This guide is about the Relics of the Gree conquest event and will cover all missions, rewards, achievements, and offer tips on how to fight the world bosses!

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How to start Relics of the Gree Event

The Relics of the Gree is a time-limited SWTOR in-game event that occurs usually once every two months. While the event is active, look for a floating news terminal on the Empire and Republic Fleets that will take you to Ilum and start the event for you.

After you watch the short cinematic intro, you will be given the starter mission. It’s called “The Gree Experiment” for the Empire side and “Gree Research Initiative” for the Republic.

To participate, your character must be level 50 or higher. This is the level Ilum was originally designed for.

During the event, the Western Shelf of Ilum is occupied by an alien species called The Gree. They have arrived to conduct experiments and collect data. Your task is to aid them and for that they will thank you with Reputation tokens and other rewards.

Gree Event Missions

The Gree event missions are a fair bit different from the missions offered by other events. There are no weekly missions whatsoever and there are distinct PvE and PvP missions. More importantly, not all missions provide the same rewards; depending on what you need, it’s not even necessarily worthwhile to do all of them.

Some missions grant more reputation than others and most missions don’t grant any Gray Helix Components at all. Gray Helix Components are the Gree event currency that is required in order to purchase many of the items from the reputation vendor. Once you hit max reputation, you don’t need to worry about the missions at all. Like almost all currencies these days, you can find how many your Legacy has on the Currency tab in your Inventory under the Conquest Events section.

Mission Rewards Breakdown

Every single mission will give you a reputation trophy with solo missions offering green trophies while group content offers blue and purple. Only the Heroic Mission and Xenoanalyst II grant Gray Helix Components and the Heroic only grants 1, so I’d only advise doing it if you can also benefit from the blue rep item; otherwise stick to Xeno only. Xeno is also the only repeatable way to get a purple reputation item. Here’s a full list of Gray Helix Component sources and amounts:

  • SM Xeno: 4 (8M), 6 (16M)
  • VM Xeno: 6 (8M), 8 (16M)
  • Heroic: 1

SM 16M Xeno gives the same amount as VM 8M.

Ancient Gree Relays Mission on Gray Secant

Inside the Gray Secant, about halfway through the ship near a purple console, there is a one-time mission given by a Gree droid named “Ancient Gree Relays”.

SWTOR Relics of the Gree Event Guide - One-Time Mission on Gray Secant

To complete the mission, you must travel to specific locations on different planets across the galaxy and defeat groups of droids.

The only reward of consequence is a pet version of that specific droid (L1-L Scout), though it also gives 2 Gray Helix Components and a purple reputation trophy.

SWTOR L1-L Scout Mini-PEt Droid reward

There’s not even an achievement for doing it. If you’re going to bother, I would highly recommend doing it at the same time as the Junior Research Project achievement so you don’t have to waste time going to the same planets multiple times.

PvE Repeatable Missions Walkthroughs and Tips

Here is a quick list of all Repeatable PvE Missions from the Reputation Terminal:

  • [Daily] Confirmation Bias / Experimental Bounds
  • [Daily] External Variables / Unexpected Variables
  • [Daily] Supplemental Research / Catalysis
  • [Heroic] Primary Testing / Primary Studies
  • [Grey Secant Daily] Advanced Analysis/Advanced Testing

Confirmation Bias / Experimental Bounds (Probe Relay)

The mission starts by having you loot something off a specific droid that can be found alone patrolling near the Gray Secant. You’re looking for a specific elite enemy called Gree Comlink Droid. The only other type of gold droid enemy is the Ancient Gree Data Collector.

Gree Comlink Droid

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find a probe relay station that requires that you defeat the enemies guarding it, click the blue pylon, then fight the enemy it spawns, and then you have to click it again.

Make sure the mission actually completed before you walk away from the pylon. I can’t tell you how often I walk away after defeating the add after thinking I’m done.

Primary Testing / Primary Studies [Heroic]

The champion enemy has a 3min respawn timer, but there’s no cooldown on the droid console. Since you need to defeat the droid a whopping 3 times and defeat the set of console adds 6 times, always fight the droid whenever it’s up rather than click the console.

