BioWare announced the end of Season 13 of SWTOR’s PvP on the highest competitive level – the Ranked Arenas. The current season will end with the release off SWTOR Game Update 6.2.1 in February. As usual the rewards will be split into four tiers and each group of players will receive a different number of in-game items and PvP Ranked Tokens currency.

SWTOR’s current Ranked PvP Season 13 will end with the release of Game Update 6.2.1 some time in February. BioWare has not officially revealed the date yet.

Game Update 6.2.1 is being tested on and off on the Public Test Server since early January, which is only accessible by premium players (SWTOR subscribers) and only via the original launcher. Steam players should not expect to get access to this update’s testing phase. Hopefully the next.

There’s plenty of time still to earn the required minimum rating and number of matches won to quality for any of the rewards. Below is a list of each tier with its requirements and rewards it offers:

Bronze Tier

Solo Requirements: 1225 – 1299 rating and 20 wins
Group Requirements: 1250 – 1399 rating  rating and 20 wins

  • Bronze Season 13 Flair
  • Bronze Season 13 Battle Flag
  • Bronze Season 13 Decoration
  • Bronze Season 13 Title – [PlayerName] the Fighter
  • 37,500 Ranked Tokens

Silver Tier

Solo Requirements: 1300 – 1499 rating and 40 wins
Group Requirements: 1400 – 1599 rating and 40 wins

  • Silver Season 13 Flair
  • Silver Season 13 Battle Flag
  • Silver Season 13 Decoration
  • Silver Season 13 Title – [PlayerName] the Invader  
  • Bronze Season 13 Title – [PlayerName] the Fighter
  • 75,000 Ranked Tokens

Gold Tier

Solo Requirements: 1500+ rating and 80 wins
Group Requirements: 1600+ rating and 80 wins

  • Gold Season 13 Flair
  • Gold Season 13 Battle Flag
  • Gold Season 13 Decoration
  • Gold Season 13 Title – [PlayerName] the Raider
  • Silver Season 13 Title –  [PlayerName] the Invader  
  • Bronze Season 13 Title –  [PlayerName] the Fighter
  • 150,000 Ranked Tokens

Platinum Tier  – Top 96 (Top 3 of each Advanced Class on the leaderboard)

Solo Requirements: 160 wins
Group Requirements: 160 wins

  • Platinum Season 13 Flair
  • Platinum Season 13 Title – [PlayerName] the [AdvancedClass] Challenger (Ex: [PlayerName] the Sentinel Challenger)
  • 225,000 Ranked Tokens
  • All previous tier rewards (not including token grants)

This season BioWare increases considerably the number of Tokens earned for each tier. This is to allow players to purchase more of the newly added Replica Rewards to the PvP vendors.

The tokens are not per-season and can be earned and accumulated over a longer period of time if you want to save for a bigger item you have set your eyes on and cannot afford it right now.

As you could have predicted, there are a number of new items exclusive to this season’s tiers:

The new rewards added with this Season fall into two categories: the new Airborne Invasion Armor Set and the final batch of Season Replica items. The new Armor Set from Season 13 will be offered at a discounted price of 50,000 Tokens until the end of the next Ranked Season.

SWTOR Ranked Season 13 reward - Airborne Invasion Armor SetSWTOR Ranked Season 13 reward - Airborne Invasion Armor Set

If you want to get something, you should not delay it endlessly believing the item will always be there for you to purchase. With the launch of Season 15 the Replica Rewards will be gone. This is still pretty far into the future

With the launch of Game Update 6.2.1 and the start of Season 13 BioWare is going to add the last few remaining Replica Rewards they promised when they started doing this. This batch contains the following items:

  • Furious Combatant/Infiltrator/Battler/Mystic Armor Sets (100,000 Tokens per Armor Set)
  • Furious Weapon Set (50,000 Tokens for the set)
  • Furious Walker and Flaming Makrin Mounts – Replica to the Season 3 rewards (150,000 Tokens per Mount)
  • Assorted Replica Color Crystals – Replica from Seasons 3, 4, 6 and 8 – not very unique, eh… (20,000 Tokens per box)
Furious Combatant Armor SetsFurious Combatant Armor Sets
Furious Weapon SetFurious Weapon Set
Furious Walker and Flaming Makrin MountsFurious Walker and Flaming Makrin Mounts
Assorted Replica Color CrystalsAssorted Replica Color Crystals

Season 14 will begin, as BioWare said it in the official announcement blog post: “later this Spring”. No date, no relation to a patch. We know nothing yet and this is likely a result of the devs themselves now knowing either.

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