BioWare has announced the 7.2 combat style balance changes and they are available on the PTS for testing! Changes come in the form of direct changes to disciplines, the introduction of new legendary implants, and adjustments to existing tactical items. The combat style balance changes primarily affect tanks and some DPS specs, especially Marauders / Sentinels.

This article also includes oodles of pictures of the new planet Ruhnuk as seen on the PTS, which will be the setting for the next story chapter and daily area.

Tank Changes

The balance changes coming in 7.2 are primarily focused on buffing tanks with Assassins / Shadows getting a bit more survivability and all 3 disciplines getting a small DPS bump. Several issues with ability tree chouces have also been fixed.


  • Threat generation has been increased for all tank combat styles.

This is good, but it’s not something that is on the minds of too many tanks I know. Threat and aggro tend to either be non-issues, a constant struggle that results from skill discrepancies, or bugs with specific fights *cough* Lady Dominique *cough*.

Survivability is the more significant issue and that comes from stats and combat style balance. One of the tanks in my guild told me this: 

“I use a DPS belt and bracer as a tank because the defense chance provided per point is too low. Those 2 pieces of gear only gave me about 1% defense chance for 2 pieces of gear. Meanwhile, the power provided by the DPS belts and bracers means more threat generation and more damage.” 

It doesn’t help that the defense chance is super situational too. The only time that defense chance is really all that useful is to boost the effectiveness of defense chance DCDs like Deflection, Saber Ward, and Explosive Fuel / Battle Focus. It would be more helpful if boss basic attacks always dealt damage that was mitigable with defense chance and the percentage were higher so those DCDs would function more reliably.

Shield Chance and Absorption are in a similar boat where they just don’t work consistently, and this is more punishing for Assassins / Shadows because Dark Ward / Kinetic Ward and Recklessness / Force Potency are such major parts of their survivability, and yet they don’t work against some of the attacks where you’d most want it. 

The Absorb stat is especially difficult to justify taking as well because while DTPS will average out in the long run, if your shield doesn’t proc, that stat does nothing in the short term. Shielding is also no different from armor in terms of damage types, so it’s really more like bonus armor than an actual shield.

Absorb would be more valuable if shielding in general was not RNG-based and worked off of different parameters. It seems prudent to make shielding work like it does basically everywhere else such that shielding absorbs (some percentage of) damage while active and recovers at a certain rate. Then, you could have stats that affect recovery rate, maximum shield health, and potentially the proportion of damage absorbed each time. Tanks could get a special ability that activates and deactivates the shield.

Shielding would also be in a better state if it just interacted with different damage types than armor. For example, perhaps it only works on all direct damage, but not any periodic, instead of currently working against all energy / kinetic, but not any internal / elemental.

It’s extremely problematic that there are certain types of attacks that tank gear does absolutely nothing against, and that’s a big reason why endurance has been more popular than defense chance.

Darkness Assassin and Kinetic Combat Shadow

  • Depredating Volts / Cascading Debris now deals 5% more damage.
  • The Mounting Darkness / Pulsating Force discipline passive now increases the damage dealt by Discharge / Force Breach and Wither / Slow Time by 30%, up from 20%. 
  • Energize / Particle Acceleration now additionally reduces the Force cost of Shock / Project by 15 while in effect and Assassinate / Spinning Strike now has a 100% chance to trigger Energize / Particle Acceleration.
  • Spike’s / Spinning Kick’s stun duration has been increased by 1 second and dealing damage with Spike / Spinning Kick now grants 10% damage reduction for 6s.
  • The Dark Forces / Light Forces ability tree buff heals for 2% of max health whenever damage is dealt to a taunted target, up from 1%. 
  • The Dark Charge / Combat Technique discipline passive now increases your damage reduction by 5%, up from 2%.
  • Severing Slash / Cleaving Cut has been redesigned for Darkness / Kinetic Combat. It now does the following:
    • Strikes targets in a cone, dealing weapon damage, immobilizing targets for 2 seconds, then slowing them for an additional 6 seconds once the immobilization effect wears off.
  • The Ward of the Continuum tactical has been redesigned. It now has the following effect:
    • Dark Ward/Kinetic Ward now has 10 charges and Dark Bulwark / Kinetic Bulwark can no longer restore charges. Consuming a charge of Dark Ward / Kinetic Ward increases your defense chance by 1%. This effect stacks up to 10 times and lasts for 20 seconds or until Dark Ward / Kinetic Ward is reactivated.
  • Gloom Ward now deals 50% more damage upon Dark Ward / Kinetic Ward breaking from damage.
  • Increased the duration of Reckless Defense / Potent Defense from 6 seconds to 10 seconds. 
  • Fixed an issue where Reckless Defense / Potent Defense was incorrectly adding multiple stacks with Depredating Volts / Cascading Debris.