If your group is super fast with defeating the droid, you might want to rush over to another pylon and defeat that droid instead of waiting for a respawn.

I don’t think it’s worth trying to make it to another pylon that you can’t already see since that will probably take longer than it would to just wait for the droid to respawn.

Like all the other H4’s, this one is technically soloable, but it’s pretty difficult. You can definitely manage with only 2 players though. Make sure to interrupt everything you can and pop DCDs during casts when you can’t.

External Variables / Unexpected Variables (Tonvarr Pirates)

This mission just has you taking out various Tonvarr pirates. The key thing to remember is that you need to defeat 2 Tonvarr Navigators specifically because they drop a specific thing you need for the quest to progress.

Tonvar Pirates from the Relics of the Gree Event
Navigators wear the Red Scalene armor.

Supplemental Research / Catalysis (Fighting Combat Specimens)

With the looking for animals part, don’t bother with the with the silver and gold enemies. They take much longer to defeat, especially now with dedicated solo content ability tree builds, and don’t offer any more data chips than the weaker packs of 4.

Supplemental Research and Catalysis (Fighting Combat Specimens) - Gree Event Guide
I hope these poor Sleens aren’t cold-blooded!

Advanced Analysis / Advanced Testing (On the Grey Secant Ship)

This mission is only available once you’ve picked up the authorization from the menu because it takes place on the Gray Secant ship. There is no need to fight any other enemies on the ship besides the ones directly near the consoles. After you’ve clicked the 3 consoles, you need to fight a Core Defense Unit.

The Core Defense Unit is only vulnerable to the Blue Torus item in your Mission Items. It is clickable from the mission, or you can right-click it from the Mission Items tab. It has buffs that make it immune to damage except from the Blue Torus and it will kill your companion instantly. You get a debuff each time you use the ability that makes you deal less damage the next time you use it, don’t click it more than 4 times in a row otherwise, you have to wait longer for it to come off cooldown. You do barely any damage with the final tick anyway.

In the meantime, just dodge the orange circles and spam the button as much as you can and you’ll be fine. He takes increased damage when he has a red target debuff which happens after he knocks you back. The only way to capitalize on this is make sure to wait to attack until the debuff falls off after you get knocked back so you get a fresh Blue Torus while the debuff is active.

PvP Missions Walkthroughs and Tips

Here is the list of PvP Repeatable Missions available during the Relics of the Gree event:

  • [PvP Daily] Data Retrieval / Data Recollection
  • [PvP Daily] Charging the Pylon

Both of the PvP missions are basically just regular missions that take place in the PvP area and require you to be in a PvP instance. They can be done without fighting another player, but they are clearly designed to facilitate player interactions. Usually, there aren’t too many people in the PvP instance and they often don’t want to fight you.

I’ve even seen people stand in line to deposit their orb into the receptacle rather than fight each other. Honestly, they have the right idea; if you have to fight over these, they’re 100% not worth doing because they just take too long. You’re better off just doing the other missions on a different toon.

Data Retrieval / Data Recollection

The first mission that only gives you a green reputation trophy puts a debuff on you each time you scan a crashed vehicle before it actually gives you the objective, so you have to survive for the duration of the debuff before you can click again.

Charging the Pylon

The second mission has the little power orbs just like in the Ancient Hypergate Warzone where you have to grab one and then place it in the thing in the middle of the central dome. The Power Orbs are scattered outside the dome.

The cast time is long and you have to fight over it because the opposite faction has the same objective. You have to do that twice.

Ladies and gentlebeings, welcome to the GRUNDER DOME!!!

Strangely, there is no mission where you have to destroy the Gree droids wandering around beneath the Gray Secant, though you do need to defeat a lot of them for several achievements.

World Bosses from Relics of the Gree Event

The World Bosses have significantly less mechanics than Xenoanalyst II. There is one located in each cave just slightly north of each of the Republic and Imperial Bases.

