BioWare brings the Life Day event to SWTOR every December. This guide will show you how to participate and what rewards you can earn!

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What is Life Day in SWTOR?

Life Day is an annual event that takes place during the holidays. This year, it is active from December 14th to January 11th 2022.

Life Day revolves around earning Snow-Covered Parcels, which you can earn primarily by throwing snowballs using the Life Day Snowball Bomb item. 

A Special Snowflake Reward

How to start the Life Day event

To be able to participate in the Life Day event you need a character of level 10 or higher. For the 2021-2022 edition of the event the start date is December 14th and the end date is 12:00 GMT on January 11th, 2022.

It is that time of the year again – denizens across the galaxy get ready to celebrate Life Day! Special Missions like “A Special Snowflake”, “Parcel Droid”, and “Could Use a Good Hug” are available during this limited time. Throwing snowballs and participating in these Missions will earn players Snow-Covered Parcels, redeemable for unique rewards. Get out there, throw some snowballs, hug some Wookiees, and most importantly, have fun!

Unlike other events, this one doesn’t have some sort of introductory mission or cutscene that you receive from floating news terminals.

Available Life Day activities

There are a few activities you can take part in during the Life Day event. These activities open up daily missions and reward you with Snow-Covered Parcels.

Hugging Wookiees

When you walk up to a blonde wookiee called either a Wookiee Caroler or Wookiee Reveler, an ability will pop up in your temporary ability bar that will allow you to give them a hug.

You have to be at just the right range and be targeting the wookiee to actually make the ability useful. If you’re struggling, try turning off Sprint or enabling RP walking with the / key. 

Hug a Wookiee - SWTOR Life Day Event Guide

Upon hugging your first Wookiee, you get a daily repeatable mission to hug 10 more.

Could Use a Good Hug Mission - SWTOR Life Day Guide

The Wookiee Carolers and Revelers are most abundant outside of the Slugfall Cantina on Mek-Sha, though you can find a few of them on the Promenade on Nar Shaddaa. 

Mek-Sha Wookiees - SWTOR Life Day Guide

Gift Droids

There are two versions of Lifeday Gift Droids: Regular and Overheated.

SWTOR Life Day Guide - Regular Gift Droid
LIfeday Gift Droid
Over-heated Gift Droid
Overheated Gift Droid

Both versions offer an increased chance to drop Snow-Covered Parcels compared to other targets, but the Overheated ones also have a chance to reward you with a Life Day Holo-Tree decoration. You pick between 1 of 4 colors.

Little Helper Reward

All Life Day droids despawn and respawn periodically. When Overheated Gift Droids spawn, they are hostile (red text) and have extremely little health. 

SWTOR Life Day Event Guide - Over-heated Gift Droid
Overheated Gift Droid

If you see one, don’t attack it! Throw a snowball at it instead! This will make it friendly (green text). 

Besides the name, you can distinguish regular Gift Droids from Overheated ones by their red glow and a special “Overheated” debuff.

Overheated Debuff

The Life-Day droids can be found across multiple planets, though the Promenade on Nar Shaddaa is the most popular spot. You may see players running around as a mob, pelting the Overheated Gift Droids with snowballs and communicating new spawn locations in gen chat, so if you’re lost, just follow the mob around and throw your snowball at whatever they’re hitting.

Tips to help you earn Snow-Covered Parcels quicker

There are a few things you can do to speed up the rate at which you earn the Life Day currency. The event may last pretty long, but it doesn’t mean you should not take advantage of these tips and shorten the grind!

Snowball Buff

You can throw your snowball at targets that are already dusted in snow, so long as someone else was the last person to hit that specific target. Contrary to the description on the Life Day Snowball Bomb, the lockout on receiving Snow-Covered Parcels only applies to your buff and when someone else throws their snowball at the target, it is overwritten with their buff, allowing you to throw your snowball again when it comes off cooldown. 

This means it’s most efficient to have multiple people throwing snowballs at the same target on cooldown, such as the Overheated Gift Droid. 

Life Day Snowball Cannon

There is an item that is sometimes sold on the Cartel Market during Life Day called the Life Day Snowball Cannon (or you can buy it on the GTN). It can also grant you Snow-Covered Parcels and decorations from the Overheated Gift Droid and has a separate green buff.

Snowball Cannon
If you’re serious about Life Day, you’ll want to get this item!

This alone would double the amount of rewards you receive, but it’s even better because the Cannon only has a 7s cooldown compared to the 15s cooldown of the regular Snowball Bomb. 

Life Day Vendor Items

You can exchange Snow-Covered Parcels for various rewards sold by the Master of Ceremonies Life Day Vendor, which can be found in the GTN section of the Fleet and outside the Slugfall Cantina on Mek-Sha. 

Location of the Master of Ceremonies Life Day Vendor on the Fleet

To access the one on Mek-Sha, obviously, you will need to have access to the planet. If you are a new player and low level, stick to the vendor and offering son the Fleet. They are identical.

Mek-Sha Slugfall Cantina Master of Ceremonies Life Day Vendor

The Master of Ceremonies sells many rewards including decorations, mounts, pets, armor, and toys.

SWTOR Master of Ceremonies Vendor Items List

Here, you can purchase all of the Life Day rewards with the Snow-Covered Parcels you earn. It is also the place that you can begin earning that currency in the first place.

The Master of Ceremonies sells an item called the Life Day Snowball Bomb for 1,000 credits, which you can use either by right-clicking it in your inventory while targeting another player or NPC or by placing it on your bar and left-clicking it.

Life Day Event Achievements

There are achievements granted for earning a certain number of Snow-Covered Parcels as well as hugging a certain number of Wookiees. There aren’t any secret achievements associated with the life day event. You can view all of the achievements in the General section under Events.

SWTOR Life Day Achievements

Here is the full list:

Anniversary Vendor

There is a vendor that sells many items related to the game’s anniversary. They’re mostly decorations and fireworks, but there are a few other goodies as well. Almost all of the items are completely free. This vendor can be found near the stronghold terminals.

SWTOR Anniversary Vendor

This vendor will be available throughout 2022 and will occasionally offer new items for sale as part of the 10th anniversary celebration. The first batch of new items will be available with the launch of 7.0 in February and include items like the Best View in SWTOR decorations.

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