BioWare has responded to feedback offering clarifications about changes in Galactic Season 2 and explained what is happening with Kai Zykken!

Changes coming to Kai Zykken in 7.0

Many players have noticed that Kai Zykken hasn’t been selling his usual wares for the past few weeks and only has the Unidentified Unique Item. BioWare did not plan for the expansion delay and knew that his inventory would be changing with the launch of 7.0, so they didn’t bother to set up additional weeks. 

BioWare says that it would not be easy to implement a hotfix right now, probably meaning it would take more work than it’s worth, so Kai will remain as he is now until the launch of Legacy of the Sith. 

Kai Zykken UI

Once 7.0 is released, Kai Zykken will sell the following:

  • A rotating collection of Tactical Items
  • A rotating collection of Schematics for Tacticals and old Set Bonus armor
  • A tweaked Unidentified crate that will give players a piece of Set Bonus gear from 6.0. This crate is similar to the current Unidentified Unique Item crate, but will no longer contain Tactical Items since those can be obtained elsewhere. 

These changes mean that Mr. Zykken will have a greatly diminished role in 7.0 and function primarily as a cosmetics vendor (since Set Bonuses effects are moving to Implants) and occasionally cheaper Tactical Items for those that haven’t purchased them yet.

Galactic Season 2 updates and clarifications

The season will launch with the release of SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion.

Fen Zeil Companion Customization

Fen Zeil is the new companion reward for Galactic Season 2, the equivalent of the Kubaz named Altuur zok Adon. You cannot equip armors to him, only weapons and customizations, just like some of the KOTFE / KOTET companions. Some players are unhappy with this customization limitation, and BioWare has explained that there are two reasons for this restriction. 

First, they want Fen Zeil to be easily recognizable at a glance, like Arcann or Nico Okarr, and allowing players to customize him the way they want erodes this. I didn’t get the impression that Fen Zeil is particularly special unless they don’t plan to make any other Duros companions or expand his role within the Syndicate (even though he isn’t a Pike?). It seems to me that the main reason for this is to create prestige and fear of missing out (FOMO) for participating in a specific season

Second, allowing players to equip armor to Fen would mean more work for BioWare because some armors show skin, and they don’t want to spend time creating those assets to support that functionality. Apparently, “attempting to work around this would not be in the best interest of the player or look of the character.” I’d love to hear why they thought it was okay to do that with our Kubaz companion:

Altuur No Armor

Caption: BioWare knows what’s best for you.
Less Snarky Alternative: Companion from Galactic Season 1 without armor. Yes, you can walk around with him like this.

Is it really so hard for BioWare to introduce an armor tagging system or add tags to the existing system (ex. Requires Sith Warrior, Requires Dark V, Female, etc.) to include options like revealing clothing or hoods? It seems like it would be pretty straightforward just to stitch his head to a normal body as they do for many modern NPCs, including our friend Mr. zok Adon by just restricting him from wearing certain types of armors in accordance with those tags. 

At the end of the day, it seems like BioWare (or EA) prioritized Fen Zeil being a walking subscriber advertisement over companion customization, and a few extra full-body customizations are by no means a valid substitute.

Concerning the Season Objective Tab

PTS participants offered feedback about the Season Objective Tab being difficult to find. I actually thought it was missing when I looked on the PTS a while back, and it still took me a minute to find it even after BioWare described its location in the post. It’s on this window; see if you can find it:

Conquest Objectives Tab

Here’s the answer (from the December 7.0 PTS update):

Season Objectives Tab with Circle

Thankfully, BioWare has said that what we have seen on the PTS is an incomplete version, and it will be much better on the live server. 

Regarding Underworld Syndicate Plans

BioWare noticed some confusion on the PTS about how Underworld Syndicate Plans are earned. They plan to clarify how to earn Underworld Syndicate Plans both through the Infiltrating the Competition Season Objective and Agent of the Shadow Syndicate on Nar Shaddaa.

Shadow Syndicate Reputation Trade

In addition, they explained that Underworld Syndicate Plans do not come from achievements, even if it appears that way from the mail you get on the PTS. That is just the result of an incomplete system. The plans will be deposited directly into your currency tab when the expansion is released. 

This issue speaks to this content not being ready for player feedback and broader issues with this PTS as a whole. The point of PTS testing should be finding minor issues and refinement. We should only be seeing early incomplete versions when the developer wants to be sure they’re moving in the right direction before committing more significant resources to the task.

As an alternate example that more clearly demonstrates my point, we should have only seen a barebones version of maybe the Guardian and Sentinel changes to judge the approach. BioWare should have delayed the rest of the Combat Style changes until everything was fully functional, leaving the playerbase to only critique balance. 

There are consequences to BioWare’s current PTS approach where they release half-baked content and features to the PTS as opposed to releasing content that is fully cooked and only needs to be reheated. A sizeable chunk of the playerbase is dreading the release of the expansion because they don’t like how some piece of content or feature currently is on the PTS and don’t realize how much work still needs to be done. Players end up confused, generating hate instead of hype.

Reiteration of Galactic Season 2 Objective Point Distribution

Finally, BioWare reiterated info they gave back in August regarding Galactic Season 2 regarding the Galactic Season point distribution. Season Objectives are broken into 3 categories “based on their time to complete, complexity, and access”:

  • 6 Solo-Oriented Objectives – each gives 6 points
  • 3 Multiplayer-Oriented Objectives – each gives 12 points
  • 1 Subscriber-Only Objective – varies

If you want to know more about point breakdown, check out our past coverage of SWTOR Galactic Season 2 changes.

Concluding Thoughts

Many of these issues stem from poor communication and releasing content to the PTS before it was ready. It saddens me that a lot of players are unhappy about the upcoming expansion. I know it isn’t what everyone is looking for.

Hopefully, we’ll see more dev posts like these in the coming weeks alongside a more complete PTS build so that players have a clearer idea of what to expect from Legacy of the Sith. 

Source for this material are the following posts from BioWare representatives: 1, 2, 3.

In the meantime, while waiting for it to release, make sure you are ready and prepared for SWTOR 7.0!

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