BioWare announced upcoming changes to the SWTOR Galactic Season 2 launching with the Legacy of the Sith expansion! PTS 7.0 update coming soon

David Staats, a system designer at BioWare, posted on the forums these are and explained in brief what the studio goals are. Galactic Season 2 in SWTOR will bring changes to how the Objectives are given to the players as the dev team attempts to make it so you can truly play the game “at your own pace” rather than struggle to meet the criteria to get the points you need.

Priority Objectives Get Their Own Tab

Rather than having the Priority Objectives (the daily and weekly mission things you do for Galactic Seasons points) just be at the top of the list for Conquest Objectives, they will get their own tab within the Conquest Objectives window instead. 

SWTOR Galactic Season 1 Conquest Tab Design
Preview of how the Galactic Season Objectives appear at the moment in-game.

Priority Objectives are shifting to Weekly Emphasis, rather than Daily

Currently, there are 2 Daily Objectives and 2 Weekly Objectives, with Season 2, this will be changing to 10 Weekly Objectives and 1 Daily Objective with a huge point redistribution towards Weekly Objectives. This means there is less pressure to log in every single day and aligns more closely with how Login Rewards work where you can complete them at your own pace. 

Stranger from Kubindi Galactic Season 1 - Objectives Tab
Here is how the Galactic Season 1 UI shows the two Daily and two Weekly objectives

Of those 10 Weekly Objectives, you will pick 7 to complete and the other 3 you get locked out of, rather than rerolling a meh objective into GSF. The Weekly Objectives will change each week, but everyone will have the same set of 10 Weekly Objectives, which allows you to complete Galactic Seasons more easily with your friends. They did not specify what the weeklies themselves would look like.

The Daily Objective will remain constant and is just to “Earn Personal Conquest Experience”. At this point, it is unclear exactly what is meant. Will you have to complete a single conquest objective? Will you have to reach 50k conquest on a toon? Or is it literally just “Earn EXP/RXP”, which you can do by killing a single enemy? It sounds like the daily objective is just geared towards did you log in and do something other than check your mail today?

My Thoughts on These Changes

I’m on the fence. I will support these changes if it means I end up getting points faster, but I would not support the changes if it means that I earn points slower, and it seems that will mostly depend on what the weekly objectives are. I personally don’t mind having to do the daily objectives right now.

I like that there is less emphasis on the weekly objectives because it doesn’t matter that much if there’s one I don’t want to do like GSF or 3 VM Flashpoints and the daily objectives tend to be super quick anyway. I hope that enough of the Weekly Objectives focus on endgame content that I like to do or are at least easy to complete, but that hasn’t always been the case thus far. 

Collage of all rewards from the season.

The bigger issue I have with Galactic Seasons is the somewhat lackluster rewards, especially as someone who has been a subscriber since launch. I’ve been willing to do them thus far because I want to decorate the new Fleet Strongholds and I liked some of the weapons. The only thing I’m missing from the Galactic Seasons Token vendor is a second copy of the Makeb Gazebo decoration that I missed out on back in 2.0 and the Carrick Station Stronghold, which I should be able to get by the time Season 2 is over. 

The “Marked” mechanic on the new companion is neat, but I already have so many other companions I can use and it’s obnoxious that I can only gain influence with him in a specific way.

The Mythran armor sets were ridiculously lame too, so after Season 2, I am not sure if there will be much of a reason for me to participate at all unless they upgrade the rewards. One thing that would keep me engaged indefinitely is if I could trade in Galactic Seasons tokens for Cartel Coins. 

When is the next PTS update and what will it contain

Jackie Ko also announced on the forums that Sniper and Operative changes will be the next focus for the PTS, and they should probably be up by the end of August.

I will be covering those changes when they are released, including providing Gunslinger and Scoundrel translations if only the Imperial specs are available, similar to how only the Republic specs were available for Sentinel and Guardian

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