Happy New Year Star Wars and SWTOR fans! BioWare released today the schedule for the in-game events that will open up the tenth year of the game since its release!

Relics of the Gree

While it’s always a great experience for me to visit Ilum, seeing how it’s my favorite SWTOR planet, the return of the Gree has not been a thrill to hear and see for years now.

SWTOR Relics of the Gree Conquest EventSWTOR Relics of the Gree Conquest Event

The oldest recurring event that is still running on monthly or by-monthly basis allows you to farm various droids in size and challenge as well as some unique beasts and world bosses for special rewards, reputation and credits.

The Gree event was once an attempt by BioWare to create a competitive scene on Ilum and replace the failed attempt for an Open World location that the Western Ice Shelf used to be when the game launched. I wont go so far back to describe in details how and why it failed, of course.

If you are a new player I strongly suggest you check out this world and the timed eventful missions that will be available next week. I loved the Gree event the first few times it appeared and despite my negative feelings towards it now (because it has returned far too many times over the years for me to enjoy it still), it should be a great experience for anybody new to it and/or to the game!

There are no other requirements than the character level of 50 or higher. Simply stop by the terminal on the fleet to get your starter mission, then go to the Western Ice Shelf and start participating.

  • Date: January 12th – January 19th, 2021 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
  • Requirement: Level 50+

Explore Ilum’s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, an enormous ancient Gree starship. Get ready to face a powerful opponent that awaits you at the center of this ancient vessel. Visit the in-game News Terminal located on Carrick Station in the Republic fleet or Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial fleet to get started on your adventure!


  • Reputation with the Gree Enclave
  • Gree Digitization Cube
  • White, Red, and Blue Scalene Armor
  • Gray Helix Weapons
  • L1-L Defender, L1-L Scout, and Miniature Gray Secant Mini-pets
  • Cyan Sphere, Blue Sphere and Red Sphere Vehicles
  • …and more!

All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

BioWare’s attempt to recreate the iconic feeling of riding a swoop bike from KOTOR here into SWTOR is a whole event that spans across three worlds – Onderon, Dantooine and Tatooine.

SWTOR Swoop Racing Event finally coming to the gameSWTOR Swoop Racing Event finally coming to the game
Click on the image to check out the full guide for this event!

It’s one of the newest events to be released and join the recurring events roster. This race event was originally released in game update 6.1.2 in June 2020. Need a guide? Check out the New SWTOR Swoop Racing Event now available on PTS

This event didn’t exactly live up to the expectations when it comes to the speed of the bikes, but the three unique racing tracks coupled with the extra missions and stories you can discover while earning your reputation with the local swoop bike gangs, make for a very entertaining time spent in-game.

If you are starting it now, keep in mind that you will not be able to finish its story and wont be able to gain all of the reputation with all gangs in just one week. BioWare brings the Swoop Rally event more often than any others to help you with that goal and because it’s the most freshest of the recurring events.

Not counting the Cooking event. The Feast of Prosperity is technically the most recent one to be released, but it’s seasonal and we will not see it come back until likely late in the Fall of 2021.

To participate in the Swoop races you need to be at least level 20. To start the event check out the scoreboard terminal on the Fleet and pick up the starter mission that will send you off to meet the hosts, the gangs and help you start your first race.

  • Date: January 26th – February 2nd, 2021 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
  • Requirement: Levels 20+

In the growing shadow of war, swoop fans across the galaxy descend on Dantooine, Tatooine, and even Onderon for the sport’s biggest spectacle—The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally! They’re packing the stands, eager to take their minds off their troubles and cheer their favorite swoop gangs. The bikers are here to take on dangerous challenge courses, show off their piloting skills, and flaunt their souped-up swoop bikes. The thunder of the engines, the deafening applause from the fans, the wind battering their helmets… there’s no bigger rush for these thrill seekers.

Despite their reputation as wild rebels whose makeshift courses disregard local districting restrictions, swoop gangs aren’t a serious threat to anyone–something all true swoop fans know! They just love adrenaline-pounding speed, sweet jumps, and big explosions, and the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally combines all three in one crowd-pleasing package. The biggest gangs on the circuit — Horizon’s Razor, the Pit Screamers, and the Blatant Beks — are ready to show their fans a great time.


  • Swoop Rally Mounts (regular and gold versions)
  • Swoop Gang Outfits
  • Promotion Droid Mini-pets
  • Various Stronghold Decorations
  • …and more!

The information for the SWTOR In-Game Events Schedule for January 2021 was released on swtor.com, from where it was sourced for this article.

You know… I did say earlier here and in my Tweet linking to this article that the Gree is the oldest event, but my memory now plays tricks on me. Was it the Gree or the Rakghouls…

For those who are now curious to learn, I did check up with some of my older news reports and videos – the Rakghoul Resurgence is almost an year “younger” than the Gree event. The former started in January 2014 and the Gree have been returning to Ilum since early 2013.

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