A complete guide to the Red Reaper Flashpoint in SWTOR. Includes detailed walkthrough, maps, tactics and mechanics for all encounters!

This guide is written for VULKK.com by Risss!

Welcome to the Red Reaper flashpoint guide. This is one of the flashpoints that has been here since 2011 and the game’s release.

The first thing you should know about this flashpoint: the regular enemy NPCs that you will encounter throughout the run will be more dangerous than the bosses themselves. Even though logic should be the other way around, this is the hard truth that you will find here.

And there is also the other part where the Silver (Strong) NPCs are also stronger, when it comes to dealing damage, than the Gold (Elite) ones. This is especially true in Master Mode.

Table of contents

Pathway to the First Boss

At start you will encounter a group of NPCs, both enemy and friendly NPCs fighting each other. You can ignore those. Just go around by the right side and don’t come close to the friendly ones.

Pathway to the First Boss - SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

The ranged enemy NPCs have a buff where their attacks do a small AOE damage and put you in combat and you want to probably avoid that since they are annoying to deal with.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

When reaching close to the lift loader, you will be forced into combat. Why? Well, enemy NPCs will spawn at the end of that small corridor section.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

They will run towards you and won’t leave combat until you are there. Even if you combat stealth, there is a good chance that you will be brought back into combat.

These tend to bug a lot, so to deal with them just pull around the corner, behind the lift loader and defeat them.

I recommend clearing the melee ones first and keeping the ranged one stunned. The ranged one is the one that deals the most damage out of all 3.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide
Engage at the marked location. Bring the NPCs together.

After clearing these NPCs, you can go forward, and you will find a room where there are more enemy and friendlies fighting each other. Like the ones at the start, you can ignore them and move on. Avoid getting close to the friendlies so that you get pulled into combat out of nowhere.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

Grab the lift and move to the second part.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

This will be the hardest fight you will have in the flashpoint. I would like to say this is a joke but it is not. A lot of groups tend to die here. Specially in Master Mode.

The Ranged NPCs (Sith Purifiers) do a lot of damage and they will come in numbers. The melee ones are not too troublesome though but still don’t ignore them either.

On top of the 4 NPCs that are on the path, 3 additional ranged NPCS will spawn at the start of the small red corridor up ahead, after entering in combat.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide
If you are Stealth, you will want to CC any ranged (Sith Purifiers) before any fight happens. Three additional ranged adds will spawn in the back

What you will want to do is to attack them from distance, run back to the start area after the elevator and bring them around the corner at the start. Fight them there.

Prioritize the NPCs that were already there and not the ones that spawn after the fight starts. If you get rid of the first group but die to the extra ones, the extra ones will vanish.

It is recommended to mark the ones that are already there so that you do not confuse them.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide
Engage the NPCs at the marked location.

The fight is not that easy cake on Master Mode but it’s doable. Use defensive and tool abilities properly and you should do well overall. Even when doing in pairs or even alone with a companion.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

After this fight, you will encounter the first boss of the flashpoint.

First Boss: Lord Kherus

This is generally a normal tank and spank and that means the tank of the group keeps the aggro of the boss on himself while the damage dealers of the group hit him. Pretty much that over all the fight.

Obviously, there are mechanics in this fight, given that you probably noticed the NPCs, Chandrila Hostages, behind him, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about the fight itself.

In fact, you can take him out solo, even without a companion that heals you, and that goes, as well, for the Master mode difficulty.

The mechanics of Veteran mode for Master mode are absolutely the same. The only difference in the fight is that he just has more health but that’s it.

I wish they would buff the bosses of this flashpoint. Give them more of a bite, that is.

For now, we start with the attacks he has. The boss during the encounter, about 90% to 95% of the time, he will do normal attacks and the damage is extremely low considering that it is a boss. Nothing to fear, really.

Now onto the next boring attack. He possesses an AOE attack. It has a mediocre damage but nothing scary really. It does about 15% to 25% of your health at best.