[Area] Combat Specimen Mission

Whenever you go near any of the Gree event bosses, you will be granted a one-time mission called [Area] Combat Specimen. It requires that you defeat Xenoanalyst II and the two World Bosses: Gravak’k the Wampa and Surgok’k the K’lor’slug.

These bosses are nothing more than standard world bosses, so they each just have a couple of basic mechanics. Each of them drops a blue reputation trophy. Also BioWare forgot to put the Terrifying buff on them so companions can actually help you fight them.  

Gravak’k the Wampa

This boss just has a couple of attacks that knock the tank around and make them take more damage. You don’t really have to bother, but ideally if you have 2 tanks, you’d want to swap during Rage Pound, the ability that applies the purple debuff that makes you take more damage.

Gravak’k the Wampa

If you taunt when the tank gets knocked back with Rage Flip, you’re too slow and that tank will take extra damage. To avoid the boss moving around and prevent cleave damage, the tanks should face their backs to the wall.

The ranged players also need to worry about icicles falling from the ceiling when the Wampa is screaming. There will be red circles on the ground to avoid. 

Surgok’k the K’lor’slug

The boss applies stacks to the tanks that make them take increased damage by reducing their armor.

Surgok’k the K’lor’slug

The boss doesn’t hurt very much, but the adds do, so make sure they get AoE’d down ASAP and make sure you have a significant DCD up like Deflection, Saber Ward, or Explosive Fuel / Battle Focus + Riot Gas or have a tank without those stacks tank the adds. The boss also applies a DoT called Angry Spittle to members of the group. Healers can cleanse it or AoE heal. DPS should self-cleanse if they can.

Xenoanalyst II

I recommend checking out my dedicated guide on the main lair boss of the Gree event, Xenoanalyst II. Don’t forget to pick up the non-repeatable mission from the Reputation Missions terminal. Its name is “Unity Assessment”.

Achievements from Relics of the Gree Event

The achievements for the Gree event are pretty basic, it’s mainly just defeat a bunch of enemies and players. Some of the PvP ones will require you to schedule an event with a large guild. Keep an eye on chats during Gree event weeks to see if players will be advertising community events for these achievements. 

Junior Research Project is really the only unique achievement, it requires you to buy the Miniature Gray Secant Pet from the reputation vendor (requires legendary reputation) and then you need to defeat 5 specific creature enemies while that pet is summoned. Make sure you have Enemy NPC nameplates turned on. Any enemy that has the associated species as part of its name should work. 

  • Acklay on Belsavis tend to be gold and silver adds and can be found mostly in the areas preceding the Esh-ka prison and teleporters.
  • Bormu on Balmorra are usually large enemies of silver difficulty. They can really be found anywhere.
  • Lobels on Quesh are the little frog enemies usually of standard and strong difficulty; you’ll typically find them near water.
  • Lraida on Alderaan tend to be gold and silver adds that are typically found on the snow-covered mountains away from Killiks. 
  • Womp Rats on Tatooine are easiest to find on the outskirts of Anchorhead and Mos Illa.

Below is the full list of achievements available from the Relics of the Gree event:

General Achievements:

Name Requirements Rewards
Gray Perpendicular – Complete Advanced: Slugging the Slug
– Complete Advanced: Whomping the Wampa
– Complete But They Don’t Like Droids
– Complete Junior Research Project
Legacy Title:
Gray Perpendicular
Junior Research Project Defeat specific NPCs with the Miniature Gray Secant pet active:
– 25 Acklay on Belsavis
– 25 Borny on Balmorra
– 25 Lobels on Quesh
– 25 Lraida on Alderaan
– 25 Womp Rats on Tatooine
They Don’t Like Droids Defeat 50 Gree Droids
They Built Lots of Droids Defeat 250 Gree Droids
But They Don’t Like Droids Defeat 1000 Gree Droids
Whomping the Wampa Defeat Gravak’k
Advanced: Whomping the Wampa Defeat Gravak’k 10 times
Slugging the Slug Defeat Surgok’k on Ilum
Advanced: Slugging the Slug Defeat Surgok’k on Ilum 10 times

