BioWare published the details of the brand new Ranked PvP Season 13, which finally kicked off yesterday following an emergency maintenance. This update also fixes the previously broken Emperor’s Grace slots, part of the Nar Shaddaa (and Mek-Sha) Nightlife event!

BioWare had to take down the servers for an emergency downtime yesterday on July 29 for a quick fix to the Ranked Season 13, which refused to begin as intended, with patch 6.1.2d.

The previous day – July 28 – introduced a small patch primarily with bug fixes to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was also expected to mark the beginning of the Ranked Season 13. The latter did not happen, though.

“Although it was our intention to kick off S13 today, there was a bug introduced which is preventing that from happening” – community manager Eric Musco wrote on the forums. “Although the game is telling you S13 has begun, it has not. Any games you play will not track wins, losses, or any stats as intended.

The maintenance on July 29 lasted for only about an hour or so and no new patch was introduced, meaning no patch notes were released either.

BioWare did post a news article to promote the Ranked Season 13, which finally started yesterday.

“Ranked PvP Season 13 has officially started! Rewards for Bronze, Silver, and Gold ranked players from Season 12 are waiting in your mailboxes. For those who climbed to the very top and obtained Platinum ranking, rewards are going out in the near future. Before we kick off the new season, let’s talk about new rewards, the future of replicas, and the revised win requirements.” – the article announced.

As announced previously the devs made a decision to tease (announce) the upcoming rewards for each season at the beginning of the season. I assume this is done with an intention to attract more regular queues during the whole season, not only in the end, when many decide that they want this or that reward.

Here is a reminder of the replica rewards and when to expect them during Season 13:

  • Predacious Weapon Set (Season 6) and Commanding Weapon Set (Season 8) – 50,000 PvP tokens for each Weapon Set
  • Gladiator Weapon Set (Season 5) and Giradda’s Acklay Mount (Season 7) – 50,000 tokens for the weapon set, 200,000 for the mount
  • Furious Armor and Weapon Sets (Season 3) – 100,000 tokens each for the armor sets (there are 4), 50,000 for the Weapon Set

These items can be purchased at the vendor with the standard PvP currency that you have earned and will continue to earn during Season 13.

The replica rewards will only remain available only for a certain period of time, so don’t wait for too long:

“We’re going to completely retire the Replica rewards from the vendor after the Replica Furious Armor Set is released, so we’ll be sure to communicate the specific time frame well in advance. We want to make sure we give everyone ample notice and ample time to get all of the rewards that they want. Following this change, we’ll be focusing on creating new and unique rewards for our PvP community!” – BioWare promised.

The big reward for Season 13 is a new Armor Set. It has been teased before, but soon BioWare promises to show it “in action”. Here’s the artwork we have seen already (in case you have not seen it already):

Ranked Season 13 armor set reward artRanked Season 13 armor set reward art
Ranked Season 13 armor set reward art

BioWare also listed the requirements for each tier of rewards that you can earn at the end of this season:

  • Bronze: Rating requirement + 20 wins (down from 25).
  • Silver: Rating requirement + 40 wins (down from 50).
  • Gold: Rating requirement + 80 wins (down from 100).
  • Platinum: 160 wins (down from 200) + be one of the top 3 rated players for your Class amongst the players with at least 160 wins.

I want to remind you that Update 6.1.2b from a couple of weeks ago introduced a large amount of changes to the rewards you gain from completing PvP missions.

The July 29 emergency fix also made the Emperor’s Grace Slots available and accessible all the time. These new machines were introduced to the Nightlife event for the first time this year and they were supposed to yield the most rarest and expensive rewards.

Emperor's Grace Slot Machine for SWTOR Nightlife 2020Emperor's Grace Slot Machine for SWTOR Nightlife 2020

When Nightlife kicked of, though on July 14th, these machines along with a number of other bugs plagued the event, making it even impossible for some players to finish the missions that it offers.

I remind you that the Nightlife event was extended to compensate for the troubles players faced during the first two weeks of the event. It will now end on August 25, 2020, giving you a full two additional weeks to… spend your credits in hopes to earn digital prizes from the gracious Hutt.

Most of the bugs were cleared off in 6.1.2d, however the most annoying one remained. The Emperor’s Grace Slots were still bugged and not working almost all of the time.

Patch 6.1.2d was expected to bring this issue to an end. And it worked for a while, it seems. I loved seeing these images of players waiting in a line for their turn to play the slot.

Image originally shared by DrGameology on Twitter
Image originally posted by Teliesa on Twitter

Yesterday’s patch-less maintenance finally fixed this and now the Emperor’s Grace Slot machines are working as intended.

“As a part of this morning’s maintenance we also pushed out a potential fix for the Emperor Slot Machines. Thus far, all indications show that the fix is working. Please let us know if you notice any other issues with the slot machines.” – Eric Musco posted on the forums shortly after the servers went back up.

Here is what you could win from them:

  • Get another token to play on the machine again
  • 50x Kingpin’s Casino Chip and earn the “Feeling Lucky: buff
  • 2x Golden Certificates
  • 2x Cartel Market Certificates
  • Vectron Magnus mount
  • Vectron BWL Wraith mount
  • Kingpin’s Rancor mount
  • Kingpin’s Predator mount (new one for 2020)

To play on the Emperor’s Grace Slots you need a new for 2020 unique chip. It can only be won by luck or earned as a reward of the main mission chain that starts on Nar Shaddaa.

If you haven’t been to Nar Shaddaa this month yet and haven’t tried out the gambling event, check out my SWTOR Nightlife 2020 event guide to find out how to participate and what prizes you may earn by spending your digital credits.

As usual, when new info about the Ranked Season is available, I will let you know. You can sign up to receive Push Notifications on Desktop or Mobile (or both) to never miss an important announcement, news update or a fresh new guide for your favorite games on!

And in the end – the most important question – how many credits did you sink into Nightlife so far? Be honest! :)))

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