It is a rare sight when he uses that attack but it is there. Most of the times you do this fight, he won’t even dare to use it, either because the chance for it didn’t happen or he died before he could.

The last mechanic is the more intriguing one. Kherus has an ability called Soul Drain which he will cast on the NPCs, Chandrila Hostages, that you have seen nearby.

If he is successful, what happens is his pitiful damage is amplified to something that can actually harm you.

What you have to do is basically interrupt that cast and the threat is gone of the whole fight is gone. The fight lasts long enough for him to do it once or twice, and if the damage is really bad, from your group, maybe a third time.

After he gets interrupted, he leaps to the sides, left or right. It is RNG but nonetheless, he leaps. You have to chase him down and fight him there.

If you don’t come, he will start hurling down projetiles on you and surprisingly, this actually hurts you.

The target of the projectiles tend to be the closest group member to him until that same target reaches him on melee range and returns to his normal behaviour of doing normal attacks.

Leap 1
Leap 2

The fight will just be these things. No instant kills, massive damage attack out of nowhere and all that.

Like I said at the start, the hard fights come from the enemy NPCs that you catch on the way between the boss fights rather than the boss themselves.

Pathway to the Second Boss

First boss down. You will see how I was right about it being easier to deal than the “small” enemy NPCs.

Now, back on track.

After the fight, you will follow the path and encounter 4 enemy droids on the path. They do a lot of damage if you let them cast their channelling attack.

Interrupt if you can. If there is a possibility to put them out of the fight but stunning or crowd control, do so.

After that fight, you will walk on another group. This time a bit bigger. 4 droids and another enemy (Sith Warleader) and a big Gold enemy droid walking around. Let the Gold droid come close first and get rid of it.

Only then worry about the group. If you have some stealth player in the group, put the Sith Warleader to sleep and walk around behind it, to the right, almost all the way down and continue your path.

Otherwise, just jump into the fight. Leave that same NPC for last. Clear droids first as they deal more damage on their own.

Red: This is the droid that walks around this area. Let it come closer, away from the group and deal with it. Recover and engage the group after that.
Yellow: If you have a group mate that is stealth or you are, go around the console and put the marked guy to sleep. Walk around all the way behind the consoles and continue your path.

After those droids, you will encounter branching paths.

Purple: Requires Scavanging Crew Skill

The first one is the normal path. 5 droids and 3 of them are annoying. Those are the Loader Droids. They don’t do a lot of damage, but they sure can heal a LOT. Get rid of them first. Saves a lot of trouble. Then finish the other 2 left.

Loader Droids can heal their group. Clear them first. They don’t deal a lot of damage, but they do heal a lot.

If you have the Crew Skill of Scavenging, you will be able to activate the elevator and avoid the conflict.

Red: Secret path that you can take between these two containers. Only works for female characters, regardless of body type.
Orange: After using the Crew Skill Interactable, go up the elevator and continue your way.

There is also the alternative, but it requires for your character to be female. It is a ‘secret’ path you can take. Male characters can’t use it since the hitbox of the body is bigger and doesn’t fit. Don’t ask why. SWTOR just works the way it does.

After climbing up the bridge, just follow the container and fall down, instead of following the bridge. If you do follow it, you will encounter additional enemy NPCs. They are quite easy to deal with, but it is an unnecessary fight.

If you used the ‘secret’ path, between the containers’, you would also arrive on the same spot below.

Jump down, don’t cross the bridge. Saves a lot of time.

After that, follow again, between the containers. This time, male characters can also fit in between them.

Just go through the marked location instead of engaging the droids. Saves time and effort.

Then you will encounter 2 turrets and a big droid. Ignore them and walk around by the right side. Saves time.

Just go around. Unnecessary conflict. The turrets do a lot of damage.

Take the elevator and go up.

