BioWare has published the patch notes for SWTOR Update 7.0.1 which launches on Tuesday, March 22nd. It fixes bugs from 7.0 and introduces UI tweaks.

Patch 7.0.1 Highlights

In this section you can read the summary of the most important and notable changes and fixes introduced with SWTOR update 7.0.1.

Malgus Fight in Elom FP

BioWare drew attention to the fact that they are working hard to try and fix the Malgus encounter on Elom, but have not been able to reproduce the issue on the dev server, though they have released several potential fixes with 7.0.1.

My guess is that if the fixes in 7.0.1 don’t work, they might just remove the Relentless Assault ability outright.

Healing Balance Changes

Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt has been removed from Mercenary / Commando Healers. BioWare did not offer an explanation for this change, but I can think of four reasons that they might want to make such a change that together make a pretty strong argument for removing the ability.

  1. The Concentrated Fire Legendary Implant makes your next Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt or Emergency Scan / Bact Infusion an autocrit after activating Supercharged Gas / Cell. It’s possible that BioWare didn’t want healers to gain a DPS increase from their set bonus (remember how they nerfed the Gathering Storm set back in 6.0?) or they didn’t want healers to miss out on their autocrit from healing as a result of doing off-DPS.
  2. Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt is hard for Mercs / Commandos to use in solo content because they lack a rotational ability that applies a debuff.
  3. Merc / Commando healer DPS could consistently pull higher DPS without requiring nearly as much effort. Sorcs / Sages have to worry more about their Force while Operatives have to be in melee range to do anything beyond applying a DoT.
  4. Mercs and Commandos still probably have the most abilities out of any Combat Style.
SWTOR 6.0 Bodyguard Mercenary PvE Guide by Otio

Sorcerer/ Sage healers also had the AoE Resurgence / Rejuvenate ability tree buff reworked to now apply to 4 targets within 8m rather than 8 targets within 5m. I’m happy with this change. Outside of specific fights where the entire group is stacked up together like Corruptor Zero in DF, it was hard to spread the buff because 5m just isn’t very far. I think the average number of spread targets will increase in almost every fight.

It’s strange that Operative / Scoundrel healers didn’t receive any balance changes since they’re considered to be the strongest healers right now by a considerable margin that seems to be mostly thanks to their stronger ability tree buffs.

This is only the beginning of BioWare’s balance changes, so hopefully we’ll see things improve in future patches.

Standardizing Flashpoints

BioWare recently announced that they are rebalancing Flashpoints to address discrepancies in difficulty, length, and time to complete and have begun this process by releasing changes for some of the most recent Flashpoints they have created including Spirit of Vengeance, Objective Meridian, Nathema, Copero, and Umbara.

Gear Boxes and Rakata Upgrades

Gear boxes should now always contain gear and you will be able to upgrade all Rakata gear as intended. Previously, sometimes gear boxes would not always contain gear and some pieces of Rakata gear were not upgradable at the vendor. It’s good to see these fixes are finally here!

In addition, level 80 purple gear has had its stat distribution adjusted so that it is a more clear upgrade over blue gear.

Character Customization Window Tweaks

Numerous tweaks and bug fixes for the new character customization window UI are coming with 7.0.1. Don’t expect any sort of sweeping change, but hopefully you’ll like the UI better after the update is released. Here’s a sample of the changes from the PTS:

If you want a more detailed preview I covered the UI tweaks and changes in a previous post.

Season 14 Ranked PvP Rewards are here!

Make sure to check the mail for all toons that you managed to place on for the most recent season of Ranked PvP, you should have some mail that contains your rewards. Please note that Top 96 rewards are not included and will be distributed at a later date.

SWTOR Announces Additional Tweaks to EndGame Gear and Ranked PvP Rewards Update

Many Bug Fixes

There are a ton of bug fixes included with this patch. 7.0.1 should feel a lot better than 7.0 has felt thus far. I encourage you to read through the full patch notes to find out if that pesky bug that’s been bothering you has been fixed.

Full Patch Notes for SWTOR Update 7.0.1

Below is the full and official changelog BioWare has listed for SWTOR 7.0.1. It is possible that there may be some missing changes or new bugs introduced, of course.

Current known issue under investigation

  • Players can’t defeat Darth Malgus in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint – Story Mode. See Keith’s forum post from earlier this month for the latest info about our work on this.
    • From the first day this was initially reported, the team has been trying unsuccessfully to reproduce the issue internally, but we have made some experimental tweaks to Elom in order to attempt to solve it. Please let us know if our changes have improved the fight in 7.0.1, and we will continue to investigate and work on this until it has been resolved.


