SWTOR 6.1.4 brings a new seasonal event called Feast of Prosperity. It runs from October 20 until November 10, 2020. During the even you can participate in several rather unusual festivities in the SWTOR universe. Feast of Prosperity offers new story content, drama, lots of non-combat festive missions as well as combat-heavy ones, many new rewards and achievements. This guide will help you start the event, go through all of its features and get the most out of it!

The event releases different missions each day. This guide gets updated daily to include the new quests and the walkthgrough instructions for their completion.

Table of contents

What is the Feast of Prosperity

Feast of Prosperity is a seasonal even in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was first released with Game Update 6.1.4. It only appears once a year and lasts a few weeks.

The event allows you to participate in quite a selection of unique activities. There are daily and weekly missions and achievements. Some of the quests involve traditional hunting of rare items from all corners of the Galaxy, while others will task you with helping in the kitchen of a Cantina.

Feast of Prosperity borrows many features from the classic SWTOR events and mixes them with elements from the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife seasonal event.

Each week a new story mission will unlock, allowing you to explore the secrets behind this feast. Even if you join the festivities later, you will be able to complete all story missions. The only requirement is that you do them while the event is active.

In its first edition Feast of Prosperity is active for three weeks – starting from October 20, together with the release of Game Update 6.1.4 and ending on November 10, 2020. If you miss it, you will have to wait for its return in 2021.

Since this event is similar to Nightlife and Life Day, there will be no Conquest weekly events attached to it.

How to start the Feast of Prosperity event

To start SWTOR’s Seasonal event Feast of Prosperity you need a level 20 or higher character. Find the Festival Crier NPC, located just outside the Bazaar on the Empire and Republic Fleets.

Feast of Prosperity Festival Crier NPC (starter mission giver)Feast of Prosperity Festival Crier NPC (starter mission giver)
This is the Empire Fleet. Republic version is on the north side.

This will give you the starter mission, which will take you to Nar Shaddaa, where the actual event takes place. You will meet the two hosts and organizers of the feast – the hutts Gaboorga and Duuba.

There are Daily and Weekly Missions available as part of the event. Most are designed for solo players, while some will require a group to complete. In the next section of the guide I will explain each available mission in-depth.

Feast of Prosperity Main Mission Guide

Following the guide so far you have no doubt started the event by speaking to a Festival Crier NPC located on the Fleet. This is just the beginning, though. Each week a new event mission unlocks and allows you to follow through the story of the Feast and the secrets and schemes of the two hutts Gaboorga and Duuba.

Over the years, the Hutt Cartel’s reputation has taken a hit. The once powerful organization no longer instills respect and fear. To restore the Cartel’s influence, two up-and-coming Hutts, Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous, are throwing the most lavish “charitable banquet” in history for the galaxy’s underprivileged. And if the Cartel happens to advance their business interests during the Feast, everyone wins!
If Gaboorga and Duuba can cooperate, they could rocket the Cartel back into the upper echelons of the galactic underworld. But the Hutts’ conflicting priorities means they’re constantly undermining each other. Each week a new Story Mission will unlock to progress this storyline, leading to the climatic choice during the third and final week: Gaboorga or Duuba? Only one Hutt can win, and the fate of the Feast of Prosperity is at stake. Choose wisely! – from BioWare’s official announcement of the event.

Week 1 Mission Story

The very first mission is the introductory one called “The Feast of Prosperity“. Speaking to the Festival Crier you learn of this special Galactic Feast two Hutts are hosting. Gaboorga and Duuba are located on Nar Shaddaa and you have to talk to each one of them to learn a little bit of their intentions and perhaps a hint at their secret goals.

When you arrive to Nar Shaddaa, head to the Lucent Square Overlook in Upper Promenade, speak to Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous to let them introduce themselves to you, which will help you investigate the event on Nar Shaddaa.

Gaboorga the AbundantGaboorga the Abundant
Gaboorga the Abundant

I am telling you the story from the point of view of a suspicious Sith Empire member, to make things a bit more interesting. There are several different dialogue options during the conversation, but none others reveal any more interesting secrets or hints at what is to come next week(s).

Gaboorga is a little reluctant to speak to you, expressing how busy he is with his charity work. He yet agrees to indulge you for a moment and shares that it is his personal mission to secure donations for the Feast and to build relationships and foundations for a “long-lasting tradition”.