This is the second boss room. Quite small but a few threats around. You will notice turrets, the boss, additional adds and droids to the left. For now, though just walk forward and climb the consoles.

It is a matter of pressing forward and spamming the key to jump and you will climb them.

Jump while walking onto the consoles. Climb them. Avoid turrets to the left.

After you climbed it, I strongly recommend clearing the adds that are in front of you, on the bridge. The reason is that after you defeat the boss, they will auto-aggro on you. If you get rid of them now, you won’t have to deal with them later.

Get rid of these adds before engaging the boss.

Some people like to get rid of the turrets, too, since the boss can screw your group and make your groupmates get too close to them and pull into the fight. It is at your discretion to get rid of them.

There is a chance someone might get knocked back to the turrets during the boss fight.

After you defeat the adds, and the turrets if you wanted, it comes the time to face the second boss of the flashpoint.

Second Boss: SV-3 Eradicator

The second boss in the flashpoint. Generally, another tank and spank in Veteran mode and easy, like Lord Kherus.

SV-3 Eradicator

The same cannot be said on Master mode, since the droid has EXTRA mechanics that allow to deal massive damage if not outright one-shot players of your group, and that is what makes this boss an intriguing one.

The behavior of the boss is simple. It will mix regular attacks in between its Red Beam and Blue Beam attacks and the Concussion charge.

Concussion Charge

This is just a mechanic to annoy the melee players. You can’t interrupt it and it only happens if you are nearby.

The ability does a bit of damage but the bigger is that it will knock you back a few meters away and cast a slow down for a few seconds. Annoying. if you are ranged, you’ll never have problems with it though.


Red Beam & Blue Beam

The boss will charge these attacks and then slam you with them. It is a single target attack but nothing to worry about on Veteran mode.

You probably noticed that there are pillars around the boss. You don’t need to mess with them in this difficulty and the boss does nothing about them either.

Red Beam 3 Stack
Blue Beam 3 Stack

Master Mode Only Mechanics

The same cannot be said when on Master Mode difficulty. This boss becomes a big threat since he will mess with the stacks of Red and Blue charges, and thus tempering the damage that the respective colored beams do.

What the boss will do occasionally is temper with the colored pillars around him and swap its colours while charging the attacks. Generally, the droid will swap all of the pillars to one colour and charge a beam of that same said colour.

You cannot allow it to attack you or your group deals with 6 stacks. Otherwise, that one will definitely die. For you to to lower the number of stacks, you approach the pillars and interact with them and swap the colour.

Lowering it to 5 is enough to not make it an instant defeat but it will still deal massive damage. You will see two pictures below, one before and the other after taking the damage of a 5 stack beam.

If you can swap to make it 4 stack, the better, since the damage will be greatly reduced.

Of course, if the boss has only 1 stack of the beam he is charging, the damage will amount to nothing basically, but it is hard to have that amount.

There is also another ‘hidden’ mechanic that you might find strange but whatever you do, do not let the boss charge a beam with 0 stacks either.

That will also instant defeat anyone in the group. It may not make sense and probably is a game bug but there are mechanics in this game that deal “0 damage” but they will insta kill you, as well, and this is one of the cases.

When that happens, swap one of the 6 stacks of the opposite colour to give the beam a stack.

Red Beam 5 Stack
Blue Beam 1 Stack

The fight will just be like this until the boss is down. Avoid the two instant kills and the massive damage Red/Blue beam attacks and you will prevail.

Pathway to the Final Boss

Go to the console back where the adds that you got rid of before the boss fight were, use it to unlock the path to the right side elevator and head to it. You will find droids there. Fortunately, you can ignore those.

You can afford to ignore these two droids. Walk through them. If you are pulled into combat, wait it out.

Make your way into the elevator. Sure, you will be put in combat but you can just wait and eventually they will lose interest in you and free you from the combat state.