  • Fixed an issue preventing players with Ryzen HS processors from logging into the game.
  • Season 14 PvP Rewards – Eligible players will receive the Bronze/Silver/Gold Tier rewards in their in-game mailbox upon logging in after patch 7.0.1.
  • Updated the background of the Character Sheet window to make it easier to see.
  • The outfitter tab is now correctly showing the current outfit instead of the equipped gear when inspecting a character.
  • Players are now able to view the Details window when changing gear. The window remains open until players close it.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop items from the Inventory window to gear slots and vice-versa.
  • Unifying colors on individual armor pieces is now correctly saved when leaving the Outfitter window.
  • Reduced the brightness of the outline around the inventory slots.
  • The Category Filter in the Ability window is now showing all the categories. The Vehicles category now appears when the list is opened.
  • The Legacy window can no longer be partially dragged outside the screen borders.
  • Empty stat mods slots on gear have been changed from circles to rectangles in order to address reported trypophobia reactions.
  • To reflect the Combat Styles rule change, the Activity window now has only 1 role selection that players can pick at a time.
  • The bottom of the Character Display window is now correctly aligned with the Combat Style window.
  • Changing a Loadout that uses the same discipline and different names now correctly updates the name in the Combat Style tab.
  • The Relic slot no longer disappears when switching from Gear tab to Companion tab.
  • The outfit no longer changes when navigating through the Character Sheet.
  • The “Randomize” button from the Customize screen is no longer moving after being used for the first time.
  • The Item preview button in the Cartel Market and Collections windows is always visible when the item can be previewed.
  • Alacrity percentage is now correctly displayed in the Gear tab and Details window of the Character sheet.
  • The Loadout name is now correctly displayed in the Loadout Update pop-up when changing disciplines.
  • Additional purchased outfit slots are now correctly added to the outfitter tab.
  • For clarity, the icons for active Abilities now appear highlighted when selected in the Ability Tree.
  • Unlocked species in the Appearance Modification Station no longer show a lock on their icon.
  • Sorting items by “Quality” or “Value” in the Inventory window is now working properly.
  • The Select Title window and Details window are no longer merged.
  • Updated the Character Sheet buttons for consistency with other buttons within the game.
  • Improved the resolution of the circle elements in the Character Sheet window.
  • The camera angle of the character in the Character Sheet is now matching the companion camera angle.
  • A background track has been added to the Abilities scrollbar for clarity.
  • There is now a button to Unify Colors on the Companion tab of the Character Sheet.
  • Increased the resolution of the Origin stories’ icons.
  • All discipline names are now fully displayed in the Loadouts window.
  • It is now possible to search for level 80 items in the GTN.
  • Players are no longer stuck in a chair after using a charge ability on the enemy on the Imperial Kolto Refining Platform on Manaan.
  • The Interactive terminal in the “Dead in the Water” Mission on Manaan is no longer clipping with the environment.
  • There are no longer visual effect issues in the Pallista Space Port Smuggler Hangar on Alderaan.
  • There is no longer a hole on the floor of the Shipping Docks Control Tower on Manaan – Imperial.
  • Antennas are no longer floating above the ground of the Shipping Docks on Manaan – Imperial.
  • There is no longer a gap on the sand of Mos Ila Dry Dust Crescent on Tatooine.
  • Environment items no longer float on Elom.
  • There is no longer a gap on the ground on the west side of the Ancient Prison Caverns on Belsavis.
  • The environment no longer disappears when moving the camera in the following locations:
    • The southern side of “The Factory – Landing Pad” area in Directive 7 Flashpoint.
    • Rishi
  • There is no longer a hole in the wall next to the elevator in the Shipping Docks on Manaan.
  • The door leading to Lord Sadic in the Imperial Weapons Factory on Nar Shaddaa no longer disappears.
  • Fixed several typos within the game.
  • The sound effect of the buttons in the Inventory window and Character Sheet is now working as expected.
  • There is no longer the following error message “You already unlocked this on your account” when unlocking several customizations on the Appearance Design Changer terminal.
  • The level 60 Character Boost tutorial has been removed as it is no longer needed due to the Level 60 Character Boost token removal.
  • Updated outdated images used in the Tutorial window:
    • Damage and Destroyed Items
    • Managing your inventory
    • Collecting Decorations & Crafting Prefabs
    • Leveling your Character
    • Cargo Hold
  • The Elom Codex Entry now displays an image.
  • The Customization Control: Display Legacy Name (account) item is now correctly working for Preferred players.
  • Keybinds no longer reset when transitioning to other areas.
  • Non-active Companions’ heads are no longer floating by themselves.
  • Fixed the German audio of Colonel Gallo in Legacy of the Sith – Republic side.
  • The timer in the Mission tracker list no longer disappears when the Mission progresses.

