BioWare has released the new Daily Area for SWTOR 7.1 onto PTS. This article will show you all Manaan Reputation Rewards that are currently available!

All Manaan Daily Area rewards only cost varying amounts of credits. There is no special currency to keep track of. You’re only limited by your reputation level.

Keep in mind that this is based on the Public Test Server and things may change when the update is released officially. The most notable difference could be the addition of a specific currency unless BioWare has finally come to their senses that having a reputation and specific currency is super redundant.

I’ll have a complete guide to the Manaan Daily Area with missions walkthroughs, rewards and everything else you might need, but it will be published when 7.1 releases. For now, let’s focus on the newly added to the PTS Manaan Reputation Rewards!

New Manaan Armor Sets

Manaan has 2 armor sets available for purchase from the reputation vendor.

The Manaan Nightlight Armor costs 3.5mil for the full set.

Manaan Reputation Rewards - Manaan Nightlight Armor
Manaan Reputation Rewards - Manaan Nightlight Armor

The Manaan Defender Armor costs 900k for the full set.

Manaan Reputation Rewards - Manaan Defender Armor
Manaan Reputation Rewards - Manaan Defender Armor

Firaxan Weapons

The Firaxan Weapons are available for purchase from the reputation vendor for 180k credits each and come with the Blue Outline color by default. The turquoise stripe unfortunately does not change color to match the crystal you put in.

Manaan Reputation Rewards - New Lightsaber
Manaan Reputation Rewards - New Double Lightsaber

Miscellaneous Manaan Daily Vendor Items

The reputation vendor also sells a pet and character title. The adorable Cerulean Turtle pet can be yours for the low, low price of 250k credits!

The most expensive item on the vendor is The Waterlogged Title. Costs 1mil.

Manaan Decorations

The deco costs range from 75k to 750k depending on the size, so smaller ones are on the cheaper end while only the largest ones cost 750k. Most decos don’t cost more than 250k. These can also drop from regular enemies like on Ossus.

In case you have missed them, take a look at the full overview and analysis of each individual Discipline that is about to undergo Class Balance Changes in SWTOR 7.1. I’ve updated all articles with my tests from the PTS:

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