SWTOR 7.0 Immortal Juggernaut PvE Guide (Tank) for beginners and more experienced veterans: Skills, Choices, Rotations, Gearing, Builds!

This guide is written for VULKK.com by Dongo

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Immortal Juggernaut

“Sith Juggernauts are menacing embodiments of the Empire’s might, shattering, slamming and tearing through their prey with only a lightsaber and vigorous ferocity. Fortitude, unshakable tenacity, and attunement to the dark side of the Force give Sith Juggernauts the power to rend the enemies defenses while bolstering their own. “

Immortal is the tanking discipline for Sith Juggernauts and one of the three tanking disciplines in the SWTOR. Immortal’s biggest strengths lie in its ability to take tons of incoming damage through passive mitigation and strong defensive cooldowns while dealing large amounts of damage back to the attackers. In this guide I intend to cover the basics of abilities, utility choices, gearing, and rotations of the Immortal discipline to help you build a strong foundation with the class so you will feel confident playing it. 

With the introduction of combat styles in 7.0 all Classes and Disciplines received major changes. Some notable changes Immortal received include: 

  • Saber Reflect/Mad Dash/Intimidating Roar are no longer baseline, you can only spec into one of these abilities at a time
  • New defensive and offensive options available in the new Ability Tree.
  • Removal of optional speed boosts for Enrage and Enraged Defense 
  • Self Cleanse is now a baseline effect for Endure Pain


  • CD – Cooldown
  • DCD – Defensive cooldown
  • AoE – Area of Effect
  • GCD – Global cooldown
  • M/R – Melee / Ranged damage
  • F/T – Force / Tech damage
  • DR – Damage Reduction

Damage Types and Mitigation

Understanding the different damage types of abilities in SWTOR is crucial when it comes to tanking. Knowing the types of damage your defensive cooldowns are effective against as well as the types of damage enemy abilities are doing will allow you to make better decisions to reduce damage taken and keep yourself alive. If you want to learn more about the different damage types and how they work you can check out: SWTOR Guide to Damage Types and Damage Mitigation by Endonae

If you are curious about the process for mitigation it looks something like this:
Defense Chance > Damage Reduction > Shield Chance > Reduced Damage Taken > Absorb Shields*

Damage Reduction vs Reduced Damage Taken

Before we get into it I want to explain the difference between Damage Reduction and Reduces Damage Taken. Though they may sound like the same thing they function differently. To simplify things Damage Reduction is passive mitigation so it is applied before an attack deals damage, while on the other hand Reduced Damage Taken is applied after an attack deals damage. 

So for example let’s say you have a 50% DR baseline and a boss hits you with an attack that deals 100k damage before mitigation. Without a DCD this attack would deal 50k damage.

If you use a DCD that increases your DR by 40% you would raise your total DR to 90% and take 10k damage. 

If you use a DCD that reduces your damage taken by 40%, the attack would deal 50k damage after DR and the DCD would reduce that value by 40% so you end up taking 30k damage. 

As you can see DR is much more powerful than Reduced Damage Taken and you should keep that in mind when we go through some of the new DR tools Juggernauts received in 7.0.

Abilities Explained


Consuming Power Consuming Power

Increases the critical chance of Smash and Crushing blow by 20%. Additionally, Aegis Assault deals an additional 30% damage and increases shield absorption by 3%.

Heavy Handed 7.0 Heavy Handed

Smash deals 75% more damage and consumes 2 less rage. Additionally, the critical chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage is increased by 30%.

Endless Rage Endless Rage

Generates 1 rage when attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds.

Blade Turning Blade Turning

The first 2 seconds of Saber Ward grants 100% melee and ranged defense.

Raging Assault Raging Assault

Reduces the cooldowns of Sundering Assault and Aegis Assault by 3 seconds each and increases the rage they generate by 2.

Seething Hatred Seething Hatred

When you exit combat, the active cooldowns of Force Charge, Threatening Rage, and Saber Throw are reduced by 100%.

Single Saber Mastery Juggernaut 7.0 Single Saber Mastery

Increases the damage dealt by your weapon by 20%.

Soresu Form

Utilize a defensive lightsaber form, increasing armor rating by 61.5%, damage reduction by 6%, shield chance by 15%, threat generation by 150%, and accuracy by 10%. While utilizing Soresu Form, all damage dealt is reduced by 10%, and all Assault abilities generate 1 less rage. Replaces Shii-Cho Form.

Quake Quake

Targets damaged by Smash and Sweeping Slash become Unsteady. Unsteady targets have their melee and ranged accuracy reduced by 5% for 45 seconds. In addition, damage dealt by Force Scream is increased by 40%.