After taking the elevator, you will encounter 3 NPCs. Get rid of the Silver ones first, as they are the ones that do the damage then goes the Gold last. This one will be annoying, as he can knock your group around for a long distance.

In this stage, it doesn’t matter much. He will just be an annoyance but you can easily tolerate it

If you have a Stealth in the group, put either the Sith Zealot or Marauder to sleep. Hug the wall and continue the path. If you engage, clear them first. The Sith Crusader doesn’t do that much damage but he will be knocking you over around the area. Still, focus the Silvers first.

Defeat the next two groups of NPCs, always giving priority to the melee ones and you will find yourself another console. This one is to trigger the cutscene. You will be presented 3 options.

Clear these, they will be annoying to deal with.
If you are going to engage in a fight, clear the Zealot and Marauder first.

If you pick the one that releases the Sith, it will open the path and you will spawn additional enemy NPCs. If you want to annoy your group pick this one but don’t be that “one”, please. The other two will just let you continue your path.

You will find another group of NPCs. Clear them.

The Mystics will be annoying and they deal some damage. Nothing to worry about too much. The Disciple heals, so focus it first.

After that, you will have a choice, in case you have the Crew Skill of Archaeology.

If anyone from the group has Archaeology Crew Skill, use it on the marked object. This path is far easier than the regular one.

If you have it, I strongly recommend using the new path it will open. It will be a much easier fight than you believe. This group is composed by 3 Gold (2 Mystics and 1 Crusader) NPCs and 2 Silver (2 Disciples) ones.

Get rid of the Silver ones first then the Gold ones.

After using the Crew Skill, you can put the marked target and the one on the other side to sleep, if you have a Stealth player.
Get rid of the Disciples, since there is one here and the other one is near the other pyramid.
Or you can face them all together.

If you don’t have Archaeology, then you follow the regular path. Prepare for the two fights that are the second hardest ones in the flashpoint. And yes, it is due to the same reason.

Ranged NPCs. The same Sith Purifiers. They will deal significant damage on you while you are busy fighting the other 3. Even though they appear and are annoying, you still must get rid of the original group.

In case you die, they will disappear and in case you got rid of the original trio but not the extra, well, you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

In these two encounters get rid of the sole Silver mob first, then the Gold NPCs.
Three additional adds will spawn from the marked area. Those annoying and strong Silver Ranged NPCs. The fight will become hard just because of them.

The group after this first one is the same. It just swaps one of the Mystics with a Crusader. The 3 Sith Purifiers will spawn by the side, too, but, again, get rid of the original group.

After you are past these two groups, you will find another weak group of adds. 2 silver ones and a Gold. Get rid of the Silvers, since they heal, then Gold and move on.

You will arrive at a bridge. This is the last group of enemy NPCs you will find in the flashpoint and the makers of this flashpoint pinned two annoying Sith Crusaders.

Remember how I said they had this annoying knockback? Make sure that you don’t have the pit behind you while they knock you around because they will push you and your group into it.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide
Be careful with the Crusaders. They tend to knock you around. Clear them and play on the safe area. The Mystic will pull you randomly, watch out for that too.

After you clear this group, you will finally encounter the last boss, Darth Ikoral.

Final Boss: Darth Ikoral

The fight is split into several phases and varies between Veteran Mode and Master Mode.

Darth Ikoral

Phase 1: 100% to ~80%

Just a normal tank and spank. You just attack the boss until it goes below 80%.

The boss has no special attacks aside from Crushing Darkness, which is a heavy damage over time ability.

It should damage players between 40% to 50% of their health, so do be careful when it is cast on your groupmates that are low health.

The priority of it never goes to main target, which means that it will go on someone other than the main aggro target of the boss.

It is possible to remove it with Cleansing abilities (Triage / Toxic Scan) or other defensive abilities (Example: Evasion/Dodge and Shroud/Resilience).

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

Phase 2 – Below 80%

It is random which % is left before it enters this phase.

