BioWare celebrates the Star Wars Day May the 4th in SWTOR for the tenth time this year and you can expect the usual promotions and rewards to await you in the week following this date! Let’s take a closer look!

Double XP Event returns

As I wrote earlier in my SWTOR Update 6.3 Changes Overview, the Double XP even is coming back this May for two full weeks. The event was announced a lot earlier, but it becomes active on May the 4th at noon GMT and will last until May 18th noon GMT.

If you have been waiting for a good moment to level up some more alts, experience stories you haven’t yet or re-live old memories with a new character, this is the perfect opportunity.

The Double XP event allows you to earn twice the XP you would earn normally from absolutely everything you do in-game. This includes, but is not limited to Completing Missions, Defeating Enemies, Running Daily and Weekly Quests and more.

Another Droid Mini Pet reward

That’s right! BioWare things we can never have enough mini pets following us on your adventures in SWTOR. For a period of one week, starting May 4th and ending May 11th, you can earn the M4-Y10 droid mini pet by simply logging to the game.

This droid does not enhance your combat performance in any way. It does not act as a companion. It just follows you around and produces funny sounds when you click on it.

SWTOR May the 4th 2021 Mini Pet Login Reward - M4-Y10SWTOR May the 4th 2021 Mini Pet Login Reward - M4-Y10
Get this M4-Y10 mini pet droid by logging in to SWTOR between May 4th 12:00 GMT and May 11th 12:00 GMT

The name of the droid is, of course, inspired by the 10th May the 4th event that SWTOR is celebrating in 2021.

The Droid is inspired by The Bad Batch tv series, which also premiers on Disney Plus on May 4th. The droid this year is not a simple reskin and is a unique design. You can compare it to the previous SWTOR May the 4th mini pets if you like.

SWTOR becomes ten years old later this year – in December. BioWare announced a long time ago that they are preparing something big and special for the tenth anniversary, but there are no official announcements about what’s coming yet.

Collection Unlocks Sale

Alongiside the mini pet droid in the week between May 4th and May 11th you will be able to unlock any item you have purchased from the Cartel Market at a discounted price.

Typically when you purchase an item from the in-game store, it is given only to the character you purchased it with. To be able to get copies of that item to your other characters on your account, you need to unlock it in the Collections window. This typically costs additional Cartel Coins and the amount varies depending on the item type and rarity.

SWTOR Cartel Market Mega Sale - Armor SetsSWTOR Cartel Market Mega Sale - Armor Sets

Cartel Items inspired by The Bad Batch

On May 4th the Elite Forces Helmet Bundle Cartel Market exclusive will appear on the in-game store in SWTOR.

Elite Forces Helmet Bundle Elite Forces Helmet Bundle

This bundle includes the following items:

  • Scrapper’s helmet
  • Demolisher’s helmet
  • Codebreaker helmet

With the release of Patch 6.3 BioWare added a new armor set, called Tactical Ranger Armor Set. It also was inspired by the upcoming TV Show The Bad Batch. You can get this set from the Cartel Market now.

Tactical Ranger Armor SetTactical Ranger Armor Set

SWTOR events were announced by BioWare officially on This article cites the official source when it comes to exact dates and times.

SWTOR released Game Update 6.3 earlier this week and if you haven’t done the new Flashpoint on Dantooine yet, I suggest you go through it, then leave your next week free for the Double XP. If you need more characters in your SWTOR Army, this is the time!

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