Lash Out Lash Out

Retaliation consumes 1 less rage and no longer causes a global cooldown. In addition, melee and ranged defense is increased by 3%.

Rule of Two Rule of Two

Increased armor rating by 15% and when your guarded target is attacked, your movement speed is increased by 30% for 6 seconds.

Sonic Barrier Sonic Barrier

Activating Force Scream grants Sonic Barrier, which absorbs a small amount of damage. Lasts up to 10 seconds.
*(Immortal Juggernauts are missing an additional part of this passive that Defense Guardians have. Defense Guardians have the additional effect of: Retaliation raises a Blade Barricade, increasing your defense chance by 5% for 10s. This is a very strong effect and it is unclear if Immortal or Defense has the intended version of this passive.)

Conquering Defense Conquering Defense

Increases shield chance by 4% and reduces the cooldown of Saber Ward by 30 seconds.

Revenge Revenge

Parrying, deflecting, shielding, or resisting an attack has a 50% chance to grant Revenge, reducing the rage consumed by your next Force Scream or Vicious Throw by 1. Lasts up to 12 seconds, and stacks up to 3 times. 

Dark Blood Dark Blood

Increases the duration of Endure Pain by 10 seconds. Increases elemental and internal damage reduction by 5%.

Defensive Slashes Defensive Slashes

Dealing damage with Ravage increases your defense chance by 2%. Stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 6 seconds.

Damage Abilities

Aegis Assault Aegis Assault

Generates 7 rage and is your primary rage builder. Grants you 3% damage reduction and 3% absorption for 20 seconds. Deals a moderate amount of damage. No rage cost. 12s CD.

Crushing Blow Crushing Blow

Your largest damaging and threat generating ability by far. Deals AoE damage if you are buffed by your Aegis Assault. Also enables the use of Retaliation. Importantly this ability applies the Impaired debuff to all enemies hit, reducing the force and tech damage they deal by 5%. Costs 4 rage. 12s CD.


Deals a moderate amount of damage and does not respect the global cooldown. Is able to be used after activating Crushing blow or when you defend an attack. Has a low cool down (or no cool down with the Retaliator Set bonus) and should be used whenever available. Costs 1 rage. 6s CD.

Force Scream

Deals a high amount of damage and grats you a small absorb shield. One of your few ranged abilities and adds to your survivability, very good overall. Costs 3 rage. 12s CD.


Deals a high amount of damage and grants you 6% defense chance over the duration. Defense buff lasts for 6 seconds. No rage cost. 18s CD.

Enrage, Threatening Rage Threatening Rage

Instantly generates 6 rage and reduces the cooldown of Taunt and Threatening Scream by 5 seconds. Additionally, it damages all taunted enemies within 15m for a moderate amount of damage. The taunt cooldown reduction and damage are nice additions in 7.0.  No Cost. 45s CD.

Smash Smash

Deals a moderate amount of damage in an AoE around you. Importantly applies the Unsteady debuff to all enemies hit, reducing their melee and range accuracy by 5%. Costs 1 rage. 15s CD.

Force Charge

Deals a low amount of damage and leaps you to your target. Very useful to engage new enemies or swap between targets. Also roots your target for 3 seconds. Builds 3 rage. 15s CD.

Saber Throw Jugg Saber Throw

Deals a low amount of damage and has a 30m range. Your only 30m ranged ability besides leap, most often used as a filler to generate rage. Builds 3 rage. 30s CD.

vicious slash Vicious Slash

Deals a low amount of damage and is your primary rage spending filler ability. While this ability is fairly weak, you will use it quite often while waiting for stronger abilities to come off cooldown. Applies the trauma debuff to the target reducing the healing they recieve by 20% for 6 seconds. Costs 2 rage. No CD.

vicious throw Vicious Throw

Deals a high amount of damage and has a 10m range. Can only be used on targets below 30%. Very strong filler ability that can be used on low health targets or after using Force Charge with the War Master utility. Costs 3 rage. 10s CD.

assault Assault

Deals a low amount of damage and builds rage. Very low priority filler ability, should only be used when everything else is on cooldown and you do not have excess rage to spend. Builds 1 rage. No CD.

Backhand Backhand

Deals a moderate amount of damage and stunning the target for 4 seconds. Generates a high amount of threat. Strong ability for the damage and threat generation. No rage cost. 60s CD.

Force Choke Force Choke

Deals a moderate amount of damage and stuns your target for 4 seconds. Has a 10m range and also generates a moderate amount of threat. Very useful ability all around for damage, threat, rage generation, and CC. Builds 3 rage over the duration. 60s CD.