Part 1

Boss will surround itself in a invulnerable barrier.

When it reaches this point, the boss will knockback any nearby players and a message will appear saying: “IKORAL HAS AWOKEN HIS CHOSEN SITH!”. This is where the fight will enter in phase 2, part 1.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

From here, he will start casting Force Lightning on a random group member and it will stay on the target until it ends or until someone intercepts the path of the lightning, thus changing target.

Ikoral’s Chosen

In this part, two additional enemy NPCs, Ikoral’s Chosen, will spawn and they will have extremely large pools of health.

Don’t bother trying to fight them the normal way. They will also cast an attack called Ancient Terror, on random targets.

The attacks, both Force Lightning from Darth Ikoral and Ancient Terror from the Ikoral’s Chosen will deal extremely low damage but they will never stop being until the mechanics of this part are respected.

This is where you, the player, will enter in action. Your only choice of getting out of this is to make sure the Force Lightning go on the Ikoral’s Chosen.

Put yourself behind them so that the Lightning intercedes between you and the boss and the Lightning change to them. Doing this right will let you also see a debuff appear on them.

After making sure they are being attacked by the Lightning, you will have to interrupt the Ancient Terror ability, which makes them vulnerable to the attack from Darth Ikoral and be defeated.

Repeat the process for the two Ikoral’s Chosen and Darth Ikoral will lose his barrier and return to the fight normally.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

Pureblood Sith Zealot (Master Mode Only)

If you are doing the Master Mode of this Flashpoint, this is the only change in the fight. These adds will only spawn in this part and on this phase alone, but they will be quite annoying and can deal some significant damage, as well.

To begin with, they have an absurd range when attacking. They can shoot you across the room, and that can hurt over time. However, this is not the bothersome part.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

The annoying part is the ability they have called Chains of Corruption. This also deals damage, and like Force Lightning and Ancient Terror, the damage is pitiful.

What matters is the fact that it roots the player in place and there is nothing that can be done to it unless it is interrupted, so this is mostly afflicting to the melee-based playstyles.

For Ranged, the difference in this is none. It can, however, interfere when wanting to do the mechanics of this fight. If you see them, just clear them quick, since their health pool is relatively low. A few attacks and they are done for.

SWTOR Red Reaper Guide

Part 2

After part 1 of phase 2 and a bit more damage being done, the fight enters part 2 of phase 2.

It will start when the message saying: “IKORAL IS CHANNELING THE ANCIENT POWER HE HAS GATHERED!” appears.

This is where the boss, like the message says, will start channelling his power to do super damage on his new attack, Force Scream. Don’t underestimate the damage it can do. It can defeat players relatively quick.

After the channelling is done, the boss will target the group members randomly. It will cycle through the whole group and repeats until the buff he has is gone.

At same time, red clouds, named as Ancient Knowledge, will appear on the ring around the throne.

Grabbing them, by walking over them, will grab a stack of Ancient Knowledge and this will reduce the damage of the Force Scream attack by 25% and it can stack up to 4 times, meaning that you can nullify the damage completely at 4.

Remember that if you are in a group, it is best to distribute these among everyone, as there is not enough of these clouds to make everyone immune. The tank of the group usually does not need any at all.

The boss will also leave itself completely vulnerable to attacks, so you can take advantage and do a lot of damage while the boss is channelling.

In Veteran mode, the damage from the Force Scream is easy to manage. Same cannot be said in Master mode as it can deal a lot of damage. Usually around 25% to 35%.

After the buff of Ancient Knowledge on the boss is over, the part 2 of phase 2 will be over.

Part 1 and part 2 of phase 2 will cycle between each other until the boss is down, but it should be an easy fight, overall.

Crushing Darkness will also be used over the course of the fight, as well. When the boss is not busy casting or channeling other abilities, that is.

You can find more SWTOR Flashpoints and other guides here on VULKK.com alongside the full SWTOR news and updates coverage.

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