Gaboorga also informs you that with the help of his fellow Hutt Duuba and some up-front capital and growing network of donors they are organizing this feast across the galacy to help feed the less fortunate.

The Hutt Cartel is involved with this, Gaboorga admits. He slips up for a moment when he tells you that the Cartel should rightfully benefit from any recognition. Instead of “they” Gaboorga says “I should” and then quickly corrects himself. First clue that something is not right with this feast.

No matter how much you attempt to press him to drop the act, Gaboorga sticks to his story that he and his colleague Duuna do this with purest of intentions.

Duuba the MagnanimousDuuba the Magnanimous
Duuba the Magnanimous

Your conversation with Duuba starts similarly as the hutt complains how much work he has to do and how busy he is with the charity event.

Duuba’s basic is quite rough, so he speaks short and to the point. His point, of course. When you ask him why are they doing this, he cited Gaboorga’s answer “to enrich the foundation of generosity established by the Feast of Prosperity by creating lasting, multy-beneficial donor-to-charity relationships”.

Duuba doesn’t hide that the Cartel is involved. He admits that for every Hutt sooner or later the Cartel gets involved in their activities, business and… lives. Duuba admits that things haven’t been good for the Hutt Cartel lately. It’s time for them to correct this, hence the Feast.

Duuba also spits a mini-secret telling you that he wishes that Gaboorga would pay more attention to the actual charity side of things. They both have similar goals still. Gaboorga is more involved with the political side of things, something Duuna is not a fan of, apparently. Gaboorga is the one that cares more about the donors and credits as well.

From the first conversation with the two Hutts you learn that Duuna is more passionate about the festivities and the charity and Gaboorga seems more interested in donors, relationships and personal profit. How will things turn out? We’ll find out next week!

The Feast of Prosperity mission rewardThe Feast of Prosperity mission reward

For completing “The Feast of Prosperity” mission you receive credits, renown, light/dark side alignment points and a “Single Use Food Launcher”. This item launches a Food Bomb at your target within 30 meters, which explodes in a cloud of food. Targets will keep their mess for a short time after being hit. Hint: this item is involved in a secret achievement (more on that further down in this guide)

Talkint to Gaboorga again gives you a new mission “Sharing Our Bounty“. The hutt sends you to Rishi, where he ran into some trouble. Local ex-pirates refuse to allow the Hutts to establish a Feast on the planet.

After you travel to Rishi, you speak to Jek-Burz. You will find him in the Bootlegger’s Market. After the initial tough-guy act, he realizes that you are not a random guy.

Jek-Burz agrees to allow the Feast of Rishi, but first he needs you to do something for him, of course. Defeat five Nova Blade members. They are located in the south-western corner of the Raider’s Cove.

After the mission you return to Jek-Burz. He is happy to hear that you are successful. Next, you head to north-western corner of Raider’s Cove Trade Post to speak to Navolii.


Navolii is not happy to hear why you are here either. She also refuses to listen to you at first. As expected, she also needs a favor from you. She asks you to help her examine three Water Mains on the ground floor beneath the city.

The locations are marked on your map and all three are in the southern area of the Raider’s Cove Slums. All you have to do is stand in front of the columns and wait for them to “respawn”, then click on the flashing blue pipe.

Navolii is pleased with the results, no matter if you tell the truth or lie about Nova Blades being involved. After the conversation you receive a personal holocom call from Gaboorga. The Hutt is very happy that you have helped him make progress and establish the Feast of Rishi event.

Gaboorga asks you to find a rare Orobird next. You travel to the Horizon Island and head south, where the location marker is placed on your map.

When you arrive at the location, you meet a naturalists Selonian (Cheyl), who convinces you (in this specific case, for the story, it’s your choice to listen or hunt the bird) to protect the rare Orobird. You return empty-handed.

Gaboorga is pleased you managed to allow the Feast of Rishi to happen and half-ignores the fact that you returned empty-handed without the Orobird spleen he asked of you.

In this conversation Gaboorga openly admits he is unhappy with Duuba’s accusations that his partner attempts to fill up his own pockets from this event.

Sharing our Bounty mission rewardsSharing our Bounty mission rewards

This ends the mission and brings you the reward from it, which includes Credits, XP/Renown, Dark or Light Side Alignment gain and 1000 Prosperity Tokens.

This is all that is available for the first week of the event when it comes to the Main Storyline of Feast of Prosperity. Now, it’s time for you to do some Dailies and Weeklies. Guides for all of them are available further below in this guide!