Items + Economy

  • The following Rakata weapons can now be upgraded at the Operations Gear Upgrade vendor, as intended:
    • Rakata Force-Lord’s Lightsaber and Focus
    • Rakata Med-Tech’s weapons and offhands
  • The following Mounts can now be displayed as Stronghold Decorations:
    • The Ikas Firestarter
    • Steadfast Kath Hound
  • New armor boxes now always provide loot and a loot-discipline is selected.
    • Decurion Gear Container (Accessories)
    • Decurion Gear Container (Lower Body)
    • Decurion Gear Container (Tech)
    • Decurion Gear Container (Upper Body)
    • Decurion Gear Cache (Accessories)
    • Decurion Gear Cache (Lower Body)
    • Decurion Gear Cache (Tech)
    • Decurion Gear Cache (Upper Body)
  • Fixed an issue where the following crates and caches don’t contain any loot:
    • Noble Decurion Distribution Chest
    • Elite Decurion Requisition Cache
    • Supreme Decurion Requisition Cache
    • Rakata Requisition Cache
    • Tionese Requisition Cache
    • Columi Requisition Cache
    • Thyrsian Requisition Cache
    • World Bosses Equipment Crate
  • The “Iokath Compactor Droid” decoration is now correctly centered in the Preview window.
  • Due to confusion when comparing the stats of the Artifact quality gear containing Crit Rating and the Prototype quality gear with Crit Rating, we have adjusted the stat distribution of the Artifact gear to be more noticeably stronger to the player. More information and list of all the affected items here.
  • Improved Targeting Legendary item is now correctly giving Cooldown reduction for Marksmanship.
  • The Legendary Implant “Mini Shield Package” is now granting Alacrity instead of Absorb, as intended.
  • Locked and Loaded Sniper Legendary item is now correctly applying its buff.
  • Players below level 80 no longer receive Noble Decurion Distribution Chests when completing Weekly Missions for Daily Areas and Heroics, as intended.
  • The description of the Field Medic’s Legendary items now mentions the discipline required to access the abilities they affect.

Combat Styles


  • Boosted characters with Chapter 3 Achievement can now choose a second Combat Style.
  • Double Cloak Tactical is now correctly granting two charges when Sith Assassin or Jedi Shadow are chosen as the second Combat Style.
  • Force Choke ability now correctly appears when changing Combat Style from Juggernaut to Marauder.
  • Combat Style buffs’ icons are no longer changing when players are grouped.
  • Raid buff abilities are now correctly describing debuff in their tooltips.
  • Unselected abilities from the Ability Tree are no longer eligible to be used after switching from one of the Combat Styles to the other one, as intended.
  • Tacticals’ tooltips now correctly refer to the mirrored Combat Style when selected.


  • Corrected Melting Center and Draining Center tooltips for clarity.
  • The Street Tough passive ability tooltip no longer mentions Flash Grenade as it will only be granted at a higher level.
  • The Preparedness passive ability tooltip no longer mentions Flash Bang as it will only be granted at a higher level.
  • Updated the Saber Reflect tooltip to remove the rank mention.
  • Updated the Curbing Strategies tooltip to mention Quick Shot.
  • Updated the Curbing Strategies tooltip to mention Overload Shot.
  • Scoundrel
    • Updated the Back Blast tooltip to only mention Upper Hand after this ability is received.
  • Operative
    • Updated the Backstab tooltip to only mention Tactical Advantage after this ability is received.

Combat Styles Changes



  • Defensive Flourish mods now properly increase the Damage Reduction by 1% per stack instead of 2%.


  • The tooltip of Force Clarity ability now shows the max charges and duration.


  • Guardian Leap ability is now granted at level 39 allowing players to use the Thwart passive.


  • The level 39 abilities are now correctly granted at level 39 instead of 38.



  • Fixed the following issues on Defensive Stance:
    • Defensive Stance mods are now properly increasing the damage reduction by 1% per stack instead of 2%.
    • Defensive Stance ability now correctly appears as Defensive Stance in its tooltip instead of Defensive Flourish.


