BioWare revealed the changes coming with the next update to Star Wars The Old Republic. Patch 6.3a is more of a technical one and contains a number of fixes that were caught and reported since the release of 6.3 last week.

SWTOR Update 6.3a was originally set to launch today on May 6th 2021. Late last night BioWare announced a delay to the upcoming Maintenance and the new release date for this patch is not yet known. The changes are, however.

Most of the fixes are related to the brand new Galactic Seasons in-game system in SWTOR. You can see the full patch notes below.

  • The Galactic Seasons Weekly Reset Timer has been changed to match the Conquests and in-game events reset timers: 12:00 PM UTC on Tuesdays.
  • The purchase of all Companions from the Galactic Seasons vendor Jaleit Nall has been temporarily disabled with a hotfix deployed on April, 29th. While we investigate reports of Alliance Alerts not being granted when using the corresponding Holocommunicator, all Companions have been temporarily removed from Jaleit Nall’s inventory to prevent players from experiencing this issue.
  • Rerolling a Priority Objective is no longer granting a completed Priority Objective, as intended.
  • All Geonosians on Ossus and various other insectoids which had previously scrambled out of the way have been caught and now also contribute to Priority Objectives and Altuur zok Adon’s Achievements.
  • Completing the required Veteran Mode Flashpoints by players Level 71 and above are now correctly counting toward the progress of Weekly Veteran Mode Flashpoint Priority Objectives.
  • The following Heroic Missions now count toward the progress of the Daily Priority Objective “Outer Rim Heroics”
    • [HEROIC 2+] The Engineer’s Tale
    • [HEROIC 2+] Jungle Flight
    • [HEROIC 2+] Reap the Whirlwind
    • [HEROIC 2+] Search and Rescue
  • The following one-time Heroic Missions now count toward the progress of the Daily Priority Objective “Hutt Space Heroics”.
    • [HEROIC 2+] The Specialist
    • [HEROIC 2+] Savage Skies
    • [HEROIC 2+] For the Record
  • The following Ossus Missions now correctly count toward the progress of the Daily Priority Objective “Daily PO: Ossus Daily Missions”:
    • [DAILY] Blazing Fury
    • [DAILY] Silencing the Guns
  • Defeating enemies is now correctly counting toward the progress of the following Priority Objectives:
    • “Daily PO: Defeat Home World Enemies”
    • “Daily PO: Defeat Capital Enemies”
  • Using the Random Mount ability before entering a Flashpoint is no longer blocking the use of the Rocket Boost ability during that Flashpoint.
  • The Apex Vanguard no longer applies Furious Footsteps damage to nearby players during his Darkness Overdrive channel in the Nature of Progress Operation – Master Mode.
  • The following issues have been previously fixed with a hotfix deployed on April, 27th:
    • It is no longer possible to purchase the same Galactic Season level multiple times.
    • The following Conquest Objectives are now correctly progressing:
      • The Black Hole: Defeat Enemies 2
      • CZ-198: Defeat enemies 2
      • Tython: Defeat Enemies 2
      • Ord Mantell: Defeat Enemies 2
      • Hutta: Defeat Enemies 2
      • Korriban: Defeat Enemies 2
      • Section X: Defeat Enemies 2


Keep in mind that there are a lot of items you may have seen the two vendors offering in my Galactic Seasons Guide. Most of these items are not available on them right now, because they are on a rotational schedule. The companions are the only ones that have been temporarily disabled, but if you have missed their original arrivals and want to get them, I recommend you keep your Tokens and purchase the companions when BioWare fixes that bug preventing their missions from starting.

While there’s nothing on the PvP front in 6.3a, there’s an “interesting” post I’d like to share with you. BioWare’s Chris Schmidt posted yesterday something that attempted to explain the reasoning behind BioWare’s decision to merge the low level PvP brackets.

Hi everyone,

Now that players have had a chance to experience Game Update 6.3, we wanted to follow up on a change we had made with PvP brackets. Currently, there are now two brackets instead of three.

Previous brackets:
Levels 10-42
Levels 43-74
Level 75

Current brackets:
Levels 10-74
Level 75

The intention behind the change was to increase the number of PvP players available for the whole queue. We are in the process of analyzing the data for this change and also gathering feedback from players who participate in PvP.

We understand the impact that this had on our PvP community, and will be mindful of communicating changes such as consolidating the number of total queues and their intentions ahead of time before they are implemented.

While we are on the topic of PvP, we are aware of the questions regarding the future of PvP and what that looks like.

We briefly touched on some of the longer-term plans in a post last fall . Our overall goal for PvP is to support modes that accommodate safe, healthy competition. We believe that if we can do this, we can encourage more players to try out PvP and foster a growing, positive community. The more players we have playing PvP modes, the better quality the experience becomes overall. As a result, queue times are reduced and matchmaking algorithms have more players in the pool to work with. To get there, we have been working on what the future of PvP could look like.

We have made great progress here, and laid out a couple of initiatives in-line with the transition. First, we’re keeping the existing Seasonal structure and rewards plan through Season 14 to allow us the time to finish our exploration and implement the next version of PvP. Next, we’ve been gathering feedback from the community on what sort of changes you would like to see. We are exploring things like map voting/selection, accounting for classes in matchmaking, tighter brackets in matchmaking, and the reward structures in all of the current ranked and unranked modes.

Thank you all for your continued feedback!



In his SWTOR Season 13 and Future of PvP post from last year Chris shared some interesting imminent changes, but also talked about some more distant-future things the studio would like to explore.

SWTOR 6.3a Patch NotesSWTOR 6.3a Patch Notes
If the lowbies PvP is not to your taste, your should try the EndGame PvP. The challenge there is on a whole new level and everyone has a relatively equal start at it.

I highly doubt that merging the low level PvP brackets was a planned move in hopes to improve the experience. This is a move out of necessity. The low level brackets were seeing very long queue times and the struggle for creating matches was very real.

Forcing high level players to compete against brand new characters… this cannot be a planned move. Right?

BioWare has been exceptionally vocal in the past months when it comes to players respect and tolerance. The developers continue saying that they want safe environment and to encourage more players to participate in PvP.

Well, pairing level 12 new to SWTOR player against a level 74 character, who has almost everything they could ask for – where is the fairness in that? The old three-brackets system was not perfect, but the solution was not simply merging the low level players into one single bracket.

I’ve always believed that a proper reward is the best incentive to encourage a player do something they have not done before. Making new players feel useless and completely lost when standing against much higher level players against them, is sure far from a good solution.

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