Bryant Wood, one of SWTOR’s system designers, has announced on the forums that completing a guild conquest target will reward additional Guild Commendations once 7.1 is released!

What are Guild Commendations

Guild Commendations are required to purchase most guild perks. Guilds can earn Guild Commendations by reaching their conquest point target each week. By conquest point target, I mean the 5mil/2mil/500k points for large/medium/small yield. Guilds can also earn a smaller number of Guild Commendations by leveling their guild up.

As guilds increase their level, they become more restricted in how quickly they can level up because there’s a cap on how much XP a guild can earn each week and each guild level requires more XP than the last. This slowdown results in older and more active guilds getting fewer Guild Commendations such that they can’t always afford the perks they want to buy even with proper budgeting.

This forces guild leaders to choose between not giving their guild members the perks they want or transferring their players to a brand new guild.

Guild Perks UI screen
Please ignore our current perk selection, they were mostly for an event

Changes planned for Guild Commendations in 7.1

BioWare has announced that they will be increasing the number of Guild Commendations awarded for completing a guild conquest target by 10 for each yield:

  • Small Yield Rewards 80 (up from 70)
  • Medium Yield Rewards 90 (up from 80)
  • Large Yield Rewards 100 (up from 90)

For guilds that complete their conquest target each week, this will result in an additional 40 Guild Commendations per month, which should enable older, active guilds to more easily purchase the perks they want.

It’s good to see that BioWare is addressing this issue. While it’s unfortunate that it apparently took them 8 months to offer a solution, guild perks are pretty insignificant compared to the other issues BioWare has to deal with.

Given that their development resources are finite, this shows BioWare is at least trying to prioritize issues in terms of severity.

With 7.1 finally coming out on August 2nd, you have plenty of time still to catch up with my PTS 7.1 coverage and read up on all announcements and news related to SWTOR Update 7.1.

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