BioWare brings back the Summer gambling event called Nightlife to SWTOR every year and for 2021 the event runs from June 29th until August 10th. This guide will show you how to participate and what you can earn from the event!

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What is SWTOR Nightlife

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is a time-limited yearly event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In Summer of 2021 it is live from June 29 until August 10 and will allow you to participate in various missions and gamble with in-game currency on virtual slots to win in-game prizes.

In 2020 the event expanded its territories and in 2021 it is also available in both Nar Shaddaa and Mek-Sha as well.

The starter missions are the same (explained and shown in detail below). There are several new missions, rewarding you with casino chips, credits and XP/Renown.

Nightlife 2021 offers also a few new rewards available from the slots as a random win and/or as a random purchase from the prize vendors.

How to get started with SWTOR Nightlife

There are two intro cinematics that you can watch on the Fleet – one for Republic, one for Empire. In the two clips below you can see them.

To participate in the event, you are not required to watch the cinematics from the Fleet terminals, you can simply travel to Nar Shaddaa’s casinos.

Republic Intro Mission

Empire Intro Mission

Where to find the Nightlife Casinos

The event is originally hosted on Nar Shaddaa – the Club Vertica Casino for the Republic players and the Star Cluster Casino for the Empire citizens. The new location on Mek-Sha is in the Bazaar, located in the Three Points zone.

Where is the Club Vertica Casino (Republic)

You can use your personal starship to travel to Nar Shaddaa. From there head to the Lower Promenade. From there you will be able to go to the Club Vertical Casino if you are a Republic player.

SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Club Vertica Casino Location (Republic Side)SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Club Vertica Casino Location (Republic Side)
Club Vertica Casino Location (Republic Side)

Where is the Star Cluster Casino (Empire)

You can use your personal starship to travel to Nar Shaddaa. From there head to the Lower Promenade. From there you will be able to go to the Star Cluster Casino if you are an Empire player.

SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Star Cluster Casino Location (Empire Side)SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Star Cluster Casino Location (Empire Side)
Star Cluster Casino Location (Empire Side)

How to get to the Mek-Sha Casino

The new location on Mek-Sha, added in 2020, is in The Bazaar, in the Three Points zone. Mek-Sha was released with the Onslaught 6.0 expansion in Fall of 2019, so it’s understandable why it wasn’t available the previous years.

Below is a map of the zone and the exact location of The Bazaar and the Slot Machines.

Nightlife Mek-Sha The Bazaar location

How to participate in SWTOR Nightlife

During the SWTOR Nightlife event you can play on three different types of slot machines:

  • Smuggler’s Luck Slots – the green ones
  • Kingpin’s Bounty Slots – the purple ones
  • Emperor’s Grace Slot – the one with a Hutt statue next to it

To play on the slots you will need chips, just like in a real-life casino. You can purchase green and blue chips from the Casino Cashier droids, available on the casino floor.

A new kind of a chip – purple – was added to last year and it cannot be purchased with credits from the cashiers. It is earned

There is a global cooldown of 5 seconds before you can play on the same slot and 1.5 seconds before you can play a chip on any slot. This means that you can play on at least two Green slots at once, saving yourself the wait (if you have enough chips, of course).

Stand between the machines, this way you will be able to click quickly and get more results for your time spent in the casino.

What are the Smuggler’s Luck Slots

Smuggler’s Luck is the name of the slot machines decorated in green colors. When you play on these slots, you have a 50% chance to get your chip back and about 10% to receive the “Feeling Lucky” buff. This buff lasts for two minutes and can be used to enhance your chances to win items while you play on the Purple slots.

SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Green Slots (Smuggler's Luck)SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Green Slots (Smuggler's Luck)

The increased chances are actually very small percentages. You can also get a Golden Certificate from the Green slots (more on these later), but the chance of that happening is less than 1%. Golden Cerfiticates are used to trade for various items offered by the vendors in the casinos.

In a very rare case the machine might explode in your face, which is another way for you to lose your chip. This will, however, grant you a special achievement called “Quality Assurance”. In some very rare cases you might get two chips back instead of one.

The most valuable reward, however, is probably the Kingpin Chip – you have about 5% chance to get it from the Green slots. Playing the Green slots for Kingpin Ships is arguably the cheapest way (but most time-consuming!) to earn Kingpin Chips for the Purple slots.

You can see a full list, images and video overview of the rewards in the “Rewards” section below.

What are Kingpin’s Bounty Slots

The purple slots are called “Kingpin’s Bounty. On them you can earn some very rare rewards.

Similar to the Green slots, here you also have 50% chance to receive your Kingpin token back. The Golden Certificate here will drop a bit more often than on the Green slots. Once again the machine can explode in your face, but this would be a very (very!) rare occasion.

SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Purple Slots (Kingpin's Bounty)SWTOR Nightlife Event Guide - Purple Slots (Kingpin's Bounty)

The best rewards from the Kingpin’s machines are the two Jackpot items – Vectron BWL Wraith mount and a Rodian Companion. Both of these have incredibly low chance to drop for you. Having the “Feeling Lucky” buff will slightly increase your chances of getting the cool stuff.