PvP specific Achievements:

Name Requirements Rewards
Energy Bomb Defeat 10 players with Gree Energy Orb explosion in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
Line Bisector Defeat 50 players while they are carrying Gree Energy Orbs in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
Remember Fray As a Republic Character , defeat 10 Imperial Players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
In Memory of the Fallen As a Republic Character, defeat 100 Imperial Players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
Blue Octagon As a Republic player, complete:
– Energy Bomb
– In Memory of the Fallen
– Line Bisector
Legacy Title:
Blue Octagon
Ice Cold Revenge As an Imperial Character, defeat 10 Republic Players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
Echoes of Victory As an Imperial Character, defeat 100 Republic Players in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum
Red Octagon As a Republic player, complete:
– Echoes of Victory
– Energy Bomb
– Ice Cold Revenge
– Line Bisector
Legacy Title:
Red Octagon

Relics of the Gree Rewards Catalog

The Scalene armor sets all cost a small number of credits while most of the other rewards cost varying amounts of Gray Helix Components.

Armor Sets

There are 3 armor sets available for purchase. They all use the same model but just with different color “lights”. There are also a couple of gold versions that are sometimes available on the Cartel Market.

Blue Scalene Armor Set

Guide on the Relics of the Gree conquest event, covering all missions, rewards, achievements, and offer tips on how to fight the world bosses!

Red Scalene Armor Set

White Scalene Armor Set


For the longest time, the Gree weapons were super special. They were basically the only weapons with a built-in tuning and were available long before such a thing existed. They were also the only set of legacy-bound weapons and offhands available before BioWare finally made the change to make all endgame gear legacy-bound in 6.0, though there were a couple of non-offhand alternatives added a few expansions earlier.

Dual-wieldable weapons cost 18 Gray Helix Components while the rest cost 24.


Blaster Pistol

Blaster Rifle



Sniper Rifle

It’s wild to me that these weapons used to be the coolest in the game and now they look a bit outdated compared to the more detailed weapons released nowadays. I’d love to see BioWare do a reforged version of these someday.


There are 3 mounts, each with unique acquisition requirements.

Blue Sphere
Costs 48 Gray Helix Components.

Red Sphere
Only drops from Xenoanalyst II in VM, both 8m and 16m. Theoretically, 16m should have a higher drop rate since there are double the number of players, but there’s also double the competition, so unless you’re planning on dropping absurd amounts of credits (don’t get scammed, sell it for multiple billions in this economy). The difference in drop rate doesn’t matter because it’s easily one of the rarest mounts in the game. Thankfully, the drop itself is legacy-bound so you can transfer it to whichever toon you want.

Cyan Sphere
The Cyan Sphere features a brighter and slightly lighter blue orb than the Blue Sphere as well as a top “arm” and protracted tail fin things unlike the Blue and Red Spheres. Costs either 48 Gray Helix Components or 16 Gray Helix Components + 36 Snow-Covered Parcels. It is MUCH easier to get 36 Parcels than an extra 32 Gray Helix Components.


The price for decorations varies from 2-20 Gray Helix Components with most falling in the 4-8 range.


These items don’t fit into another category. Their prices and purposes vary.

Authorization: Gray Secant (1,000 Credits)
This is a consumable that grants access to the teleporter that transports you up to the Gray Secant as well as the Advanced Analysis / Advanced Testing daily mission that provides a blue reputation trophy instead of green like most of the others. You can still be Guild Summoned to the Gray Secant without this authorization.

Gree Data Core Pet (50,000 Credits)

Miniature Gray Secant Pet (50,000 Credits)
This pet is required for the Junior Research Project achievement. It has to be summoned / active when the required enemies are defeated.

Gree Digitizer Cube (6 Gray Helix Components)
This is a rest and recharge item. You get frozen in the air while a little piece of the cube makes 1 orbit around you while providing “Orange Obtuse”.

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