There is some disagreement in the NiM community about how much of an improvement these changes to Assassin / Shadow tanks will provide. Some players I spoke to think this will be enough while others feel that this isn’t enough. Survivability has always been more of a concern than damage output, though no one is gonna say no to buffing tank DPS. 

Right now, Assassins / Shadows are considered the weakest because they lack the same amount of consistent sustained survivability that the other tanks have access to thanks to fewer, generically useful DCDs, though they’re fine in terms of cheese availability.

There is consensus that the Ward of the Continuum tactical will continue to be useless outside of very specific fights with a lot of adds that don’t require a cheese. Tanks will continue to prioritize Endurance over Defense Chance because the amount of defense chance percent provided per point is too low and the stat is not consistently useful enough at mitigating damage.

The improvements to Reckless Defense / Potent Defense are nice, but no one seems interested in taking them over Overcharge Saber / Battle Readiness and it would be better if one was a baseline effect so that both could be taken at the same time.

I think players will need to do some testing with Assassins / Shadows to see if these changes are actually sufficient.

Shield Tech Powertech and Shield Specialist Vanguard

  • Payday / Disruptor Rifle now benefits from the cooldown reductions triggered by Heat Screen / Power Screen just like Heat Blast / Energy Blast. 
  • The Thermal Screen tactical correctly applies its effects to Payday / Disruptor Rifle.
  • Payday / Disruptor Rifle now deals 12% more damage.
  • The Shock DoT from Ion Gas Cylinder / Ion Gas Cell now lasts 9s, up from 6s. 
  • The Flame Engine / Pulse Engine proc now has a 75% chance to be triggered, up from 50%, and increases the damage dealt by Firestorm / Ion Storm by 50%, up from 40%.
  • The Shield Vents / Shield Cycler discipline passive now increases the damage dealt by Ion Gas Cylinder / Ion Gas Cell by 10%, up from 5%. 

PT / VG tanks are broadly considered to be the strongest tanks in the game right now because Energy Yield / Infused Kolto Packs is just so powerful and frequently available. 30% HP + 15s of increased armor + a cheese that works on everything (Saber Reflect, Mad Dash / Blade Blitz, and Force Shroud / Resilience all have conditions) on a 1-min cooldown (sometimes less) is just too good. At the same time, Kolto Overload / Adrenaline Rush and Oil Slick / Riot Gas are a bit too weak. 

PT / VG mitigation would be more balanced if Energy Yield / Infused Kolto Packs was a bit weaker, perhaps providing less healing while Kolto Overload / Adrenaline Rush and Oil Slick / Riot Gas were a bit stronger.

Kolto Overload / Adrenaline Rush would be fine if it increased the HP ceiling like it can for Mercenaries / Commandos with the Kolto Surge / Adrenal Surge ability tree buff. Oil Slick / Riot Gas could provide a 20% accuracy reduction to bring maximum defense chance more in line with what is available to the Force-wielding tank classes.

Immortal Juggernaut and Defense Guardian

  • The Warmonger / Battlefield Command ability tree buff now additionally enables Vicious Throw / Dispatch or Hew / Whirling Blade after using Force Charge.
  • The War Master ability tree buff has been redesigned and renamed to Field Commander / Front Line Veteran. It has the following effect.
    • Force Charge / Force Leap finishes the cooldown of Disruption / Force Kick and grants Unstoppable, granting immunity to interrupts, stuns, knockdowns, incapacitating and movement-impairing effects, and effects that push or pull you around for 4 seconds.
  • The Conquering Defense / Abating Defense discipline passive now additionally increases the damage dealt by Crushing Blow / Guardian Slash by 12%. 
  • The Lash Out / Lunge discipline passive now additionally increases the damage dealt by Retaliation / Riposte by 12%. 
  • The Crushing Rage / Guardian Focus ability tree buff has been redesigned. It is now called Crushing Grip/Stasis Mastery and has the following effect:
    • Dealing damage with Crushing Blow / Guardian Slash reduces the cooldown of Force Choke / Force Stasis by 2 seconds and generates 1 Rage / Focus. 
  • The Targeting Assault ability tree buff has been redesigned and is now called Aegis Shield / Warding Shield. It has the following effect: 
    • Dealing damage with Aegis Assault / Warding Strike grants Aegis Shield / Warding Shield to you and up to 8 allies within 10m, which increases damage reduction by 10% for 6s.