You can see a full list, images and video overview of the rewards in the “Rewards” section below.

What are the Emperor’s Grace Slots

The Emperor’s Grace Slots are the machine with a giant statue of a Hutt next to it. They were added for the first time last year for the Nightlife 2020 event.

To play on these machines you will need to Emperor’s Casino Chip. These are quite rare. You can get as a guaranteed reward for completing the Dubious Odds mission while the event is live. I have a full event missions overview and walkthroughs below.

Note: Last year these machines were very badly broken and if you experience problems with them in the 2021 edition of Nightlife, you should just check back this guide or the news section on for an update of when and if this issues are will be fixed. Last year BioWare had to extend the event’s duration to accommodate for the lost time.

What special missions are available during SWTOR Nightlife 2021

There are a few missions you can pick up and complete as part of the SWTOR Nightlife event in 2021. The most interesting one is called “Counterfeit Tokens: Mek-Sha“. It will introduce you to the Nightlife on Mek-Sha.

After you arrive to the Nar Shaddaa casino, you should open your map and take a brief look around. Find the orange triangle markers that point out to the available missions around and pick them all up.

The place to start is the “Advertisement Terminal“. There are a few available around, all offering the same missions.

Missions available at the Entertainment Terminal (shown on the image below):

  • Buy In, Cell Out
  • Dubious Odds
  • House Money

Completing these missions will reward you with chips that you can use on the Slots and some additional credits, XP/Renown.

The Dubious Odds mission is a small chain of mini missions. Talk to the Pit Boss (has a quest marker above its head). He will grant these missions to you one after another.

Be sure to pick up Dubious Odds before talking to the Pit Boss NPC.

Completing the Dubious Odds mission will grant you one Emperor’s Grace chip. The rewards from this special machine are also randomized, but more often than not you would win Kingpin tokens. Players often report they are getting 50x Kingpin tokens as rewards.

The final two missions are the “Counterfeit Tokens” missions – one for Nar Shaddaa and one for Mek-Sha.

The whole pack of missions can be done in a few minutes, provided all of the informants show up. The one on Nar Shaddaa for Empire side had a habit of disappearing last year.

Completing the Counterfeit Tokens missions will also place a buff on your character. Its effect depends on the choice you made in the last conversation during this mission:

  • Light side – grants a buff that significantly improves the odds on the kinpin machines but gives you less tokens.
  • Dark side – doesn’t grant the buff, but yields more tokens.

The buff remains active until a Kingpin’s Bounty win or until you depart from the planet.

What rewards you can win or purchase

The event offers three types of rewards – earned by playing the slots, purchased from the vendors and achievements. Below you will find more information and images/videos for all of them.

What items are available on the Event Vendors

There are three vendors available. They are present at the same time on Nar Shaddaa and Mek-Sha.

All of them are willing to trade old and some new rewards for your SWTOR Golden Certificate

SWTOR Golden Certificate Golden Certificates (earned from playing the Slots). Below I have a full list of each vendor’s offerings and a few images highlighting some of the items.

The vendors have different names for Republic and Empire side, but the items are identical, prices too.

Shakfa Flufm / Kitt Corca

Kingpin’s Rancor MountKingpin’s Rancor Mount
Kingpin’s Rancor Mount
Nightlife Socialite Armor SetNightlife Socialite Armor Set
Nightlife Socialite Armor Set
Pearlescent CruiserPearlescent Cruiser
Pearlescent Cruiser

Missing proper image of Pearlescent Cruiser. If you have it, please, let me know.

Vectron Magnus MountVectron Magnus Mount
Vectron Magnus Mount
SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Gamorrean Guard Companion - View 2SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Gamorrean Guard Companion - View 2
Gambler’s Party Floor

Jah’rr Bahreegz / Elzza Byssun

SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Gamorrean Guard Companion - View 1SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Gamorrean Guard Companion - View 1
Gamorrean Bodyguard Companion
concert stage decorationconcert stage decoration
Concert stage Decoration
personnel decorationspersonnel decorations
Personnel Decorations

Tradu Vola / Noota Ropal

Below are a few images previewing the most interesting items:

Dopc CustomizationDopc Customization
Dopc Customization 10

Missing Elara’s Customization. If you have it, please send me an image.

HK-51 CustomizationHK-51 Customization
HK-51 Customization
Kingpin’s Armor SetKingpin’s Armor Set
Kingpin’s Armor Set
Mako Customization 10Mako Customization 10
Mako Customization 10
Tharan Cedrax Customization 10Tharan Cedrax Customization 10
Tharan Cedrax Customization 10
Vectron OpusVectron Opus
Vectron Opus

New Vendor items for 2021

There are a few new items available for trading at the event vendors. You can spend your Golden Certificates to get them. I have extracted them in this separate segment to make it easier for you to spot them.

They are also included in the tables with vendor items, but this is a large guide and not much of the event is new, so I thought you could use these items being highlighted here.