Week 2 Story Mission Guide

Coming on October 27, 2020. Will update this section as soon as the mission becomes available.

Week 3 Story Mission Guide and Conclusion

Coming on November 3, 2020. Will update this section as soon as the mission becomes available.

Feast of Prosperity Repeatable Missions

Wondering what daily and weekly missions are available longside the main story ones for event? There are four types of quests. I’ve listed them below along with a short description of what they task you with and how they differ from each other. Detailed walkthroughs are in the next section of this guide.

  • Cooking mini-game is available in Easy and Hard Mode. You can pick only one at a time.
  • Serving meals mini-game is available in Easy and Hard Mode. You can pick only one at a time.
  • Gathering of resources – explore various planets looking for specific items. One mission available each day and it’s a different item with a different destination planet to travel to.
  • World Bosses – defeat certain world bosses to loot special ingredients. It shows up on the terminal after you have picked up the Prep Work mission (resource gathering).

New Event Currency

A new currency is available as reward from the daily and weekly missions. It’s called “Prosperity Tokens” and is used to purchase the rewards from the event vendors. More on their contents further down in this guide.

List of all Dailies and Weeklies

The following is a list of all available missions. Not all are available at once. Read below to find out which mission is available when and how to pick it up.

Feast of Prosperity currency - Prosperity TokensFeast of Prosperity currency - Prosperity Tokens

Daily Missions

  • Gathering Resources missions
    • [Daily] Prep Work: Sour Bellfruit (Belsavis)
    • [Daily] Prep Work: (coming soon) Hoth
    • [Daily] Prep Work: (coming soon) Nar Shaddaa
    • [Daily] Prep Work: (coming soon) Corellia
    • [Daily] Prep Work: (coming soon) Tatooine
  • Cantina Serving Droid mini-game missions
    • [Daily] Cantina Rush: Lunch Service (Easy Mode)
    • [Daily] Cantina Rush: Dinner Service (Hard Mode)
  • Cooking mini-game missions
    • [Daily] Cooking: Braised Scyk Belly
    • [Daily] Challenge Dish: Ultimate Galactic Sampler (Timed)
  • World Boss Daily Missions
    • [World Boss] Special Request: Belsavis
    • [World Boss] Special Request: Hoth
    • [World Boss] Special Request: Nar Shaddaa
    • [World Boss] Special Request: Corellia
    • [World Boss] Special Request: Tatooine

Weekly Missions

  • [Weekly] Cantina Rush – complete 3 Cantina Rush Daily Missions
  • [Weekly]Kitchen Duty – complete 3 Cooking Daily Missions
  • [Weekly] Ingredient Acquisition – complete 3 resource gathering Daily Missions
  • [Weekly] World Boss Ingredients – complete 3 World Boss Daily Missions
  • [Weekly] The Feast of Prosperity – complete 3 Weekly Missions
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How to pick up the event missions

All of the above-mentioned missions are available from a few terminals, located near each other at the event’s main ground area on Nar Shaddaa. There are a few requirements for you to pick up some of the missions, but they are nothing serious.

Right next to Gaboorga and Duuba you will find three mission terminals. From left to right in the image above:

  • Feast of Prosperity Ingredients Requests (resources gathering terminal)
  • Work Request Board (mini-games terminal)
  • Work Request Board (weekly missions terminal)

Restrictions to which missions are available when

As I mentioned earlier, you need to be at least level 20 to be able to participate in this ever at all. I have not tested it, but I assume you will not be able to speak to the Festival Crier NPCs if you are lower level.

For the World Boss missions to appear for you on the terminal, you first have to pick up the gathering ingredients daily mission.

If you pick up a World Boss mission, but do not complete it on the same day, keep the mission in your mission log. You will be able to complete it any other day during the event as long as you have it active.

You cannot have the Easy and Hard Mode of the Cooking or Serving missions at the same time. If you pick up the wrong mission”, you can abandon it and pick another from the terminal right away. You can complete both in one day, just have to pick one, complete it then pick the other one and complete it.

Dailies and Weeklies Event Missions Guide

In the following segment I have for you a detailed breakdown of all missions: requirements, walkthrough to completion, rewards. All missions will appear in your Log under the “Event” category when you pick them up.

