Complete Sith Warrior Juggernaut Vengeance Guide, suitable for both beginner players, who have just reached level cap, and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance!

This Guide is written by Annileator (RogueHax)
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The Vengeance Juggernaut wasn’t always a good class, back in patch 2.0 for example, when we had sundering assault nerfed and got saber reflect at level 51, this was good. Then later on in patch 3.0 we were the only class that kept retaliation and got some good buffs so our damage output got better, especially with the introduction of vengeful slam which is a hard-hitting AoE. In patch 4.0 we became an AoE and DoT class, especially with the introduction of the Bloodmaster utility and our DPS output increased further.

Patch 5.0 is where the big changes came, especially with lightsaber forms becoming passive abilities, the introduction of Hew and giving the class Shien Form, which also had the bonus of increasing our movement speed. 5.0 also gave us the Piercing Chill utility which made Chilling Scream a hard-hitting AoE DoT. That however, was taken away with the changes in patch 5.5 which reduced the damage of the utility by 60%. That is the difference that this guide has with most others, no Chilling Scream. Even with the recent nerfs, due to the Vengeance Juggernaut’s hard-hitting DoTs and AoEs it still has a place in operation teams.


The following paragraphs list all major and minor changes to the class and discipline up to the most recent game update:


  • Ravage: This is now an instantly activated ability to help add more mobility to the Juggernaut.
  • Guard: No longer has any Form restricting its use.
  • Hew: New ability for the Vengeance Discipline. It replaces Vicious Throw and has a 30m range.

Each Advanced Class is receiving a new suite of Legendary Utilities, here are some of the Juggernaut’s:

  • Piercing Chill: Chilling Scream pierces enemies with an aching chill, dealing additional elemental damage to all affected targets over 8 seconds. Additionally, Chilling Scream grants Chilling Speed, increasing your movement speed by 35% for 8 seconds.
  • Extending Roar: Increases the range of Force Scream to 30 meters, but Force Scream deals reduced damage beyond 10 meters. Additionally, Force Push deals 20% more damage and grants Extending Roar, allowing your next Force Scream to deal full damage regardless of the distance from the target.
  • Reckoning: After using Intercede, your next melee ability deals 20% additional damage.

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  • The damage done by Chilling Scream due to the Piercing Chill utility has been reduced by 60%
  • Increased the bleed damage bonus given by Bloodmaster per bleeding effect from 3% to 5%, now stacking up to 15%
  • Increased the melee bonus damage given by Ravager from 3% to 5%
  • Draining Scream now deals 45% more damage


Chilling Scream was doing too much damage with the Piercing Chil utility. It was being used as a single-target rotational ability when it’s intended use was multi-target AOE, so we reduced the damage it deals with Piercing Chill. To make up for part of the DPS loss, we increased the damage of Draining Scream by 45%. Then to make up for the rest of the DPS needed to bring Vengeance in line with its DPS target, we increased periodic damage and overall melee damage through two passive abilities.

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  • Pooled Hatred now applies its full damage bonus to Shatter and Force Crush, and is no longer consumed prematurely by a damage tick from a Rage-costing ability that deals damage over time.
  • The Whiplash utility has been replaced by Hardened Defense, which reduces the damage taken from area of effect attacks by 60% for 15 seconds after Threatening Scream is used for the Vengeance and Rage disciplines, and reduces damage taken while stunned by 30% for the Immortal discipline.
  • The Thrown Gauntlet Utility’s Intercede-improving effects have been moved to the Reckoning utility, and Thrown Gauntlet now additionally immobilizes any target hit by Saber Throw.
  • Deafening Defense no longer causes Threatening Scream to provide protection against area of effect attacks.

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  • Enraged Defense healing now scales better and heals for more at level 70

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Stats are usually the slightly difficult bit when it comes to gearing DPS classes as you require a variety of different stats. As far as accuracy goes, in this build you’ll be fine sticking to the usual 730 – 740~ and getting the usual 110% accuracy (105% for PvP).

In this build we’re going to be giving critical rating a slightly higher priority (this is for rotational purposes) than alacrity but it stays balanced. As for relics, nothing has changed, so you can go with the usual Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution combo, but you’re also allowed to use Serendipitous Assault and Devastating Vengeance as it would help to get better results with the rotation.


The stats priorities I’ve given below are written in priority and there’s also a list of the best gear pieces to get specific stats after the priorities.


Accuracy, as usual is the highest priority stat which is now quite easy to get because of the recent changes. The number you aim for at gear ratings past 230 is about 730-740~ and you should get the 110% accuracy with that. Make sure to remember the companion bonus too!


After accuracy, all DPS classes have to prioritize critical rating and stack it up to the high numbers of roughly 1650-1800~ depending on your gear rating. Along with the bonus 5% from the Smuggler/Agent critical buff, you should be able to hit at least 40% critical chance which is what you should have for the end-game.


