SWTOR 7.1 PTS is up and it allows us to take a preview of the newly added Manaan Daily Area. Let’s take a look at what it offers without spoiling too much.

Note: A full Manaan Daily Area Guide including all story and repeatable mission walkthroughs, reputation and vendor rewards and everything else you would want to know will be released when 7.1 launches. What you will see and read below is from PTS and is not final. Things may change for the official release.

My predictions about the Manaan based on the leaked reputation decos were correct! The new daily area looks really cool and has several separate areas including the ruins of an ancient Selkath city, a clever underwater area that does not include swimming, a modern city area reminiscent of the Manaan we’ve seen before (except it’s raining and nighttime), and the Imperial Kolto Refining Platform we’ve been to in the Legacy of the Sith story.

Daily Missions

The daily area has 6 regular missions and 3 Heroics, with two being Heroic 2+ and one being Heroic 4. The weekly mission matches the current structure of other Daily Areas in SWTOR and only requires that you complete 6 missions.

The Heroics do count towards this mission, but since there is no dedicated reward for completing all 3, I doubt too many people will bother outside of achievements. The H2’s only give a green rep item while the H4 gives a blue.

The Heroics feel very similar in terms of difficulty to other Heroics. You can technically solo the H4 boss, but it’s extremely difficult and takes a while. The boss itself isn’t very complicated, but spawns adds endlessly. I had to switch to Madness for the additional survivability, Hatred couldn’t handle the damage.

Doing all 6 dailies took me 12 minutes on only my second attempt, so this will definitely be a contender for one of the fastest daily areas just like CZ-198 and Ziost.

Soloing the Heroics took about 16 minutes, but the vast majority of the time is spent just fighting trash, so if you actually do these in a group, they could easily be faster.

BioWare should make Heroics count as 2x progress towards the weekly so players can pick between doing all 3 Heroics or all 6 dailies.

New Story Content?

I did spot a personal phase that is not connected to any of daily missions at all and I don’t recall going there for the Legacy of the Sith storyline, but I could be mistaken.

I wouldn’t expect anything too crazy. It will probably just be something like the Oricon story to present each of the missions to the player and explain why you’re there.

Reputation Rewards

Manaan has its own reputation system and rewards vendor. The description mentions Darth Xarion, which traitors to the Republic might recognize as NR-02’s master.

Check out the full list of all the Manaan Reputation Rewards that are currently available on PTS 7.1.

Photos of Manaan (Potential Spoilers)

Undersea Visitor’s Dome Heroic Area
Ancient Selkath City Entrance
Ancient Selkath City
Hidden Imperial Base
Imperial Kolto Refining Platform
Public Arrivals Port (Heroic Area)

The Manaan Daily Area will be released as part of 7.1. BioWare has said that 7.1 will be released during mid-summer. Check out my other coverage of the final phase of the 7.1 PTS here:

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