[Daily] Prep Work: Sour Bellfruit (Belsavis)

Mission objective:
This quest is available at the Feast of Prosperity Ingredient Requests mission terminal. It is one of the rotating “resource gathering” daily missions. Travel to Belsavis to find this item. You need five of them. The mission is related to the [World Boss] Special Request: Belsavis mission.
Retrieve 5 Sour Bellfruits

Mission rewards:
XP/Renown Points
Dark/Light Side Alignment Points (what are those)
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 100 Prosperity Tokens

Travel to the Maximum Security Section and enter the cave south from the speeded location. Use the teleporter to get to Deep Launchpoint Transporter.

The Sour Bellfruits are available in the northern section of The Tomb area on Belsavis, this is the area where the World Boss is located as well. Circle around the giant tree and look for the flashing fruits around it on that small hill.

[World Boss] Special Request: Belsavis

Mission objective:
This mission becomes available after you pick up the “Prep Work: Sour Bellfruit” mission from the terminal on Nar Shaddaa. Speak to the Ingredient Acquisition Assistant, standing right in front of the terminal to pick up the World Boss quest. Travel to Belsavis to defeat the world boss “Primeval Destroyer” to grab the loot.
Retrieve Parasitic Clingmoss

Mission rewards:
XP/Renown Points
Dark/Light Side Alignment Points
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 200 Prosperity Tokens

The World Boss is located in The Tomb, far to the north on Belsavis. If you cannot find it in one instance, switch to another and check. The monster does not move. It’s an encounter for players level 45 or higher. Gear doesn’t matter much if you are level 75 and in a large enough group.

Soon after the fight starts, three adds spawn. If you have a second tank in the group, have them pull the adds and move them away from the group. If you defeat an add before the boss, the Primeval Destroyer will get very angry. Avoid that. There are no other tactics worth mentioning except that as a large creature the boss does frontal cleave attacks and you should stay behind if you are not a tank. Adds place a small DoT debuff on you, not really worth worrying about.

After you defeat the boss, loot its corpse to get the item for the quest. Get back to Nar Shaddaa to deliver it to the Drop Box (near the terminal) and get your reward.

Cantina Rush: Lunch Service (Easy)

Mission objective:
This mission is a mini-game and can be obtained from the Work Request Board (the middle terminal at the Feast of Prosperity event on Nar Shaddaa.
Enter the Bog’s Bounty Banquet Hall and perform the required tasks of you.

Mission rewards:
Credits (for the bonus)
XP/Renown Points
Dark/Light Side Alignment Points
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 75 Prosperity Tokens + 10 SWTOR Prosperity Token itemSWTOR Prosperity Token itemProsperity Tokens for the bonus objective

Enter the Cantina to start the mission. The objectives are to serve tables. You need to complete 25 served meals to finish the mission. Making five errors will fail the attempt.

In front of you there are five meals to pick up. Above each one there is an icon with color. From left to right:

  • Red – Honey Glazed K’lor’slug
  • Yellow – Vegetarian Combo
  • Green – Full Huttese Breakfast Platter
  • Blue – Swamp Lentil Soup
  • Purple – Roast Bog Snarler

You pick up a meal by right-clicking on it when you are close it. There are five special abilities on your bar.

They correspond to the above-mentioned colored dishes. When you are near a client’s table, click on the ability that corresponds to the order of this client. You will know what they want by the color icon above their table. Example below is as table that wants the Yellow dish (Vegetarian Combo):

If you pick up a dish that is not currently requested, throw it in the Waste Bin located next to the bar on the left and right sides.

If you want to abandon the mission and try again, the door is to the wall opposite of the bar.

Each customer is willing to wait only a limited time. If you do not deliver the meal to them before the timer expires (visible on the icon above their table), you will gain an “error”. Five of these and you will fail the special bonus objective “Perfect Rush”.

In the Easy mission you still have the timer, which is attached to a secret achievement, but here the customers are far less hungry and grumpy and are willing to wait longer for their orders to arrive, compared to the Hard version of this mini-game, which is explained below.

Cantina Rush: Dinner Service (Hard)

Mission objective:
This mission can be picked up from the Work Request Board on Nar Shaddaa. This mini-game is similar to the Easy Mode, but present an additional challenge.
Enter Bog’s Bounty Banquet Hall to perform the actions required of you.

Mission rewards:
Credits (for the bonus)
XP/Renown Points
Dark/Light Side Alignment gain
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 125 Prosperity Tokens + SWTOR Prosperity Token itemSWTOR Prosperity Token item 20 Prosperity Tokens for the bonus objective

This one has similar requirements to the Easy Mode mission explained above. The main difference is that here you are much more time-pressed to deliver the dishes. Please see explanation for the Easy version of this mission to get the basics.