Kingpin’s Grigna Mount
This mount costs 30 Golden Certificates and is available at Jah’rr Bahreegz / Elzza Byssun vendor. It can increase your movement speed up to 130%.

Kingpin’s Grigna Mount

Floor Trap – Blast and Floor Trap – Frost
These decorations cost 2 Golden Certificates each and are available at Jah’rr Bahreegz / Elzza Byssun vendor. They can be placed in Strongholds and you can own up to 50 of each.

Floor Trap Blast and FrostFloor Trap Blast and Frost
Floor Trap Blast and Frost

What you can win from the Slot Machines

There are different rewards from each of the slot machine. Below you will find out what you can win where

Rewards from the Smuggler’s Luck machines

  • A chance to play for free on the machine (get back your chip);
  • Get two green chips as a reward and receive the “Feeling Lucky” buff;
  • Machine explodes (get a special achievement “Quality Assurance”);
  • Get a Golden Certificate (very rare);

As I said above, in addition to these rewards you could also lose your chip and win nothing, which happens in roughly one of each three plays. You could also see the machine blow up in your face, which is a more spectacular way to lose your chip with some visual effects on the side.

Rewards from the Kingpin slots

On top of the increased chance to get a Golden Certificate, a blue chip to play again or in some extremely rare situations – destroy the machine, you can win some of the previous years’ rewards, listed below.

You also have a very small chance to get one of the new Emperor’s Grace Slots chips, that can be used on the new machine next to the Hutt statue.

Vectron BWL Wraith Mount
This mount is still available from previous years, if you are lucky enough to win it from the Kingpin slots and the Emperor’s Grace machines. You cannot purchase this item, you can only win it. Good luck!

SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Vectron BWL Wraith - View 2SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Vectron BWL Wraith - View 2

Phrojo Nuray “Mercenary of the Stars” companion
This companion is available only as a “win” from a Kingpin slots or Emperor’s Grace machine. It cannot be purchased. Your chances to get him to drop is extremely low.

SWTOR Nightlife 2019 New Rodian CompanionSWTOR Nightlife 2019 New Rodian Companion

Rewards from the Emperor’s Grace Machine

Here is a short list of the various types of items and other things you can get as a result of playing on the Emperor’s Grace Machine:

  • Get another token to play on the machine again
  • 50x Kingpin’s Casino Chip and earn the “Feeling Lucky: buff
  • 2x Golden Certificates
  • 2x Cartel Market Certificates
  • Vectron Magnus mount
  • Vectron BWL Wraith mount
  • Kingpin’s Rancor mount
  • Kingpin’s Predator mount
  • Replica C1-4W mini-pet (new for 2021)
  • High Roller Shades (head slot armor, new for 2021)

In an extremely rare case you could also destroy the machine, which is an equivalent to losing the draw and your chip, of course.

As you see from the list above there are two new items exclusively available as a (very) rare drop from the Emperor’s Grace Machine.

Replica C1-4W mini-pet
This little guy will follow you everywhere and… will look cute. As a mini-pet, this little droid has no impact on your combat performance, but it makes fun sounds.

Replica C1-4W mini-petReplica C1-4W mini-pet
Replica C1-4W mini-pet

High Roller Shades
This item is an orange armor shell and takes up the head slot of your character. It has a unique effect – changes color – when you enter combat.

High Roller ShadesHigh Roller Shades
High Roller Shades

List of SWTOR Nightlife Event Achievements

Name Objective
Hammer the Machine Played Smuggler’s Luck slot machines 100 times
Payout Won Kingpin Casino Chip or Golden Certificate from Smuggler’s Slot Machine
Sound of Rain Won 10 Slot Machine Prizes
High Roller Played Kingpin’s Bounty Slot Machine 100 times
Instant Winner Won Golden Certificate
Hot Slots Won 10 Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine prizes
Night Owl Complete all Imperial Nightlife quests
Night Owl * Complete all Republic Nightlife quests
Cashing in Purchased a Vectron Opus from the prize vendor
Big Prize Obtained Vectron Magnus from a slot machine or a vendor
Jackpot Obtained a Rancor mount from the event
Party Hard Purchased three specific decorations from the prize vendors
Another Big Prize Won a Vectron BWL Wraith from a Kingpin’s Bounty Slot machine
A Professional Contract Obtained the Gamorrean bodyguard companion contract during the event
Quality Assurance Earned when you blow up a Slot Machine. This is very rare and hard to do, but the good news is it can happen on any of the slots.

* The Night Owl is repeated, because there are two different achievements under the same name.

This is my SWTOR Nightlife Event 2021 guide. It’s currently undergoing additional updates as I am still missing a few items and images. I hope you found it useful and it helped you get a better understanding of how the event works, how to participate and how to increase your chances of earning some of the special rewards from the slot machines.

If you find a new achievement or earn a new item from the event, please let me know so I can update the guide and include it. Thank you!

I have used images from for this guide as well as a few icons from Jedipedia’s database.

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