Juggernaut / Guardian tank survivability is fine, but feels more clunky and restrictive compared to the other 2 options. Their ability to keep aggro on multiple targets is the weakest due to limited AoE and ranged options. Their mobility is limited since Enrage / Combat Focus movement speed boost became Rage / Focus-only and Mad Dash / Blade Blitz was locked away. Their optimal rotation features too many abilities with long cooldowns that deal too much damage, thereby necessitating their incorporation into the rotation. 

Unfortunately, the announced changes do little to address these issues. Making Retaliation / Riposte deal more damage will help players spend more of their precious Rage / Focus on a more damaging ability, and Force Choke / Force Stasis will be more rotational thanks to the cooldown reduction, but that’s about it. 

I’m not convinced that making Force Choke more rotational is a good thing either. It’s good that at least 1 discipline has that since the whole combat style is inspired by Darth Vader, but that adds a lot more CC PvP, especially considering that tanks already have Backhand / Hilt Bash. 

That said, increasing the base damage dealt by Vicious Slash / Slash similar to what has been done with Retaliation / Riposte such that they deal more damage than Force Push, Backhand / Hilt Bash, Saber Throw, and maybe Force Choke / Force Stasis would help to simplify the optimal rotation and make those abilities only get used as tools just as it is in PvP.

The ranged and AoE performance could be improved by giving Saber Throw a Crushing Blow / Guardian Slash effect which would generate additional threat and deal AoE damage while you are protected by Aegis Assault / Warding Strike. 

Mobility is trickier to fix, though the simplest way would probably be to just make Enrage / Combat Focus always grant the 50% movement speed boost as a baseline effect instead of only giving it to Rage / Focus. The unique effect of Enrage / Combat Focus could instead be the part of the passive that makes the ability generate 6 additional Rage / Focus over 6s.

Juggernaut and Guardian DPS Changes

The effects of the War Master and Warmonger / Battlefield Command ability tree buffs as well as the Brawn discipline passive from Vengeance / Vigilance have been rearranged.

  • War Master now does the following:
    • Force Charge / Force Leap grants Unstoppable, which provides 20% DR and full CC immunity for 4s.
  • Warmonger / Battlefield Command now does the following:
    • Getting attacked reduces the active cooldown of Force Charge / Force Leap by 1s. Cannot occur more than 1.5s. In addition, Force Charge / Force Leap enables your next Vicious Throw / Dispatch or Hew / Whirling Blade to be useable against any target, regardless of their remaining health.
  • The Brawn discipline passive for Vengeance / Vigilance has been visually replaced by Deafening Defense / Commanding Awe which was previously a passive gained at level 1, although hidden from the tree. Deafening Defense / Commanding Awe has the following effect:
    • Damage reduction is increased by 5% at all times and Endure Pain / Enure increases damage reduction by 15% while active.

In other words, Vengeance / Vigilance no longer has exclusive passive access to Brawn, which granted partial CC immunity and the 20% DR after Force Charge / Force Leap. Those effects are now accessible to all Juggernaut / Guardian DPS, so full CC immunity now comes from a single ability tree buff and is available to all Juggernauts / Guardians, though only DPS get access to the 20% DR.

If either DPS spec wants access to the 4s of 20% DR and CC immunity from Force Charge / Force Leap, they’ll have to give up 60% AoE DR or cooldown reduction on the CC break.

These changes result in a survivability nerf for Vengeance / Vigilance, but a potential mobility and survivability buff for Rage / Focus as well as a more streamlined CC immunity experience across the board. In PvP, when you’re fighting a Juggernaut or Guardian, regardless of discipline, they will be unstoppable immediately after leaping in.

