Find how to recruit Xalek after SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 9 via an alliance alert called Death Before Dishonor. You can also choose not to take him

Xivhkalrainik, also known as Xalek is one of the classic SWTOR Companions for the Sitn Inquisitor. Similarly to all other companions Xalek disappears after the events of Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

You can find and potentially recruit Xalek back into your ranks via an alliance alert called “Death Before Dishonor”

Requirements to get “Death Before Dishonor”

The “Death Before Dishonor” alliance alert becomes available for you to pick it up after you complete SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 9, which unlocks the whole Alliance System in the game.

After that you have to complete “To Find a Findsman”. This quest is a requirement for a lot of the Alliance Alerts and involves finding and bringing Yuun.

You can pick up and complete the “Death Before Dishonor” mission in any character that meets the above requirements, regardless of faction, class and level.

If you do the mission as a Sign Inquisitor, you will see a different dialogue and cinematic scene.

Xalek in SWTOR

Death Before Dishonor Walkthrough

After you pick up the Alliance Alert for “Death Before Dishonor”, click on the purple button to start the mission.

Travel to Ilum. In the tunnel connecting the Eastern and Western Ice Shelves there is an instanced entrance that will lead you to the camp where you will find the Mining Foreman. Speak to him.

Enter the mining camp and talk to the Mining Foreman

The Foreman will ask for your help and will send you to check out a mining site far into the south-eastern corner of the Ilum map.

Talk to the Mining Foreman

You can save some time by fast-traveling to the Eastern Ice Shelf camp. The destination is marked with an “area marker” on your map.

Enter the first tent on your right and check out the datapad. It is on the table to your left as you enter the tent.

Datapad on Ilum

There are three entries in the datapad and the notes read:

Big natural caverns at the site was a real blessing. Weather here is so blasted awful. Should have the temp habs thrown up in a few hours and we can start in with the excavators tomorrow.

Well, turns out someone else thought this cave was a pretty safe place to stay too. Found some signs of life. Some small temple, or shrine maybe, is sitting n the crystam seam. Pharb thinks it’s probably some long-dead primitive’s worship spot, but it doesn’t look all that old if you ask me. Sent word to the foreman, but we are probably losing at least a day to sorting this out.

Looks like we are keeping to the schedule. I’ll bet corporate didn’t bother trying to sort out who might have the rights to cultural artifacts. Won’t matter once the digging starts. Kind of a shame, someone put a lot of care into the thing. Maybe I’ll take a holo.

Checking out this datapad will not do anything at this moment for you. It is not part of your current objective. However, reading the notes now, will save you some traveling back to it later. So you best do it now.

Next, turn around and click on the Holoterminal to start a short “KOTOR-inspired” cinematic.

Next, you have to travel up north to check out Shaft 12 where this distress call came from. Head to the new marked on your map, which is now sending you to the far north-eastern end of the Ilum’s map. Note that there are a Heroic area nearby. If you are not geared up properly (hard to happen these days in SWTOR, but anyway), these guys might cause trouble for you.

When you arrive to the spot, you will learn that the entrance to the shaft is blocked and the area is full of bodies. There is no sign of Anna, who you spoke to via the Holoterminal back in Shaft 16.

Now an update pops up reminding you of the Datapad that was in the tent at Shaft 16. You read it already, so no need to read it again. Head back to the Mining Foreman in the tunnel between the Ice Shelves.

When you enter the Mining Foreman’s Camp, you will start to see bodies here as well. A new foe has invaded the camp and is punishing the mining company employees.

During the next cinematic you will learn that this is no other but Xalek – the classic Sith Inquisitor companion. If you are an Inquisitor, your cinematic here is different.

Xalek is unhappy because the miners are disturbing the old burial grounds of his father and he believes that the only punishment for that is to be given through his lightsaber.

Here you have two options with multiple layers of choices. Ultimately you can kill Xalek, defeat him in a duel to prove your worth and make him follow you as your companion or flat-out refuse to intervene at all.

To recruit Xalek from “Death Before Dishonor” you need to allow him to finish what he has started. This is a Dark Side choice, but if you want him to follow you, “this is the way” (as my Mandalorian would say).

Then you will have to defeat him in a dual that will prove your worth to him and he will agree to follow you. Xalek, like any other NPC in the game is not hard to beat at all. You should have no trouble at all defeating him using any companion you have available, of even without a companion if you have decent on-level gear and know your class.

Defeating Xalek

After that, head back to Sana-Rae to finish the “Death Before Dishonor” mission. Depending on your decisions and if you reqruited Xalek or not, the dialogue with Sana-Rae will be different, but the rewards from this mission would be the same anyway.

It is safe to say that nobody would want to do this mission specifically because of the rewards it offers. You would do it for the new (or returning) companion, for the achievements or just for the sake of completing everything you have available.

Check out more of the SWTOR Alliance Alert Missions Guides I have available. Thank you for reading my SWTOR Guide on how to recruit Xalek after SWTOR KOTFE.

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