen gives credits and the Combat Specimen title.

In addition, defeating Xenoanalyst II specifically in any difficulty mode gives 36,125 Conquest Points (includes 200% SH bonus) thanks to the Relics of the Gree: Gray Secant Pinnacle Conquest Objective (not repeatable).


Xenoanalyst II drops several rewards:

  • 1 Purple Gree Reputation Trophy
  • Gray Helix Components (4/6 for SM, 6/8 for VM, corresponding to 8 vs 16M)
  • Standard gear from SM/VM operation bosses
  • Red Sphere Mount (VM only, extremely rare drop)
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