In PvE group content, where Warmonger / Battlefield Command is super popular, Force Charge / Force Leap will basically cease to be a DPS loss for Juggernaut / Guardian DPS since the higher damage dealt by Vicious Throw / Dispatch and Hew / Whirling Blow offset the lower damage dealt by Force Charge / Force Leap.

Marauder and Sentinel DPS

All 3 Marauder and Sentinel disciplines are receiving additional significant changes. All seem reasonable, though I think BioWare has bigger fish to fry.

Annihilation and Watchman

  • Deadly Saber / Overload Saber now deals 3.5% more damage. 
  • The Devious Wounds / Smoldering Burns proc from Annihilate / Merciless Slash now lasts for 6s, up from 4.5s, and increases bleed damage dealt by 5%, up from 3%. 
  • The Juyo Mastery discipline passive now additionally increases bleed damage by 1% per stack of Juyo Form.
  • The Pulverize / Mind Sear proc now resets the cooldown of Dual Saber Throw / Twin Saber Throw and has a 30% chance to trigger, up from 20%. 
  • The Swift Demise / Accelerating Victory discipline passive no longer gives Annihilate / Merciless Slash a chance to grant a stack of Swift Demise / Accelerating Victory. Instead, it passively increases damage dealt Vicious Throw / Dispatch by 10%. The rest of the discipline passive is unchanged. 
  • The Blood Fury / Burning Zen ability tree buff (Melee attacks deal bleed / burn damage during Berserk / Zen ) now deals 6% more damage. 
  • The Bleeding Center / Burning Center ability tree buff (Fury / Centering generation on DoT crits) now also makes it so activating Berserk / Zen generates 4 Rage / Focus in addition to its existing effects. 
  • Force Fracture now deals 10% more damage. 
  • The Juyo Rend / Juyo Melt ability tree buff has been redesigned and has the following effect:
    • Force Rend / Force Melt immediately grants 6 stacks of Juyo Form and builds 10 stacks of Fury / Centering. 
  • The Draining Center / Melting Center ability tree buff has been redesigned:
    • On the PTS, Draining Center / Melting Center does the following: “Force Rend / Force Melt deals quadruple damage whenever it consumes a stack of Berserk and heals you for 100% of the damage that it deals.”
    • The forum post says “Force Rend / Force Melt deals double damage whenever it consumes a stack of Berserk / Zen and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt.”

Most of these changes seem to be in service of having Annihilation / Watchman have actual choices for their ability tree buffs, especially for Force Rend / Force Melt where there’s only 1 viable choice right now. They’ve also tweaked some of the buffs, procs, and passives to be a little more consequential rather than being little garnishes.

In order to accomplish this, BioWare has taken away some of the damage power from Bleeding Center / Burning Center and distributed it to the other options while compensating for the DPS loss by buffing the base discipline.

From my extremely limited testing, Bleeding Center / Burning Center + Draining Center / Melting Center seems like it will still be the strongest build. It still enables Berserk / Zen to be (barely) available for every single Force Rend / Force Melt activation and you don’t have to use Battering Assault / Zealous Strike very much at all while getting even more self-healing than you did before.

Self-healing also needs to be brought in line at least with what Madness / Balance and Hatred / Serenity are capable of. Right now, they can provide over 10k HPS for themselves and then offer a considerable amount of healing to the group via Berserk / Zen such that 2 Annihilation Marauders / Watchman Sentinels offer enough healing for the entire group in most SM operations.

Marauders / Sentinels already provide boatloads of group utility in the form of Predation / Transcendence and Bloodthirst / Inspiration and there’s still a strong incentive to bring Annihilation / Watchman over the alternatives when rotational AoE is required or higher survivability is valuable.

BioWare could (and should) just remove the part where Berserk / Zen heals the group, especially now that self-healing has been buffed so significantly with the changes to Draining Center / Melting Center.

I am still confused about what BioWare’s plan is with Force Fracture as well. It seems like the optimal build would be Juyo Rend / Juyo Melt + Force Fracture + Blood Fury / Burning Zen + Thirsty Blade tactical where you use Vicious Slash / Slash only to apply stacks of Deadly Saber / Overload Saber and then use Force Fracture or Ravage when all your DoTs are up.

