BioWare has finally released the weapons in outfitter to the SWTOR PTS! In addition, they have announced a fix for the issue with claiming Galactic Seasons rewards.

Galactic Seasons Rewards Fix

BioWare has announced a fix for the issues with claiming rewards from Galactic Seasons where you’ll be able to reclaim rewards starting at the Galactic Seasons level you were at when 7.0.1 was released.

They plan to do backend maintenance on March 29th, but it sounds like there won’t be downtime like usual, but you’ll have to install the 7.0.1a patch before you can reclaim rewards. Here’s the full announcement:

Hi everyone,

This is a follow up of the Galactic Seasons 2 reward issues players are experiencing since we launched game patch 7.0.1. To resolve these issues, we’ll be deploying a patch (7.0.1a) next week, targeted at March 29, 2022, with likely a couple hours of downtime. We’ll give you details once we lock that down. Important to note that you can continue playing normally until the patch goes live.

Players can expect the following to happen when they log back into the game after maintenance has completed:

  • Players will see their reward tracks updated to what they were on March 22, 2022 prior to 7.0.1 rolling out.
  • This does NOT impact seasonal progress and fixes the issue that prevented you from claiming your rewards.
  • This also means, if you’ve already claimed those rewards, you’ll have another opportunity to claim them again.
  • Example: If you were at Galactic Seasons 2 level 20 on March 22 prior to 7.0.1 and are at level 25 at the time 7.0.1a rolls out, you will be able to claim rewards from level 20 to 25, and then continue playing normally.

Thank you for your patience as we investigated the reports and determined the best resolution for our players.

Weapons in Outfitter on PTS

Weapons in Outfitter are finally on the PTS!

swtor 7.1 pts weapon outfitter

It works pretty similarly to how any other outfit slot works. Crystals and tunings are treated as being stamped.

swtor 7.1 pts weapon outfitter
swtor 7.1 pts weapon outfitter

You can’t use CTRL + Right Click to modify these customizations directly like you can with dyes. Hopefully that will change with the next update, but dyes do get destroyed upon removal while crystals and tunings don’t, so maybe some kind of limitation exists.

If your active combat style does not have the proficiency to use that weapon, it just gets ignored and your currently equipped weapon gets passed through. This effectively locks a given outfit slot to a specific combat style unless both combat styles can use the same weapons (like having both Juggernaut and Marauder on the same toon).

I think this is the biggest problem with system as it exists on the PTS and something needs to be done about it before the feature is launched to the live game. Thankfully, there are several possible solutions:

  1. Double the number of possible outfit slots per toon (at least for subscribers). Allowing players to name and easily reorder outfits would also be nice.
  2. Add a second set of weapon slots for each outfit where each set of weapon slots applies to each combat style. For example, if your two combat styles are Sorcerer and Assassin, you’d stamp weapons that would be active while you’re using the Sorcerer combat style and weapons that would be active while using the Assassin combat style.
  3. Introduce mods at least for weapons for endgame gear that are accessible to all players.

BioWare is requesting feedback on the forums, and a while back, they said that one of the biggest reasons for delaying the weapons in outfitter to 7.1 was specifically so they could gather feedback. If you want to offer feedback, you can do so here. BioWare is more likely to listen if multiple players bring up the same issue, so speak up if weapons in outfitter don’t work the way you want!

BioWare mentioned in the past that one of the challenges to adding weapons to outfitter had to do with the fact that weapons had additional traits like color crystals and sounds. Given that they likely had to isolate the sound effects in order to make the feature work, I hope this enables them to easily add a new customization slot that alters the sound effect of the weapon.

I know there are a lot of players out there that really like a certain weapon but refuse to use it because it comes with a bad sound effect.

Even if BioWare were to make such a feature, it would still take some work. UIs would need to be adjusted to incorporate another customization slot and previews would need to include sound effects. Naming and visuals on the CM would also be a bit tricky; they’d probably be best off just giving them completely random names or linking sounds to notable character’s weapons.

What do you think? Would you use such a feature, especially if it was priced similar to weapon tunings?

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