Jackie Ko, the community manager for SWTOR, clarifies what will be coming with game update 7.1.1.

We still don’t have a clear release date beyond a vague release window of “Fall 2022”. We do have new information about the new features and content packed with 7.1.1. Let’s go over each of the upcoming new features.

Galactic Season 3

We still don’t really have any concrete details about the meat and potatoes of Galactic Season 3, but Jackie did say the theme is “Galactic Gaming”, whatever that means.

Star Wars does games like Pazaak, Sabacc, and Dejarik, but I’m not sure if that’s enough for a full theme.

Source: Star Wars.com

I guess racing is kind of a game as well and we’ve seen it in multiple forms including pod, swoop, and don’t forget about fathier jockeying from Episode 8!

Source: StarWars.com

It’s also possible it could relate to big game hunting (a la Onderon and Trandoshan hunting culture), though hunters don’t refer to what they do as gaming.

Given that the Nightlife Casino event came with 7.1, I wonder if GS3 was initially supposed to come with 7.1 alongside it as I initially predicted.

We’ll have to wait and see for more specifics on these.

Feast of Prosperity Event

7.1.1 will bring with it the return of the Feast of Prosperity event. I’m personally still full from my second helping back at the beginning of 2022 when BioWare brought the event back to help tide players over

SWTOR Feast of Prosperity Guide (Seasonal Event)

Jackie confirmed that there will be brand new rewards, but didn’t specify what they would be. She also didn’t mention that there will be any improvements to the special missions.

There were some bugs with the cooking missions last year and the serving droid missions were way too long and boring.

If you want a refresher on the Feast of Prosperity event, check out the 2022 Feast of Prosperity event guide.

Combat Style Balance Changes

Jackie reiterated that combat style balance will still be coming with 7.1.1, though she did not offer an update regarding if any further iterations have been made.

Check out my extensive coverage of the upcoming changes in each of these articles:

I opted not to cover the changes to Marksmanship Sniper / Sharpshooter Gunslinger because they basically do nothing beyond slightly improving the consistency of the weakest DPS spec in the game. Here they are in case you missed them:

  • Target Acquired / Illegal Mods now generates a charge of Laze Target / Smuggler’s Luck whenever it is activated.
  • Lazer Focus / Lucky Thoughts no longer relies on critically hitting the target to lower the cooldown on Laze Target / Smuggler’s Luck but instead has a 50% chance to do so whenever dealing damage.

R-4 Anomaly Balance Changes

Jackie noted that changes to R-4 Anomaly will be focused on several areas:

  • Reducing IP-CPT’s health on Veteran so the DPS check isn’t as demanding
  • Adjusting the difficulty in the Overgrown [Nihrot] Hallways to be less deadly in Story Mode
  • Reduce Lady Dominique’s health slightly in Story Mode
  • Damage from Nihrot is no longer reflectable
  • Nihrot suppression grenades should no longer get caught up in the ceiling tentacles
  • The issues some players are experiencing with IP-CPT falling into the floor

None of these changes are necessarily bad, but many of them do not seem to address the root cause of the issues. IP-CPT doesn’t have anything that can’t be tanked by DPS, but HP is too low outside of the burn phase.

The Nihrot hallway seems to spawn 1 Attractor per player (or at least multiple total), making it practically impossible to do that area in a single run, but that seems more like a bug than a balance issue.

Outfitter Improvements

7.1.1 will enable players to name and favorite individual outfits. Jackie didn’t mention a doubling of outfit slots to 32 like we briefly saw on the 7.1 PTS, so I wouldn’t count on that coming.

SWTOR Outfitter Tab from Patch 7.1

If you have questions or are not familiar with the SWTOR Outfiter tool, check out the dedicated guide for it. There is a big difference between Outfits and Gear in SWTOR.

Collector’s Edition Vendor

BioWare will be adding an account-wide access pass unlock to the Cartel Market for the Collector’s Edition vendor located in the VIP area of the Fleet.

Jackie seemed to only list items from the Imperial vendor, but Collector’s Edition vendor contains the following items, some of which are unique to each faction:

  • 11 companion customizations (Ashara Zavros, 3x Deshade, Kaliyo Djannis, Mako, Vette, Corso Riggs, T7-01, Qyzen Fess, Aric Jorgan )
  • Imperial Trooper armor set (currently does not come with belt or bracers)
  • Republic Officer armor set (currently does not come with belt or bracers)
  • Gold Efficiency Scanner headpiece
  • 4 Dye Modules (Black and Medium Yellow, Deep Green and Medium Yellow, Deep Orange and Deep Red, Deep Purple and Medium Green)
  • 3 Pets (Cyberglow Mewvorr, Hutt Observer, Taunta)
  • Statue of Eternal Grace deco

I’m really glad BioWare is finally letting players access this vendor given that Collector’s Edition codes are so hard to come by these days. I do hope that they add the belt and bracers to the Imperial Trooper and Republic Officer sets though.

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