Alacrity is the next stat you should prioritize after critical. It reduces a lot of your cooldowns, makes executing abilities faster and allows you to have a higher APM count (Actions Per Minute). As a Vengeance Juggernaut, especially due to rotational purposes, you should be aiming for about 1500-1600~ alacrity to make sure your cooldowns work.


Mastery is the stat that replaced all the former class specific stats. The main difference between Mastery and Power is that Mastery adds a bonus to your damage and a slight one to your critical rating. Power however does not boost your critical but it does a better job of increasing your damage.


In this guide I will be providing you with what I consider the best combination of augments, implants, modifications and all the others to get the stats you need. One thing you should never do is start trying to gear your character the moment you hit level 70. First you should get decent gear, then you should try to aim for different stats, if you do start trying to gear the moment you hit 70, you’ll greatly decrease your performance. Just add the pieces in the list as you get them. I will also recommend, if you can craft your augments, craft them, forget buying them in that case.


Augments are the first thing you should be getting as they’re the most readily available and easy to get. To get your recommended critical rating, you should get 6 Critical Augments of any kind (228 is the normal, but 236 and the 240 augments would help you even more). The next kind of augments you should get are Alacrity Augments, you should get 5 of these. Accuracy augments are actually the least you need, just try to get 3 of them.

TL: DR; 6 Critical Augments, 5 Alacrity Augments and 3 Accuracy Augments.

Earpieces, Implants and Relics are the next thing you should focus on getting the specific ones as you get them. You should have one of the earpieces labeled as Adept Device. Both of the implants you have should be labeled as Quick Savant Package. As for relics, the rules are the same, 1 Serendipitous Assault relic, 1 Focused Retribution (OR Devastating Vengeance for the purpose of this rotation).

TL: DR; 1 Adept Device (Earpiece), 2 Quick Savant Packages (Implants), 1 Relic of Serendipitous Assault, 1 Relic of Focused Retribution or 1 Relic of Devastating Vengeance.

The next part has to do with your modifiable gear (where you can put in modifications, enhancements and armorings- which are called hilts for lightsabers). This is where you’ll get the main stuff to max out your stats. The armorings are the basic part, you should only have Versatile Armorings and the one Versatile Hilt for your lightsaber. The Mods are also quite easy, all of them should be Lethal Mod, that doesn’t mean however that you can get Lethal Mod [Number]B for example, only Lethal Mod [Number] for the best results. Next up, enhancements, this is also easy to get you should have 3 Quick Savant Enhancements for your Alacrity, 3 Adept Enhancements for your Critical and 1 Initiative Enhancement for your Accuracy.

TL: DR; 8 Versatile Armorings, 1 Versatile Hilt, 9 Lethal Mods, 3 Quick Savant Enhancements, 3 Adept Enhancements and 1 Initiative Enhancement.

The final and easy part is with your color crystals and your stimpack. For your color crystals they both need to be Eviscerating (Critical Rating) crystals which give you 41+ Critical Rating each. Your stimpack should be an Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stim which gives you Accuracy and Critical Rating to get you to the recommended stats, remember though, you’ll have to buy a surplus of these as they only last 8 hours (doesn’t count when you’re offline), however, there is a version called the Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stim MK-II which doesn’t get consumed on use but you need to have Biochem 600.

TL: DR; 2 Advanced [Color] Eviscerating Crystals and a surplus of Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stims.


TIER 1 | 230

Mastery: 6150~ | Power: 3350~ | Critical: 1600~ | Alacrity: 1400~ | Accuracy: 730~

TIER 2 | 236

Mastery: 6250~ | Power: 3500~ | Critical: 1689~ | Alacrity: 1450~ | Accuracy: 730~

TIER 3 | 242

Mastery: 6500~ | Power: 3400~ | Critical: 1750~ | Alacrity: 1500~ | Accuracy: 740~

TIER 4 | 248

Mastery: 6800~ | Power: 3900~ | Critical: 1800~ | Alacrity: 1600~ | Accuracy: 740~

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With the changes from Game Update 5.6 and the introduction of 2 new tiers of Augments, you now have even more and better flexibility to optimize your gear to your likings. The numbers per tier, listed above, haven’t changed (except for Power), because they are rounded up numbers anyway. The new Item Rating 236 Augments provide a 3rd stat per item and a boost to the other 2 stats.

Here is a break-down of the 236 Augments for the discipline:

  • Superior Accuracy Augment 46: 76 Endurance | 98 Accuracy | 33 Power
  • Superior Alacrity Augment 46: 76 Endurance | 98 Alacrity | 33 Power
  • Superior Critical Augment 46: 76 Endurance | 98 Critical | 33 Power
  • Superior Versatile Augment 46: 76 Endurance | 98 Mastery | 33 Power

New Augments 240 are coming with Game Update 5.9. Their stats improvements will follow the patterns of the 236 ones listed above with a slightly increased values.


The most important part for all End-Game raiders and PvP players – breakdown of the abilities, openers, priorities and Utilities builds.