  • “Critical Bleeds” mod is now the default choice for Annihilation Marauder.


  • The tooltip of Furious Power ability now shows the max charges and duration.


  • Critical Blow mod is now properly reducing cooldown.
  • Intercede passive ability is now granted at level 39 allowing players to use the Reckoning passive.


Kinetic Combat

  • Dusk Ward mod now correctly applies the cooldown reduction to Force Cloak.


  • Telekinetic Momentum ability now works correctly when using Power of the Force mod.


  • Corrected a typo in the “Sustained Aura” buff.
  • The “Rejuvenating Aura” passive ability now spreads to 4 allies and only spreads on the initial ticks, as intended.



  • Dusk Ward mod now correctly applies the cooldown reduction to Force Cloak.


  • Forked Lightning now hits the correct amount of targets when using Halted Offensive.


  • Make the following changes on Dark Resurgence passive ability:
    • Dark Resurgence now spreads Resurgence up to 4 allies (down from 8) and has had its range increased to 8 meters (up from 5 meters).
  • Dark Resurgence also now spreads only on the first tick of innervate.


  • The Halted Offensive ability now has a range of 30m, as intended. It also gains the effect of the Lightning Swarm increasing its range to 35m if the player has the passive.


Combat Medic

  • High Impact Bolt has been removed from Combat Medic Discipline.


  • Energy Lodes are now granted at the correct level.

Shield Specialist

  • Pulse Cannon mod is no longer using Energy Cells during Ion Wave.


  • Energy Lodes are now granted at the correct level.


  • Rail Shot ability has been removed from Bodyguard Discipline.



  • The Trick Move ability now correctly mentions Upper Hand instead of Tactical Advantage ability.



  • The Trauma (Physical) debuff is no longer applied when Penetrating Rounds ability is used by Sharpshooter Gunslingers.
  • Fixed an issue where Gunslinger Sharpshooter mod causes Penetrating Rounds to immobilize targets.
  • Fixed an issue where Gunslinger Sharpshooter gains “Recoil Control” passive before “Trickshot” ability preventing them from using this ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Gunslinger Sharpshooter gains “Percussive Diversion” passive before “Diversion” ability preventing them from using this ability.

Dirty Fighting

  • Killing an enemy during Wounding Shots now correctly resets its cooldown.
  • Focused Fusion ability is now correctly applying cooldown to Dirty Fighting.



  • The “Trauma (Physical)” debuff is no longer applied when “Penetrating Blast” ability is used by Marksmanship Snipers.
  • Fixed an issue where Sniper Marksmanship mod causes Penetrating Blast to immobilize targets.
  • Fixed an issue where Sniper Marksmanship gains “Recoil Control” Passive before “Followthrough” ability preventing them from using this ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Sniper Marksmanship gains “Heavy Diversion” Passive before “Diversion” ability preventing them from using this ability.


  • Focused Integration ability is now correctly applying cooldown to Virulence.



  • The following Flashpoints now correctly grant charges toward the Technological Advancements Mission:
    • Athiss (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Boarding Party (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Cademimu (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Colicoid War Game (Veteran Mode)
    • Czerka Corporate Labs Imperial/Republic (Veteran Mode)
    • Czerka Core Meltdown Imperial/Republic (Veteran Mode)
    • Directive 7 (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Kaon Under Siege (Veteran Mode)
    • Lost Island (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Maelstrom Prison (Master Mode)
    • Mandalorian Raiders (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • Taral V (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • The Battle of Ilum (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • The False Emperor (Veteran and Master Mode)
    • The Foundry (Veteran and Master Mode)
  • Story Mode Operations in Group Finder can now only be queued by players level 80, as intended.
  • All Flashpoints are now available in Group Finder every week.
  • Updated the descriptions of the following Weekly Missions for clarity. It now clearly mentions that All Flashpoints need to be selected in the Group Finder to get credits.
    • [Weekly] Galactic Conflicts
    • [Weekly] Veteran Flashpoint


Crisis on Umbara

  • Reduced the health of and damage done by the turrets during the following encounters in Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint:
    • Technician Canni and Shadow Assassin ElliVaa
    • Spider-Tank

Objective Meridian

  • Reduced the health of and damage done by the following bosses in Objective Meridian Flashpoint – Master Mode:
    • Selden and Jakir
    • Tau Idair and Darth Malgus

Ruins of Nul

  • [Story] Ruins of Nul Flashpoint no longer shows up in the Solo Activity Tab for players below the required level.
  • The “Saber Reflect” ability is no longer reflecting the damage of Darth Malgus’ ability “Telekinetic Barrage”.
  • The “Saber Reflect” ability is no longer reflecting the damage of the following Regnant’s abilities:
    • “Eradication Protocols”
    • “Terminus Protocols”
  • The Ancient Combatant in the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint no longer has Ranphyx’s buff: Keen Senses buff.
  • It is no longer possible to see underneath the rockwall of the Highland Steppe in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint.
  • The subtitle for Lana’s voice line “This is the source of the shield” is no longer persisting when the scene ends in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint.

