BioWare has announced the release date for Game Update 7.2: Showdown on Ruhnuk along with a brief teaser trailer.

Game Update 7.2: Showdown on Ruhnuk will be released on Tuesday, December 13th! BioWare announced this today with a post on their social networks.

This is an unusually short time between shutting down PTS (which happened moments before this announcement) and the release of a new update.

SWTOR PTS 7.2 shutting down

It makes sense. BioWare goes on Holiday about ten days before the end of the year and it’s likely that they wanted to release this before that. How much of the feedback gathered from PTS is going into 7.2, that’s something we will know next Tuesday!

Showdown on Ruhnuk Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer was entirely focused on the story content that’s coming. Shae Vizla has discovered the location of Heta Kol and her Hidden Chain organization’s secret base.

Players will be traveling to Ruhnuk, a remote planet in Wild Space that is surrounded by an electrically charged nebula, making it difficult to detect.

Characters include Heta Kol, Shae Vizla, Sa’har and Ri’kan Kateen, Akaavi Spar, Jekiah and Rass Ordo, Torian Cadera, as well as other Mandalorians.

We still don’t know how long the story will be, though multiple devs at BioWare used the word “chapter” when describing it in the 7.2 Livestream, so I would expect something similar.

You can watch the trailer here:

[embedded content]

It’s possible that we may get this new keyart on our login screens when the update goes live.

What’s coming with Update 7.2

Showdown on Ruhnuk is shaping up to be a fairly large update for SWTOR, there’s a bunch of other stuff besides the new story. We’ll have a deeper dive article on Monday when the patch notes are released, but here’s a brief summary of everything else coming with Game Update 7.2.

  • New daily area on Ruhnuk, including a new datacron
  • Balance changes for tanks and Marauders / Sentinels
  • Major PvP changes, including the removal of Ranked PvP and the introduction of a new PvP Seasons system
  • New 4v4 PvP Arena
  • UI/UX updates, including a map revamp and colorblind mode
  • Life Day 2022
  • New Cartel Market Items

If you want more information now, check out my recap of BioWare’s 7.2 Livestream. We will have comprehensive guides ready on launch day for the new daily area, datacron (and requisite Relic Hunt missions), PvP Season system, and configuring the new map and utility bars.

Stay tuned for updates to existing class guides as well. I’ll be updating guides for Marauder / Sentinel along with any other changes BioWare might sneak in that they haven’t mentioned yet.

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