BioWare has announced that the PTS has been taken down as they prepare to release 7.0.2 which is now also going to contain Weapons in Outfitter!

We won’t need to wait until 7.1 as was announced previously. We still don’t have a release date, it seems that BioWare hasn’t quite nailed that down yet, but they expect it to be out “in the coming weeks.”

Weapon in Outfitter in 7.0.2

The biggest limitation I saw on the PTS was that weapons in outfitter effectively restricted each outfit to a single combat style. For example, if you wanted to stamp the outfit with a saberstaff, your equipped weapon would just get passed through to use with the rest of the cosmetic armor.

Hopefully BioWare will have fixed this in some way by the time 7.0.2 is released, but they haven’t yet explained what player feedback they will be implementing.

Other Changes in 7.0.2

Even without the weapons in outfitter, 7.0.2 will contain a host of welcome changes. BioWare will be releasing improvements to the recently refactored level sync system like restoring companion effectiveness and making accuracy and alacrity not get scaled down.

In addition, there will be a bunch of gearing improvements that should help to make different types of content more equally rewarding, especially in terms of Tech Fragments, so there will be less pressure to do something you don’t enjoy.

These changes don’t address BioWare’s blunder with purple gear and how getting your first set of 326 is only attainable through PvP/GSF or Nefra/Dash’roode NiM.

How is 7.1 shaping up so far

7.0.2 has taken a lot longer to release than I expected, though given that it will now include a significant feature, it’s more understandable. That said, it’s been almost exactly 2 months since Legacy of the Sith has released and there’s still no sign of when 7.1 will be ready. We still haven’t seen the remaining 2 bosses for the new R-4 Anomaly Operation or the Manaan Daily Area on the PTS, so it seems like 7.1 is still quite a ways out.

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