Secrets of the Enclave

  • Companions and invited NPCs no longer despawn during the Graul boss fight in Secrets of the Enclave.

The Nathema Conspiracy

  • The health and damage of Gemini 16 have been reduced in Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint – Master Mode.


  • All the [WEEKLY] Operations can now be shared to party members.
  • [WEEKLY] The Nature of Progress Operation – Veteran Mode is now correctly progressing when defeating the Mutant Trandoshans.
  • [WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice Operation is now correctly awarding credit for defeating The Returned in all difficulty modes.

Missions + NPCs

  • All Weekly Missions for Dailies and Heroics are now available all the time.
    • To compensate for the addition of all the extra weeklies, they will be repeatable 2 times per week as opposed to 3 as they are currently.
  • The target item ratings for level shifted content have been raised, and players will generally be more powerful when in level shifted areas.
  • Fixed an issue where Gabe Dovaro is not granting the Balmorra: Bonus Mission to eligible Republic players.
  • Darth Malgus’ healing kit as a companion has been improved in the Desecration Mission on Ossus.
  • Due to Combat Styles changes, it is no longer possible to interact with the Skills Mentors in the following locations:
    • Dromund Kaas
    • Coruscant
    • Imperial Fleet
    • Republic Fleet
  • Smuggler and Trooper who are defeated at the “Calibrate the Tertiary Array” step in “Out of the Blue” Mission can now progress the mission after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where the first bosses for the “Priority Targets” Mission required the boss from the wrong faction.
    • Coruscant boss, SD-0 now correctly appears in the Republic Mission.
    • Dromund Kaas boss, The First now correctly appears in the Imperial Mission.
  • Imperial Agent with the Scoundrel or Powertech Combat Style is no longer shooting with an invisible rifle at the “Speak with Chevu” step of The Cult of Ki Sazen Mission.
  • Player’s character with the Powertech Combat Style is no longer shooting with an invisible rifle at the “Speak with Mia Hawkins” step in The Whispering Dust Mission.
  • Updated the Mission Terminal to accurately reflect the weekly requirements for the CZ-198 Weekly Missions.
  • Fixed the lightsabers’ sound effect in the cinematic of the Training in the Force Mission for Shadow and Assassin.
  • The Weekly Terminals for Operation and Heroics Missions no longer offer Missions from the previous week.
  • Kai Zykken is no longer selling Tacticals that have been removed from the game.
  • Player’s character is no longer facing backward after leaving the cutscene of Colonel Gallo’s meeting in Legacy of the Sith – Republic.


  • The Rampage Achievement Boost now correctly doubles the defeated enemy count for the “Defeated x enemies with as your active companion” Achievements for the following Companions:
    • Akghal Usar
    • Choza Raabat
    • “Deadeye” Leyta
    • Hemdil Tre
    • K’krohl
    • Rokuss
    • Veeroa Denz

Galactic Seasons

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Stay on Target’ Season Objective is not accounting for the proper Medals. Players can now earn progress by completing the following objectives:
    • Deal 10k/20k/25k/30k/40k damage to enemies
    • Defend Objectives for 1/2/3/4/6/8/10 minutes
    • Capture 1/2/3/4 Control Points
  • The following Flashpoints now properly count toward Flashpoint-based Season Objectives progress:
    • Lost Island
    • Assault on Tython (Story and Veteran Mode – Republic Players)
    • Korriban Incursion (Story and Veteran Mode – Republic Players)
  • Galactic Seasons Reward Level 67 for Subscribers now correctly grants the “Sliced Cybernetic Visual Enhancement Implants” Legendary Companion gift for Fen Zeil, as intended.
    • Players who were affected by this bug prior to 7.0.1, will be receiving the intended Companion gift post 7.0.1. We are currently gathering data to identify all players who were affected so they may be correctly granted the Sliced Cybernetic Visual Enhancement Implant.
  • Underworld Syndicate Plans no longer disappear when receiving Galactic Seasons Tokens


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