The difference here is that you have to complete four courses of services, each one gets tougher as the customers’ timers get shorter and shorter, but has fewer dishes you need to serve to complete it:

  • Course 1: 25 dishes served
  • Course 2: 20 dishes served
  • Course 3: 18 dishes served
  • Course 4: 15 dishes served

To be able to complete the bonus objective (no errors in deliveries), you would have to pick up two and some times three dishes at a time. Deliver to the customers who are sitting further away first and prioritize those, whose timer is about to expire sooner. Note that the more dishes you carry, the slower your movement speed is.

Cooking: Braised Scyk Belly

Mission objective:
This mission is available at the Work Request Board on Nar Shaddaa.
Enter the Kitchen

Mission rewards:
XP/Renown Points
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 75 Prosperity Tokens

The Kitchen is located a little to the east from the Terminals. The easy version of the mission has detailed instructions for you what to do and where the item you need is located.

Follow the instructions from the mission objective to complete the meal and finish the quest. Each item is marked and flashing blue or has a green arrow above it. When you need to place something somewhere, use the special ability that pops up in the additional special bar and then “throw” the item in the marked location.

Challenge Dish: Ultimate Galactic Sampler

Mission objective:
This mission is available from the Work Request Board. It is an alternative and harder version of the “Cooking: Braised Scyk Belly” mission. To complete this challenge, you have to prepare a meal before the timer expires.
Enter the Kitchen

Mission rewards:
XP/Renown Points
Dark/Light Side Alignment Points
SWTOR Prosperity Token item

SWTOR Prosperity Token item 100 Prosperity Tokens

In the Hard version of this mini-game you have a very short time to react and do what the objective asks of you. The items in the Kitchen are exactly the same in the exact same layout, but they are not flashing or indicated in any wat. You have to remember what is where and how to reach it. Below I have a few images to help you out get more familiar with the Kitchen’s layout and where each item is located.

Kitchen Items, Left sideKitchen Items, Left side
Left side
Kitchen Front-Back SideKitchen Front-Back Side
Front-Back Side
Kitchen Right SideKitchen Right Side
Kitchen Right Side

Here is also a quick list of items, sorted by their locations, as you stand at the entrance door and look around the kitchen:

  • Sour Bellfruit – left side, next to the entrance door
  • Gelatinous Geo Beast Brain – left side, next to the entrance door
  • Rich Primeval Marrow – close table, close left corner
  • Chewy Nexuy Tongue – close table, far left corner
  • Sweet Vormfruit – close table, close right corner
  • Starchy Bekbek Root – close table, far right corner
  • Fresh, Slimy Vel Slug – far table, left corner
  • Tart Bloatgourd – far table, middle dish
  • Earthy Glowshrooms – far table, right corner
  • Flash Freezer – on the far wall
  • Thick Glort Slurry – right cabinet on the far wall, left side
  • Perfect Ice Crystals – next to the far wall, on the ground, in middle
  • Balmorran Vinegar – right cabinet on the far wall, right side
  • Grill Control – right side, far corner
  • Cookpot – right side, on the stove
  • Flame Adjustment Knob – right side, below the pots
  • Salinated Soz Juice – right side, to the right of the stove
  • Fatty Scyk Belly – right side, hanging above the stove
  • Tough Scyk Belly – right side, on the kitchen counter, close to entrance
  • Ventilation Shaft – right side, near the entrance door, low

If something can be explained better, feel free to help me and the community out by providing better descriptions for these items in the comments below.

More Missions will be added as they become available in the next days of the event. Check back later, please!

Feast of Prosperity Achievements

There are three categories of achievements for this event: General, Story and Dailies. There are eighteen Achievements in total. Fifteen of them are visible, the other three are hidden. In the lists below I have formatted the hidden achievements as Blold and Underlined.


  • Master of the Feast – Complete all of the achievements related to the Feast of Prosperity. Earns you title “Galactic Chief”.
  • Food Fight (hidden achievement) – Threw food at banquet attendees from the kitchen of Bog’s Bounty Banquet Hall


  • A Show of Abundance – Supported Gaboorga’s efforts to lead the Feast of Prosperity into a mutually-enriching future. Earns you title “The Abundant”.
  • A Show of Magnanimity – Supported Duuba’s efforts to lead the Feast of Prosperity into a truly charitable future. Earns you title “The Magnanimous”.