The missing link seems to be that Force Fracture’s internal damage isn’t considered bleed /burn damage so it can’t benefit from Berserk / Zen or synergize with any of the effects that buff bleeds / burns.

Fury and Concentration

  • The Vehemence / Fervor discipline passive now increases all critical damage dealt by 5%, down from 10%.
  • The Furious Discovery / Zealous Revelation ability tree buff now makes Obliterate / Zealous Leap grant an additional 4 Fury / Centering, down from 6. 
  • The Furious Rumination / Focused Meditation ability tree buff has been redesigned and now has the following effect:
    • Dealing Force Energy / Kinetic damage generates 1 Rage / Focus.
  • The Gravity Manipulation discipline passive has been redesigned and renamed to Gravity Fissure. It now has the following effect:
    • “Obliterate / Zealous Leap and Force Crush / Exhaustion each consume 1 less rage. Activating Berserk / Zen causes your next direct damage attack to critically hit.”

In other words, Fury / Concentration deals weaker critical damage, but the autocrit from Berserk is now part of the discipline instead of being an ability tree buff, making the level 43 choice more balanced.

This combined with the reduced Fury / Centering generated by Obliterate may be enough to invalidate the rotation where you right-click off Berserk / Zen, but I haven’t delved deep into testing Fury and Concentration yet, so I’m not certain.

Carnage and Combat

  • The Shard of Mortis tactical now increases your critical chance by 15%, down from 25%.

Carnage was performing better in terms of sustained DPS specifically compared to other burst DPS specs because of the Shard of Mortis tactical. This is a fact regardless of whether you agree with BioWare’s philosophy or not. Carnage / Combat was in a league of its own in that regard. There was no real reason to play any other burst mDPS spec and this nerf should bring them in line with the other burst mDPS.

To be clear, I don’t think it’s a good thing for burst specs to perform differently from DoT specs these days because BioWare has done such a great job of segregating burst and AoE capabilities between disciplines. The stronger the burst capabilities, the weaker the AoE capabilities and vice versa.

In past expansions where burst specs had access to more AoE, it was more reasonable for DoT specs to offer more single-target sustained DPS because otherwise, no one would ever play them, but now that DoT specs have their own separate niche, there is no need for one to be worse than the other in terms of single-target sustained damage.

Mercenary and Commando

The Mercenary / Commando changes are primarily focused on swapping Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line with Rocket Out / Propulsion Round in the ability tree.


  • Rocket Out / Propulsion Round is taking the place of Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line on the ability tree as part of the level 68 choice (the choice is between Rocket Out / Propulsion Round, Responsive Safeguards / Echoing Deterrence, or Electro Dart / Cryo Grenade), which only has a 6s base duration.
  • Rocket Out / Propulsion Round now includes the effects of the old Smoke Screen utility that has the following effects:
    • Rocket Out / Propulsion Round generates a Smoke Screen when used keeping you from being pulled or lept to and making you immune to interrupts and ability pushback for 4s. In addition, taking Melee or Tech damage within 4 seconds of previously using Rocket Out / Propulsion Round, refreshes its cooldown. These effects cannot occur more than once every 40s.
  • The Jet Escape / Tenacious Defense ability tree buff no longer reduces the cooldown of Rocket Out / Propulsion Round but instead increases the duration of Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line by 4s.
  • Rocket Out’s / Propulsion Round’s cooldown reduction from Jet Escape / Tenacious Defense is now the default cooldown for Rocket Out/Propulsion Round.

These changes do not fix the actual core issues with Mercenary / Commando mobility and in most situations, will be a nerf to overall mobility because nobody is ever gonna take Jet Escape / Tenacious Defense over Reactive Shield / Reflexive Shield, so the max duration of Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line is just shorter in practically all cases. 

6s of only +35% movement speed on a 45s cooldown is ludicrously insufficient on its own and lightyears worse than what literally every single other combat style has, meaning it’s harder to justify not taking Rocket Out / Propulsion Round and Mercenaries / Commandos now get punished super hard when they need a cheese. 

This whole slow tanky feel that BioWare is trying to give to Mercenaries / Commandos (and Juggernauts / Guardians) only makes sense on paper from an RP perspective. It does not work in practice where these combat styles just do not have sufficient mobility, especially in PvE.  Mercenaries / Commandos (and Juggernauts / Guardians) lack the ability to move quickly and precisely to where they want to be.

