BioWare released a new CGI trailer for SWTOR, called “Disorder”. It celebrates the release of the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion!

Roughly an hour before the launch of Star Wars The Old Republic’s 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion, BioWare released a spectacular new CGI trailer called “Disorder”. And like any proper Star Wars fan, we will do a thorough analysis of it frame-by-frame!

The trailer opens up with a shot of two planets from space.

Two planets in the background

A moment later the shot turns into a drawing on a wall, in a room where two twi’lek younglings – a boy and a girl – are being tested by a Jedi Master. His name is Orr.

The girl is named Sa’har. This is the twi’lek whose eyes we saw in BioWare’s previous SWTOR 7.0 trailer a couple of months ago. We do see this same shot later in the Disorder trailer as well (image below).

Trailer Eyes

In this scene, Sa’har is very young and together with her brother they are attempting a Force Telekinesis trick, trying to move a physical object – a wooden animal.

Sa'har and her brother twi'lek

Sa’har succeeds in manipulating the toy towards her own arms, while her brother watches in awe. He even appears happy, not knowing what fate awaits them a moment later.

The Jedi Master tells her that it was The Force that chose her to be trained as his padawan. The two siblings are split. I can’t stop myself from thinking back at the Sacrifice trailer. It’s not a direct reference because the two brothers survived much longer and were trained and fought their foes together, helping each other. Sa’hara has to go through her learning without her sibling.

In the next scene, we see her already as a grown-up, fighting a Sith character. The visual appearance reminds me a lot of the Second Sister from Jedi Fallen Order.

Sa'har is fighting an unknown Sith

In fact, the environment in this scene seems like one of the mysterious Jedi Temples that you explore in Jedi Fallen Order (thanks, Endonae, for the reference).

Sa’har is fighting alone, but when she’s in trouble, her master joins the fight to lend a hand. The Sith character fights with a one-handed sword, which distances him further from the reference I mentioned with the Sisters.

Sa'har's Master joining the fight

The Sith may also remind you of one of the Inquisitors from Star Wars Rebels, but his fighting style is more of a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut, to be more specific) rather than Inquisitor.

Back to the action. We see a shot with the two Jedi and the giant machine in the background behind them.

Sa'har and her master

Sa’har and her master have been exploring this mysterious tomb looking for something. That something is a datacron, integrated into a machine. The machine, as we learn a bit later, is constructed with one purpose – to find those that the Jedi deemed unworthy.

It looks like they are winning and right after Orr instructs Sa’har to “destroy the machine and all records of it”, Malgus appears.

Typically in his own style, Malgus strikes the Sith from the back, clearing his own path to the two jedi.

Darth Malgus

OK, you know I am a big Malgus fanboy, but he has never looked more powerful and epic in any of the previous trailers. As the sith falls down, he speaks his last words: “Malgus… traitor”.

We knew from the story prior to 7.0 that Malgus is now playing by his own rules and serves his own agenda. This was no surprise. It did leave me wondering, however, if that sith character was actually teamed up with him up to this moment or the sith just happened to be here before.

Master Orr tells Sa’har to go to the middle of the machine and extract the datacron as he prepares to face Malgus.

Sa'har running towards the machine

Malgus is after the same relic as the two jedi. He has been collecting these relics for quite some time already. We almost caught him in the old Enclave on Dantooine.

In this cinematic Malgus is fighting with a number of abilities and techniques that are part of different combat styles (disciplines) in SWTOR. He even wields two lightsabers. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I like him so much? I always knew he is actually a Marauder (my main class is Sentinel, but I play a lot of Marauder too), not a Juggernaut.

The dueling scene between Malgus and Orr is fantastically designed and orchestrated. The movements of the characters and the camera makes you hold your breath while watching the two of them fight.

Malgus vs Orr

In nearly every close-up, Malgus appears as the aggressor. He is also the taller figure. He presses without concerns or reservations, while Orr has to defend himself and survive.

As Sa’har steps into the platform where the relic is located, in the middle of the machine, she activated the machine and slips into her own childhood memories.

She remembers the moment when she was tested by her master as a padawan candidate.

This is also the moment where we see that close-up of her bright blue eyes. The same shot that we saw in the previous trailer from December.

In this very moment, we can clearly see the machine activating its giant metal rings as she drops her lightsaber and goes into a trance.

The action moves is back to the Jede vs Sith duel and we see how Orr jumps away from Malgus, deflecting his attack while also moving closer to his padawan.

We relive the memories of Sa’har from the beginning of the trailer, but this time we see extra context. A droid is asking Master Orr if he will be taking both children. Orr’s answer is “No. The brother shows little connection with the Force.”

Orr tells the droid he will only take Sa'har

Orr returns to Sa’har with the words “The Force has chosen you”. But was it really the Force that made that choice?

At this moment we learn that Malgus is able to sense what Sa’har is reliving in this very moment. He doesn’t hesitate to intervene and create even more chaos… or disorder… in the situation.

“This is how the Sith and Jedi maintain control”, Malgus tells her, “Revealing the ways of the Force to some and keeping it from others”.

This is the most interesting line of the whole trailer. Later on we will see how Sa’har’s brother also has the ability to use Telekinesis. And he has a dark future that awaits him, it seems.

