With SWTOR 7.1 BioWare brings the usual batch of new Cartel Market Items. This article gives you a look at them from PTS as well as a few minor UI changes!

There are several new Cartel Market items viewable on the PTS. The most notable addition is Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Robes! Please note that not all items have their advertising part done yet, so the names will be incorrect in some instances. We don’t know if these items will be coming with 7.1 or later.

I’ll also be covering some minor UI improvements to the new Character Customization Window.

New Weapons

There are three blasters we can preview on the PTS – EE-2 Blaster Pistol, EE-2 Blaster Rifle and LH-94 Blaster Pistol.

SWTOR 7.1 New Cartel Market Items
SWTOR 7.1 New Cartel Market Items
SWTOR 7.1 New Cartel Market Items

New Creep Weapon Tuning

There is One new Weapon Tuning, the creep effect animation is very similar to what is used for the Ood Bnar Weapon Tuning from Ossus.

SWTOR 7.1 New Cartel Market Items

The creep effect may also be present in the new R-4 Anomaly Operation. I haven’t yet set foot inside, but the effect seems quite similar to this piece of concept art:

New Headpieces

There are 2 headpieces available to preview – the Advanced Scout Helmet and Malgus’s Rebreather Mask.

New Nubian G-Type Speeder Mount

There is 1 new mount, a Nubian G-Type Speeder. As you can see, the actual previews are much shinier than the CM listing. This mount also features a flourish that fires one shot from one of the blaster cannons above the lights.

You may recall Watto, the Toydarian junk dealer, telling Qui-Gon that he won’t find parts for a Nubian ship anywhere else on Tatooine.

Image source: Wookieepedia

Nubian ships are characterized by their smooth, glossy, chrome finish. Padme used Nubian ships throughout the prequels to travel across the galaxy in style.

New Armor Sets

There are two armor sets listed, but only Anakin’s robes seem to be finished. The official name of this armor set is Headstrong Apprentice Armor Set. How appropriate!

The other set is called Imperial Reaper and that’s all we know about it. I will update this article if that set is added to the PTS.

I’m glad that Anakin’s robes are getting added. The belt in particular is cool and features more technology than his actual belt does. It’s a fitting addition.

I don’t like how the leather sash is effectively glued to the next layer of robes rather than being looser like Anakin’s actual robes were, but I think this is just a limitation of the game. BioWare would probably have to create new physics animations for that if they wanted it to look more accurate.

Outfitter Tab Updates for 7.1

This isn’t strictly related to the Cartel Market, but I think a lot of players will care about a few minor updates to the Outfitter tab in the Character Customization Window.

The Outfit list is now scrollable rather than being a bunch of tiny boxes. There isn’t any way to name them, but I’m hopeful that BioWare adds that functionality, or at least marks which type of weapon is stamped and maybe the chest piece too.

The other major change is the addition of the directional controls from the preview window are now present at the bottom and this is the case for all tabs except for the companion tab (I assume that will be added later). You can also drag your toon around in the X-Y plane, though this functionality is not currently present in the preview window.

I’m curious if BioWare is planning to eliminate the existing preview window altogether and just display previews in the Character Customization Window instead. Either way, hopefully, they give us a way to turn off those annoying character animations that automatically trigger sometimes when you try to preview something.

You can now Recolor Combat Style Icons

BioWare has given us the capability to change the color of the Combat Style icons to our liking alongside several popular presets. I wonder if it’s possible to swap out these icons in the game files like some players do with the loading screen images.


You’ll be able to edit these by clicking on the pencil icon above the Combat Style selector on the Combat Style tab.

For what it’s worth, I think BioWare got this functionality basically for free. The interface itself is very similar to the UI for editing Guild Heraldry, so I don’t think it would have taken much dev time to add this nifty QoL and accessibility feature.

The SWTOR 7.1 PTS has been up for a few days now and if you are curious to learn what else has been added or changed, I suggest you start with the Class and Discipline Balance Changes, then preview the new Manaan Daily Area and check out all of the Reputation Rewards that will be added for the new zone in 7.1. For desert, you can read about the Operation Gearing Progression and Changes and new Armor Sets coming for the new R-4 Anomaly ops and be prepared to get the new cosmetic gear when it becomes available.

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