The only real benefit I see is that players will be able to fully cheese a few specific attacks like the Huntmaster’s Powershot Volley by being able to use Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line and Responsive Safeguards / Echoing Deterrence simultaneously again.

It’s time that the Mercenary / Commando version of Hydraulic Overrides / Hold the Line got the 75% movement speed boost, 35s cooldown, and 10s duration just like Powertechs and Vanguards have. In addition, Rocket Out / Propulsion Round still needs to be easier to use so that players can move in any direction without having to do some ridiculous gymnastics with the camera and keyboard (perhaps paired with a cooldown increase).

BioWare needs to make both changes in order for Mercenary / Commando mobility to be in a good spot.

Innovative Ordnance and Assault Specialist

  • Innovative Particle Accelerator/Ionic Accelerator – Rate limit reduced from 7.5 to 7.0 seconds.

This only partially solves a small part of the problems with IO / AS. When are Mercenaries and Commandos gonna get actual solutions to the problems with their combat style instead of these dollar store band-aid “solutions”? Practically everything BioWare has done in the past few expansions to fix the combat style has been a hacky afterthought. 

  • Instead of actually fixing resource management, they gave IO/AS a ridiculously overpowered DoT that happens to make the trash filler ability statistically stronger than the actual filler. 
  • They opted to lock away the raid buff in a choice where no one in their right mind would ever take it instead of actually fixing the bad interactions with their raid buff that can destabilize rotations and consistently lower the DPS / HPS of whoever uses it without providing any tangible benefit to most of the rest of the group.
  • Attempting to fix mobility issues by just swapping the position of the 2 mobility abilities.
  • Merging Vent Heat and Thermal Sensor Override / Recharge Cells and Reserve Power Cell without any immediate compensation for what that would do to resource management.
  • Locking away garbage extra abilities instead of pruning them, robbing us of actually interesting ability tree choices like other combat styles have gotten. 

Meanwhile, it remains a DPS loss to actually use Unload / Full Auto because it does not generate Supercharge stacks and the Speed to Burn / Blazing Celerity proc can still get desynchronized if you aren’t careful.

Let’s not forget that if you overheat / run out of Energy Cells, you basically can’t do any DPS for a significant period of time while being incentivized to push the limit as much as possible. Most other disciplines don’t have to deal with that.

That’s the world boss BTW, a little small if you ask me…

New(ish) Legendary Implants

The generic set bonuses from 6.0 have returned as legendary implants:

  • Berserker’s – Increase all damage dealt by 3% and all damage taken by 6%. (Critical)
  • Dying Precision – Increases critical hit chance by 5% while HP is below 50%. (Critical)
  • Entertainer – Your allies’ Mastery, Endurance, and rate of XP gain is increased while in combat. (Critical)
  • Final Breath – Increases defense rating by 10% and reduce damage taken by 5% while health is below 50%. (Shield)
  • Preserver’s – Passively regenerate 1% of your maximum health every 10s. (Alacrity)
  • Second Wind – Defeating an enemy heals you for 20% of your max health and increases your movement speed by 75% for 8s. Cannot occur more than once every 8s. (Alacrity)
  • Stationary Grit – Increases your damage dealt by 3% while not moving and increases your Armor Rating by 10% while moving. (Absorb)
  • Stimulated – Increases Mastery by 5% while affected by a stim. (Alacrity)
  • Trishin’s Retort – Shielding an attack causes your shield to overload, dealing a small amount of weapon damage to up to 8 enemies within 5m. Cannot occur more than once every 3s. (Shield)

Out of all these options, only Stimulated, Second Wind, and Trishin’s Retort ever seem useful, and only for specific disciplines that have a weak legendary implant in a specific type of content.

My Overall Reaction

Most of these changes are not great, but not terrible. It’s good that BioWare is finally attempting to address the issues with tanking, but their changes don’t seem to really get at the heart of the problems. 

Similarly, the changes to DPS are acceptable, but BioWare should be spending more time to properly address bigger balance issues like poor Operative / Scoundrel healer survivability and the actual rotational issues with Innovative Ordnance Mercenary and Assault Specialist Commando. Ruhnuk looks really cool though!

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