How many were left behind so that the Jedi could play God

In this scene, we learn that Sa’har’s brother’s name is Rikan. He is left alone, chained and scared. A moment ago he demonstrated his anger for being left behind by splitting the wooden toy in tow with Telekinesis. This proved that he too can be taught in the ways of the Force, but Orr only took his sister. Why?

To attempt to free Sa’har from the machine’s grip, Master Orr breaks one of the rings, thus effectively destroying the machine. Malgus’ “Noooo” is pretty effectively done in this scene.

Orr breaks the machine

There’s something weird that caught my attention in the shot above – the little platforms hanging from the walls surrounding that machine. What is their purpose? Training younglings if this was truly an ancient Jedi Temple? Or maybe they serve as antennas to channel the energy that the machine needs to function? Lots and lots of cables around the machine as well.

Orr uses the piece that he tore off from the ring of the machine and pins Malgus to the wall with it, leaving him seemingly stunned.

Sa’har slips from her slumber and returns back to reality.

She steps up to retrieve the relic from the machine. As she turns away, her master is already on the platform behind her. He congratulates her for retrieving the relic, but demands that she gives it to him immediately.

Even before Sa’har turns around to face him and demands answers based on the memory she just relived, we already know that the connection between the two of them is now broken. They are no longer a trustworthy master and his padawan.

Sa’har realizes that it may not have been the Force that chose her. It was a decision that her master made to save her.

Sa'har holding the relic

I did call the relic a datacron once or twice in this article. It does look like a datacron from SWTOR. But in the previous story content leading up to the 7.0 expansion and this trailer, we hear and read about “relics”. So, relic, datacron, whatever this is, Malgus wants it.

While the two jedi argue about Orr’s decision to not take Sa’har’s brother too, Malgus’ laughter breaks out. I don’t think he was stunned or incapacitated. He knew that Sa’har has seen a different memory than what she was told was supposed to happen when she was taken. He knows that she is filled with doubts and mistrust already towards her master.

Orr and Sa'har on the platform

“Do you know what it is your master destroyed?”, Malgus asks her, and continues” “A machine, built to find those the Jedi didn’t deem worthy.”


At this moment Orr suspects that he is already losing her padawan’s trust and maybe even her loyalty. He demands one more time that she gives him the relic.

Sa'har vs Orr

From this shot above we can clearly see that Sa’hara is not weaker than her Master. She is able to hold her grasp on the relic firmly.

Orr doesn’t wait too long before he draws his lightsaber in an attempt to destroy it while she is holding it.

Then Malgus speaks the line that binds this whole story together “You can still find your brother”. A typical sith promise that nobody can confirm. Kind of like what Palpatine promised Anakin in Episode 3, remember?

As Orr promises that he only ever wanted to protect her, we see a close-up on Sa’har. There’s a noticeable red tint on her eyes now. Again, reference to Anakin’s eyes when he turned to the Dark Side hoping to save Padme.

Sa'har's eyes going red

Malgus uses the Force to pull Orr up towards him as he breaks free from the rubble. He then slices through Orr’s defenseless body with his lightsaber ruthlessly and brutally right in front of Sa’har’s eyes.

Malgus and Orr

Orr’s final words are that he is sorry. This to me proves the fact that he could have taken both children, but was forced by something or someone to pick just the stronger one.

Whatever was taking over in Sa’har’s mind, it disappears as she witnesses her master being sliced in two (off-camera, of course).

Sa'har wathcing how Malgus kills her master

It looks like we can’t have a CGI trailer with Malgus featured where he doesn’t end up killing an important figure.

Sa’har gives in to her rage at this moment and jumps towards Malgus. He now wields two lightsabers as he picks up Orr’s hilt. This is the moment Malgus turns into a true Marauder for me. I know, I know. Marauder fanboy, Malgus fanboy. I can’t think straight.

One fact becomes very clear, though. Malgus is not a good dual lightsaber wielder. Sa’hara manages to kick away the green lightsaber away. This is a bit strange, because Malgus was holding it in his right hand. In the previous fights he always uses mainly his right hand.

How did a padawan (powerful enough to resist her master’s force pull, but still a padawan) manage to disarm Malgus’ main hand? He was away (still unknown where exactly) for many years and it looks like his fighting skills may have been weakened without practice.

Arya Stark Move

Sa’har attempts what I can only call an “Arya Stark Move” in the next scene. While Malgus holds her right hand, she drops her lightsaber and grips it with her left hand, attempting a strike immediately. Malgus may have allowed her to disarm him from his main hand weapon, but he is not a weak opponent by any means. He reacts quickly to that move to deflect it.

The duel ends with Malgus force-pushing Sa’har away while she still holds the relic in her hand. Then he pulls parts of the ceiling down, which overwhelms her.

His final words are truly worthy for the title of this trailer: “All your life you’ve been in a cage, Padawan. When you are ready, break free.”

The last part is not about the rubble that she is desperately trying to hold from splitting her on the floor. Breaking free means that he provokes her to ditch the Jedi ways and follow him.

I think that is exactly what Sa’har will do the next time we see her. Her screams and angry face in the very last shot of the trailer strongly support that theory.

I have absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed this short CGI story. It was not done by Blur studios, like the previous SWTOR trailers. This sparkled a bit of distrust and shadows in my expectations.

The director Neel Upadhye did a fantastic job with this project. The trailer is 100%^ worthy of the title of this expansion “Legacy of the Sith”.

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