BioWare made a few announcements pertaining to Ranked PvP Season 14 Rewards and some tweaks to Artifact (purple) gear and Legendary Implants.

Season 14 Ranked PvP Rewards Update

BioWare announced that the rewards for Season 14 of Ranked PvP will be mailed to characters with the release of 7.0.1 including the Ranked PvP Reward tokens. Please note this only applies to Gold, Silver, and Bronze rewards. Rewards for toons that managed to be Top 96 will be awarded at a later date.

A new reward will also be available for purchase at the Giradda the Hutt hologram vendor on the Fleet called the Unrivaled Guardsman’s Weapon Lockbox which contains a mainhand and offhand blaster and saber along with 1 of each of the other weapon types. It costs 50,000 Ranked PvP Reward Tokens for a limited time.

If you need a refresher, you can check out the Season 14 Ranked Rewards in my news post from November 2021 when they were first announced.

Unrivaled Guardsman’s Weapons

The bigger prize right now are all the Replica rewards from past seasons. Previously, BioWare said that they were going away when the new season of Ranked PvP begins when 7.2 is released, though, in their most recent post, they said “We intend on keeping the vendors available for quite some time, so expect them to be available for the remainder of the year.”

It’s unclear if this means that plans have changed and the Replica rewards will be sticking around past 7.2 or just that it will be quite some time before the new season begins. Regardless, this will likely be the last batch of Ranked PvP Reward Tokens released before Replica rewards are removed, so if you can’t buy everything you wanted with the tokens from Season 14, be prepared to grind out ranked matches to get those last few items.

Tweaks to Artifact Gear

Purple gear that contains critical rating will have its stats adjusted so that purple gear is more clearly better than purple. Currently, blue gear of the same rating offers slightly higher critical rating and mastery than purple gear, but still less power. After the change, purple gear will have the highest amount of critical rating, mastery, and power, at the cost of lower endurance compared to blue gear such that it matches the stats found in gear with other tertiary stats.

BioWare offered the following example of how gear with crit will be changing:

What is currently live:

Columi Targeter’s Leggings- Rating 320 (blue)

  • Key Stats: 1464 Armor
  • +995 Mastery (-22)
  • +1263 Endurance (-4)
  • +655 Power (+105)
  • +499 Critical Rating (-49)

Compared to:
Rakata Targeter’s Leggings – Rating 320 (purple)

  • Key Stats: 1464
  • +973 Mastery
  • +1259 Endurance
  • +760 Power
  • +450 Critical Rating

After the change:

Tweaks to Artifact Gear

  • Key Stats: 1464 Armor
  • +995 Mastery
  • +1263 Endurance (-90)
  • +655 Power (+105)
  • +499 Critical Rating

Compared to:
Rakata Targeter’s Leggings – Rating 320 (purple)

  • Key Stats: 1464
  • +995 Mastery
  • +1173 Endurance
  • +760 Power
  • +499 Critical Rating

Here is a full list of items affected by this change:

  • Rakata Targeter’s Leggings
  • Rakata Targeter’s Belt
  • Rakata Targeter’s Bracers
  • Rakata Mender’s Body Armor
  • Rakata Mender’s Helmet
  • Rakata Boltblaster’s Gloves
  • Rakata Boltblaster’s Belt
  • Rakata Boltblaster’s Bracers
  • Rakata Med-Tech’s Boots
  • Rakata Med-Tech’s Gauntlets
  • Rakata Med-Tech’s Legplates
  • Rakata Force-Lord’s Gloves
  • Rakata Force-Lord’s Belt
  • Rakata Force-Lord’s Cuffs
  • Rakata Force-Healer’s Robe
  • Rakata Force-Healer’s Boots
  • Rakata Force-Healer’s Headgear
  • Rakata Pummeler’s Boots
  • Rakata Pummeler’s Belt
  • Rakata Pummeler’s Bracers
  • Thyrsian Targeter’s Leggings
  • Thyrsian Targeter’s Belt
  • Thyrsian Targeter’s Bracers
  • Thyrsian Mender’s Jacket
  • Thyrsian Mender’s Headgear
  • Thyrsian Boltblaster’s Gauntlets
  • Thyrsian Boltblaster’s Belt
  • Thyrsian Boltblaster’s Vambraces
  • Thyrsian Med-Tech’s Boots
  • Thyrsian Med-Tech’s Gauntlets
  • Thyrsian Med-Tech’s Legplates
  • Thyrsian Force-Lord’s Gloves
  • Thyrsian Force-Lord’s Belt
  • Thyrsian Force-Lord’s Cuffs
  • Thyrsian Force-Healer’s Robe
  • Thyrsian Force-Healer’s Boots
  • Thyrsian Force-Healer’s Headgear
  • Thyrsian Pummeler’s Boots
  • Thyrsian Pummeler’s Belt
  • Thyrsian Pummeler’s Armguards

This change will not require players to do anything, the gear you already own will be updated alongside future drops.

Legendary Implants Color Updates

BioWare has announced that they will be updating the colors for Legendary Implants to match the tertiary stat color code convention found in the rest of the game where:

  • Critical = Red
  • Accuracy = Yellow
  • Alacrity = Green
  • Shield = Light Blue
  • Absorb = Dark Blue

Currently, the color of Legendary Implants typically do not match the tertiary stat provided.

Concluding Thoughts

7.0.1 continues to contain a lot of awesome fixes. I can’t wait for March 22nd! The biggest things we still don’t know much about that will hopefully be coming soon are bug fixes for select Legendary Implants and Ability Tree buffs along with some balance adjustments.

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