The changes in SWTOR 7.2a are almost exclusively focused on fixing endgame gearing bugs that were caused by changes made in 7.2.

The most notable of these fixes is that gear upgrade crates from completing weeklies no longer provide Implants. This means you won’t have to choose between equipping 334 legendary implant and a 336 regular implant since non-legendary implants are far inferior to Legendary Implants even if they have a higher item rating.

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In addition, it sounds like the new Family of the First Seed Lightsaber and Dualsaber are going to be fixed, though as far as I know, some players were prevented from purchasing those weapons entirely, so it’s unclear if that is part of the fix to add VFX to the weapons.

BioWare also reiterated that they already fixed the issue with PvP Season progress resetting after being logged out for at least 1 hour, so PvP Seasons are now working correctly.

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7.2a brings a quality of life (QoL) improvement for endgame solo players too. The weekly cap for Conquest Commendations and Daily Resource Matrices will be increased from 1500 to 2500, meaning that is how many you can earn in a week so the max and weekly caps now match.

Full 7.2a Patch Notes

  • Increased the weekly cap of the following currencies to 2500 (up from 1500):
    • Conquest Commendations
    • Daily Resource Matrix
  • Players no longer receive the error message telling them their Mission log is too full when attempting to complete the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint – Solo-Story Mode.
  • The Thyrsian Mender’s weapons can now be purchased from the PvP upgrade vendors, as expected.
  • The Thyrsian Targeter’s weapons are now only unlocking the corresponding upgrades in the PvP upgrade vendor’s inventory.
  • There is now visual effect on the following weapons:
    • Family of the First Seed Lightsaber
    • Family of the First Seed Dualsaber
  • The following crates no longer reward Implants:
    • Elite Decurion Upgrade Cache
    • Supreme Decurion Upgrade Cache
    • Rakata Upgrade Cache
    • Tionese Upgrade Cache
    • Columni Upgrade Cache
    • Thyrsian Upgrade Cache

Fixed with a previous maintenance:

  • PvP Season progression is no longer resetting after being logged out for at least 1 hour.

You can also see the 7.2a Patch notes here.

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