We learned new information about the new Locations and Characters part of SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith and we have an official release date!

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Note: This article does not contain story spoilers. It teases a few places and characters in a way that will not ruin your experience with the Legacy of the Sith’s storyline. BioWare kept their live stream as clean from spoilers as humanly possible, and we followed their example. Some of the images used in this article (the ones with lower quality and web-cam weird cut-offs in the bottom right corner are taken directly from the live stream.

Charles Boyd and Jackie Ko hosted a livestream today focusing on the story of the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion. They went over locations, including Manaan, Elom, and the R-4 Anomaly Operation, as well as major characters both old and new. They also announced a release date for the expansion! Legacy of the Sith will be released on December 14th, 2021!

There was also a pre-show interview with Enuka Okuma, the voice of Tau Idair, Game Producer Eric Musco, and Creative Director Charles Boyd.

Fun fact: Enuka called SWTOR a “Star Wars canon”. The two hosts did not acknowledge this at all, but we know how strictly EA filters everything. Maybe even EA doesn’t know that SWTOR is not officially canon. We do, though. There’s no way it could be, but we will take this small almost invisible moment of joy.

What Planets and Locations will you visit in Legacy of the Sith


Players will be returning to Manaan. Charles pointed out that this was where you first met Theron and Lana. There will be completely separate storylines for each faction on Manaan, with the Empire focusing on attacking Manaan while the Republic focuses on defending. 

They also showed lots of actual screenshots. What really stuck out to me is how many reused assets there are. Almost everything I see is from somewhere else in the game. Makes me wonder what the modeling team has been up to. It can’t possibly just be a single flashpoint. 

SWTOR 70 Manaan (1)

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Elom is a remote planet, located within Sith territory. It hasn’t been fully explored and doesn’t have strategic value for the war, though both sides have been drawn to the ruins of Darth Nul on the planet. Players from both factions are chasing Malgus here, so this is following up the Secrets of the Enclave flashpoint on Dantooine. Just like all other Flashpoints, this will basically be the same story for both factions. 


Operation: R-4 Anomaly

An extremist Sith Cult called the Unmasked is operating in a secret research station built into an asteroid, even regular Sith don’t like them that much and they really don’t like what they’re doing here, which is why the regular Sith have dispatched an elite strike force (operations group) to deal with them. 

This conflicts with earlier screenshots that depict what many players think is the Mass Shadow Generator, which looks more like a complete space station. It didn’t seem reminiscent of something like The Foundry or Hammer Station.

No bosses were shown, but Jackie said they look really cool. 

SWTOR 70 Manaan (3)

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Returning Characters for 7.0


He’s gone rogue from the Sith Empire and is on the run. Malgus has no love for the Republic or Empire. He is single-minded in pursuit of his mission: obtaining relics of Darth Nul. We don’t yet know what he plans to do with these relics. 

He’s really starting to look pretty old!

SWTOR 7.0 Darth Malgus character poretrait

Major Anri

This is the commando that Imperial players worked with on Ossus and at the Meridian Complex.

In Legacy of the Sith, she is tasked with recruiting Imperial reinforcements to Manaan. This reminds me a bit of the role that Lord Hargrev played on Oricon. 

SWTOR 7.0 Major Anri character poretrait

Arn Peralun

Now he’s a Jedi Knight! Arn was sent to Manaan on an unrelated mission when the Empire attacked, so he will be raising alarm for Republic players. It sounds similar to what Satele Shan did in the Return cinematic trailer. 

SWTOR 7.0 Arn Pelarun character poretrait

‘Best Waifu’ LANA BENIKO

Yes, Jackie actually said that. Lana will be fighting alongside players on Elom, and she doesn’t trust the other people that will be joining you there (sounds like that will Rivix or Tau depending on your faction).

Jackie also mentioned the recently-released cosplay kit for Lana Beniko. 

SWTOR 7.0 Lana

Tau Idair

Tau will be joining Republic players on Elom. She is interested in the archaeological dig taking place on Elom being conducted by Jedi from Ossus. 

SWTOR 7.0 Tau Idar character poretrait

Darth Rivix

Jackie whipped out a fan when he appeared on screen. Rivix will be accompanying Imperial players to Elom. 

SWTOR 7.0 Sith Lord Darth Rivix character poretrait

New Characters introduced for Legacy of the Sith storyline

Colonel Gallow

A female, basic-speaking Selkath Commando that is begrudgingly fighting alongside Republic players. She doesn’t like the Republic or the Empire, but is willing to work with the Republic to get the Empire out of Manaan.

Colonel Gallo, a Selkath special forces officer who will help Republic players on Manaan

Colonel Korrd

He sends Anri in search of reinforcements (the player) and will be working alongside Darth Norok in pursuit of Kolto on Manaan.

Colonel Korrd, a seasoned and dutiful military officer in charge of the Empire’s kolto operation on Manaan

Darth Norok

This ruthless and determined Sith Lord is involved with Imperial Logistics, and is overseeing the attack and Kolto extraction on Manaan for the Empire.

He is famous for lightsaber skills and has supposedly has never lost a duel, ruthless and determined Sith Lord

Darth Norok, Imperial Logistics on Manaan

Romance Options

At least one of these characters will be kissable that has not been kissable before. I assume that this is referring to the old characters as opposed to the new, but it was unclear from the stream.

New SWTOR 7.0 Loading Screen Revealed

Darth Norok and Colonel Korrd are notably absent. I wonder if they will be making it off of Manaan alive…

SWTOR 7.0 Keyart

Keith Kanneg revealed the SWTOR 7.0 Release Date

At the end of the stream, we received a message from the Project Director for SWTOR, Keith Kanneg. He said he misses live cantina events, hopes they will return in 2022 and wants to reiterate that they haven’t shown us everything. 

He also presented a 10-year celebration montage that announced the release date of the Legacy of the Sith Expansion: December 14th, 2021!

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SWTOR Code Redemption for LotsOfTau gift - result successful

You can watch the full live stream here. It lasted for about 41 minutes, which includes the pre-show interview, the regular stream and Keith’s message in the end.

Now that you know how close the release date for Legacy of the Sith is, it’s time to see how to best prepare for SWTOR 7.0 – find out what you should do in the game while waiting, which items will be valuable to keep and what to throw away, catch up on the story and be ready to jump right into the new content on December 14 2021.

If you want to stay in touch, check out the full SWTOR Update 7.0 pre-release coverage we have. From the initial reveal of the expansion, all the way to the most recent PTS patch that brought the Elom Flashpoint, this collection includes previews of the new Combat Styles for all classes and roles, new UI elements, new gameplay mechanics and systems. Everything that BioWare talked about or released to the SWTOR PTS, we have it analyzed, sorted and ready for you to consume it at your own pace!

Important Changes to SWTOR for 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Expansion

This list contains preview, overview and analysis articles of the most notable changes coming to SWTOR with the release of the 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion.

I have gathered here everything you should know to be fully prepared mentally and in hit the ground running when 7.0 launches!

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