  • Cantina Rush: New Hire – completed 5 Cantina Rush missions on any difficulty
  • Cantina Rush: Food Runner – completed 15 Cantina Rush missions on any difficulty
  • Cantina Rush: Head Waiter – completed 25 Cantina Rush missions on any difficulty
  • Cantina Rush: A Perfect Lunch Rush (hidden achievement) – complete Cantina Rush: Lunch Service without missing a table
  • Cantina Rush: A Perfect Dinner Rush (hidden achievement) – complete Cantina Rush: Dinner Service without missing a table
  • Cooking: Line Cook – completed 5 Cooking Missions on any difficulty
  • Cooking: Sous Chef – completed 15 Cooking Missions on any difficulty
  • Cooking: head Chef – completed 25 Cooking Missions on any difficulty
  • World Boss Ingredient Sampler – completed 5 Ingredient Special Requests for ingredients from World Bosses
  • World Boss Ingredient Enthusiast – completed 10 Ingredient Special Requests for ingredients from World Bosses
  • World Boss Ingredient Connoisseur – completed 20 Ingredient Special Requests for ingredients from World Bosses
  • Feast of Prosperity Volunteer – completed 10 Daily Missions for the Feast of Prosperity
  • Feast of Prosperity Partner – completed 25 Daily Missions for the Feast of Prosperity
  • Feast of Prosperity Organizer – completed 50 Daily Missions for the Feast of Prosperity

Feast of Prosperity Rewards Vendor

The Prosperity Tokens you earn from completing missions can be used to purchase items from the event vendor, located right next to the mission terminals on Nar Shaddaa, where the event is. Their offerings are listed below.

ITEM TYPE SWTOR Prosperity Token itemSWTOR Prosperity Token item COST
Arrangement: Braised Vel Slug Decoration 850
Arrangement: Exotic Medley Delight Decoration 850
Arrangement: Feast Spread Decoration 1875
Arrangement: Galactic Sampler Decoration 850
Arrangement: Glowshroom Stew Decoration 850
Arrangement: Meal for Three Decoration 1500
Basket of Fruit Decoration 750
Basket of Root Vegetables Decoration 1125
Basket of Vegetables Decoration 750
Crate of Grain Decoration 750
Daichyura Feast Celebrator Decoration 1875
Disguise Terminal: Cantina Dasher Decoration 2250
Duuba’s Guard Decoration 1875
Earthen Thurrb Mini-Pet 1875
Emote: Feel the Groove Emote 3750
Emote: Overeat Emote 3750
Emote: Toast of Prosperity Emote 3750
Enhanced Seasoning for New Cooks Tactical 2250
Feast Attire Belt Armor 1500
Feast Attire Boots Armor 2250
Feast Attire Chestplate Armor 3750
Feast Attire Gauntlents Armor 2250
Feast Attire Helmet Armor 3000
Feast Attire Robes Armor 3750
Feast Ingredient Transport Mount 3750
Feast Preparation hat Armor 1500
Feast of Prosperity Food Launcher A toy 7500
Feast of Prosperity Poster I Decoration 750
Feast of Prosperity Poster II Decoration 750
hairless Mudhorn Mini-Pet 1875
Improved Axel Grease Tactical 2250
Meditative Satiation Recuperate 2250
Overstuffed Food Sack A toy 3750
Refreshments Probe Decoration 1875
Single Food Launcher A toy 150
Title: The Finest Ingredient Title 1500
Title: Well Seasoned Title 1500
Ugnaught Feast Celebrator Decoration 1875

Here are a few of the highlights from this vendor:

Feast Attire Armor Set - FrontFeast Attire Armor Set - Front
Feast Attire Armor Set – Front
Feast Attire Armor Set - BackFeast Attire Armor Set - Back
Feast Attire Armor Set – Back
Hairless Mudhorn Mini-PetHairless Mudhorn Mini-Pet
Hairless Mudhorn Mini-Pet
Feast Ingredient TransportFeast Ingredient Transport
Feast Ingredient Transport Mount
Earthen Thurrb Mini-PetEarthen Thurrb Mini-Pet
Earthen Thurrb Mini-Pet
Feast Preparation Hat (Armor piece)Feast Preparation Hat (Armor piece)
Feast Preparation Hat (Armor piece)
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