The following are the key abilities for the Vengeance Juggernauts, I’ll also explain what they do:

  • Shatter Shatter – The first discipline-specific ability you get, hard hitting melee with really good 12 second DoT damage.
  • Impale Impale – The Vengeance Juggernaut’s hardest hitting ability.
  • Hew Hew – Second saber throw that replaces vicious throw and slows the target down by 50% for 3 seconds, can only be used when the target is at 30% health unless procced.
  • Vengeful Slam Vengeful Slam – Hard-hitting AoE melee that hits up to 8 targets within 5 meters with energy damage, one of the best abilities in your arsenal.

The Vengeance Juggernaut rotation is a little difficult to learn but it’s very easy to master and get used to if you know what you’re doing.


The opener for the rotation is quite basic, you also have the option to use an attack adrenal or saber ward, but the basic idea is:

That basically means that you’re allowed to use Saber Throw and Force Charge in the order you prefer.


The main rotation is the slightly difficult bit; it basically goes:

Filler > Shatter > Filler > Ravage > Filler > Sundering Assault > Filler > Saber Throw or Hew

At the end of each cycle, Hew is the priority to use, but if it isn’t procced, use Saber Throw. On another note, the fillers however, aren’t really fillers, they’re like a rotation within the rotation (Vengeception anyone?); the order of fillers to use is:

Impale > Force Scream > Vengeful Slam

  • Impale Impale
  • Force Scream Force Scream
  • Vengeful Slam Vengeful Slam

One thing to keep note of is that since there’s 4 fillers and only 3 filler options, the first one that you use in a cycle is also the last one, so 3 cycles would be like this:

Impale > Shatter > Force Scream > Ravage > Vengeful Slam > Sundering Assault > Impale > Saber Throw or Hew > Force Scream > Shatter > Vengeful Slam > Ravage > Impale > Sundering Assault > Force Scream > Saber Throw or Hew > Vengeful Slam > Shatter > Impale > Ravage > Force Scream > Sundering Assault > Vengeful Slam > Saber Throw or Hew


This is a collection of a few utility builds that you can try out and see which one suits your playstyle best.


SWTOR Jugernaut Vengeance Build 1 PvE


SWTOR Jugernaut Vengeance Build 2 PvE


SWTOR Jugernaut Vengeance Build 3 PvP


Final evaluations and some thoughts.


Please take note that all these ratings are just my personal opinion taking into consideration the amount of time I’ve played this class.

AoE Damage

Vengeance Juggernauts definitely have some of the highest AoE damage in the game, especially in situations with taking down multiple targets near each other like adds in the Tyth fight.
► Rating 10/10

Execute Phase

The Vengeance Juggernaut definitely has an advantage here, especially when the boss fight enters the Execute Phase (health at 30% or below) because Hew remains procced all the time so you can use it at the end of every rotation cycle and do some extra damage.
► Rating 10/10

Raid Utility

This class unfortunately doesn’t have too much to offer in Master/Nightmare raids but it’s good for pretty much all Story and Veteran/Hard raids, particularly in ones where AoE damage is useful.
► Rating 6/10

Single Target Damage

The Vengeance Juggernaut is pretty decent at single target damage, except when you need to swap targets, that’s because of DoT damage, but they’re the main reason this is a good class.
► Rating 7.5/10


Vengeance Juggernauts come with a good amount of defensive abilities; we have Endure Pain, Enraged Defense, Unleash (with a particular utility), Saber Reflect and Saber Ward making it a pretty formidable class to play.
► Rating 7/10


The Vengeance Juggernaut is a monstrous DoT and AoE class coupled with decent damage and survivability, because of that it doesn’t always need to get healed in ops, flashpoints and can manage most operations. It is a formidable class to play and remains one of the best and easiest to play for DPS.



Hey there, I’m RogueHax, known in-game as Annileator. When I first started the game I played a Telekinetic Sage, didn’t like the class too much so I started playing a Guardian and then a Smuggler. Then I fell upon the Sith Warrior, really loved the Juggernaut gameplay and the story is my personal favourite in the game, but I had a lot of trouble getting a rotation and gearing my character because there were no guides, at least for 5.0 anywhere. Then I got some help from my friend Diadur, and he showed me the ropes with the rotation (all credit goes to him for that), and then I started gearing my character and ended up writing this guide. I mainly play on the Empire side as Darth Annileator as a Junior officer in the Exar Kun guild (we also have Ulic-Qel Droma as a sister pub guild) and I still play and love the class no matter how much the devs nerf it (COME AT ME!), cheers!


I would like to thank RogueHax for their hard work creating this guide. I don’t play my Guardian and Juggernaut alts often enough, so I could not offer a guide myself. I’ve been asked so many times since 5.0 for a Guide on this Discipline, so when RogueHax approached me and offered to write one, I accepted immediately.

While formatting and editing the guide to present it here on, I used some external sources. I would like to thank for their database, from which I took the Abilities icons. The Utilities screenshots are made using’s Discipline Calculator. Also thanks to Goblin_Lackey for their work on this post and vicadin for their work on this post for providing simulated ideal stats for each class and discipline.

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