SWTOR 6.3.2 Whispers in the Force, a cinematic in which the Alliance leadership discusses the current events, shows how your choices matter!

The most recent update to SWTOR – patch 6.3.2 released today on August 21 2021. It delivers mostly bug fixes and a couple of important gameplay alterations such as the removal of Master Loot System and increased Hooks for Guild Flagships.

What I think is more interesting, though, is the short cinematic cutscene your character has to go through if you have been completing every new major narrative mission so far.

As soon as you log in to the game after you have updated it to 6.3.2, you will see the mission “Whispers in the Force”. This is actually a continuation of the events from the previous short cinematic we got in an earlier patch.

It is unusual for BioWare to include story elements in incremental patches. When an update has more than one dot in its labeling, it is not supposed to contain a story. And what we got with 6.3.2 isn’t exactly a story, but it’s well worth mentioning, because a few interesting things happen in it.

SWTOR Hylo Visz and Akaavi in Whispers from the Force 6.3.2

The narrative is almost the same for both factions, but it’s presented by different NPCs who will be featured when you play it from a Republic and Empire point of view.

You will have Hylo Visz introducing Akaavi with her report that you sent her to collect earlier. If you are not the appropriate class or haven’t done her recruitment mission, Akaavi may be unknown to you when you meet her here. And under “certain circumstances” you may not even have Akaavi deliver this report.

Shae Vizla is still chasing Heta Kol, whose group the Hidden Chain have been targeting colonies and transports in the Outer Rim.

Aurebesh translation thanks to Intisar – This Week in Aurebesh.

Next in the cinematic you will find out a few new tidbits about the relic Darth Malgus stole from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. The news will be delivered by a different NPC based on your allegiances.

Although the relic’s purpose and features are still unknown to everyone except for Malgus, the relic’s origin has been discovered. It belonged to a Sith “known only as Darth Nul”. This lead is not much to hang on to, but it was apparently enough for your team to discover an old Sith Fortress that might have belonged to Darth Nul.

I wonder if this could somehow be related to Warb Null. The subtitles in SWTOR spell it “Nul”, so it’s probably not related. Null was a Dark Jedi and died in 3998 BBY. He was the commander of Freedon Nadd‘s legions of darksiders. He is a Legends character from the Tales of the Jedi series.

Warb Null as a Dark Jedi
Warb Null

The report also includes a mysterious planet where Darth Nul’s relic was first discovered. Sana-Rae will join the conversation to offer her knowledge. This planet is not known to many and is located in “a dark region of Wild Space”. It is a “dangerous, untamed world”, she will explain.

SWTOR 6.3.2 Whispers in the Force - the mysterious new planet and Darth Nul

And here comes my favorite part and the whole reason I decided to sit and describe this seemingly small and boring cinematic scene that serves as little more than a filler for events to come in future patches and The Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion.

Arcann comes onto the stage!

Well, he doesn’t really appear in the cinematic. And if you opted to not have him as your companion, he will not even be mentioned (because he will not be alive *cough*)

SWTOR 6.3.2 - Whispers in the Dark - Sana-Rae offering her assistance

If you have chosen to keep him around, however, Sana-Rae will recommend you to send him to this planet to investigate.

Why Arcann? He just came to the Light Side and now we are sending him to this dark region full of unknowns? Sana-Rae, what are you thinking?

Her reason to choose to recommend Arcann among all others is because he is “strong”.

I know that we all once dreamed of significant choiced that lead to dramatically unique and personal consequences, but Star Wars The Old Republic is a MMORPG and this puts severe limitations to what BioWare can deliver in terms of branching storylines.

The small differences here and there that we see over the years are probably the best we can hope for while the game is in active live service. BioWare cannot afford to support multiple branching stories, because this would force them to cater for every little detail in every unique choice we make as players and this will result in chaos. It is literally impossible for the dev team to do this.

Art from the new Operation, releasing with 7.0

Perhaps one day when the game’s live service ends, we will be able to see unique endings from the final expansion, but… I personally prefer small barely noticeable elements in an actively developed game rather see the game end and have my multiple choices for the ending.

It is in these little pieces that I find the true value of playing and replaying SWTOR’s story. Every time you make a different choice, it will come back to hunt you or repay you in the future.

Because of the many branching options in the narrative, you are unlikely to see a major plot split, but some times these little details are what give color to the cutscenes and stories.

Although this is not exclusive to 6.3.2, but has been happening progressively since 4.0 and especially after 5.0, I must point out the beautiful and smooth slow movement of the camera around the characters and the room.

I was playing (for the 536th time) the Warrior storyline this morning before the servers went down and as soon as they came back up this evening I went through the new cinematic with several of my characters.

It is night and day the difference between the old-school static camera and clunky character animations and the more modern cinematic experience.

SWTOR Lowest vs Highest Graphics Settings
SWTOR Lowest vs Highest Graphics Settings

If you somehow have never noticed these improvements in the visual presentation, take a look at any of the opening cinematics for any of the SWTOR Classes today and compare them with an old video you can find on YouTube easily from the days before Patch 5.2 (that’s when BioWare released the revisited opening cinematics).

With that said, I think I’m done. Go ahead and play through this cinematic with a few of your own alts if you haven’t done so yet and maybe come back to share your experience.

You can take a deep-dive into the other changes and improvements BioWare made in this patch by reading Endonae’s SWTOR 6.3.2 Changes Overview article.

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