Force Push Imperial Force Push

Deals a low amount of damage and knocks the target back several meters, then knocks them down for 2 seconds. Resets the cooldown on your force charge. Mainly used for CC or as a free ranged filler ability however the force charge reset can be very useful in some situations. No rage cost. 60s CD.

Optional Damage Abilities

Sweeping Slash Sweeping Slash

Deals a low amount of damage to enemies in front of you. Your main AoE ability outside of Crushing Blow and Smash. Also applies the Unsteady accuracy debuff and Trauma debuff. Option at lvl 27. Costs 2 rage. No CD.

Defensive Abilities

Saber Ward

Increases M/R defense by 50% and absorbs 25% of Force and Tech damage for 12 seconds. Additionally increases M/R defense by 100% for the first 2 seconds with Blade Turning juggernaut passive meaning that you are basically immune to M/R damage for the first two seconds.

Extremely potent DCD against M/R damage and should put you close to 80% M/R defense chance for the duration against enemies affected by the Unsteady accuracy debuff. The 25% Force and tech absorb is very strong against those damage types. 150s CD 

Invincible Invincible

Reduces all damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds. While not as strong as actual Damage reduction, the reduced damage taken granted by this ability is still valuable.

Since this DCD is not restricted to any specific damage types it is useful against all damage. This makes it a very strong and well rounded DCD that helps cover some of the weaknesses of our other defensive cooldowns. 150s CD

Enraged Defense

Grants you 12 charges of enraged defense for 15s, whenever you take damage you consume a charge and heal yourself for a moderate amount. One restriction on this ability is that you can only activate it while below 70% health.

The effectiveness of this ability can vary based on the size of the hits you are taking as well as the frequency of the hits. It is most effective in situations where you are taking lots of small or medium hits and will easily heal you to full hp. It can be dangerous to rely on this cooldown when you are taking large hits that are spaced out since you only heal yourself once per damage tick. In most cases it is best to use this cooldown around 30-40% to try to avoid overhealing, however if you anticipate large damage to come you can use it at higher hp to ensure you don’t get bursted through it but you may waste some of the healing. 90s CD with Through Passion utility (120s CD without).

Endure Pain

Temporarily increase your health by 30% for 20 seconds, however after this 20 seconds you lose this hp. Additionally in 7.0 this ability now removes all cleansable effects at a baseline without the need to take a specific utility.

While this ability might seem a bit strange it is actually quite useful, it effectively works as an “HP borrow.” The extra health is very good at helping you survive big hits that might otherwise kill you or to give yourself some extra health to work with to give your healers more time to heal you up. Since you lose the extra health when the effect expires, it is important to communicate with your healers to make sure you have enough health to survive when the effect ends. 60s CD.

Shield Adrenal Shield Adrenal

Absorbs up to 30% of damage up to a cap for 15s. (Current cap is 84261 for Advanced Kyrprax Shield Adrenal) Very solid DCD that works against almost every type of damage.

Tooltip can be a little confusing but basically, the way it works is that it absorbs up to 30% of each attack you take while the buff is active. When the adrenal absorbs damage it subtracts the amount absorbed from the damage cap, if the total amount of the damage absorbed by the adrenal exceeds the cap the buff ends early. I recommend training up your biochem to have reusable shield adrenals or carrying a stack of them on you for challenging content. 180s CD.


Heals you for a large amount instantly and for a small amount over time for 15s. Only usable once per combat. As a tank it is very important for you to always be carrying medpacs. They are great for saving your life when you get low or to give you enough health to make sure you survive a big hit. 90s CD.

Optional Defensive Cooldowns (More on these later in Ability Choices.)

  • Saber Reflect
  • Mad Dash 
  • Intimidating Roar

Utility Abilities

Taunt Taunt

Taunts the target forcing it to attack you for 6 seconds. Your single target taunt, more on how you should use your taunts later. 15s CD.

Threatening Scream Threatening Scream

Taunts all enemies within 15m forcing them to attack you. Your AoE taunt, again more on taunts later. 45s CD.

Disruption Disruption

Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds. Your interrupt, required for some fight mechanics and useful against most mobs.  12s CD.

Intercede Intercede

Leaps you to a friendly target, reducing their threat by a moderate amount and reducing their damage taken by 20%.

Being able to use allies as leap targets can help you move around quickly to kite mobs or get into position for an upcoming mechanic, especially more useful now with the loss of all of our optional speed boosts. The threat reduction and reduced damage taken parts of this ability are also useful but you need to be careful when you intercede group mates so that you don’t cleave them with any enemies that might be agrod onto you or that you don’t cause your co-tank to lose agro of any enemies they might be tanking. 20s CD.

Guard Guard

Places Guard on a friendly target, reducing damage taken by 5% and reducing the threat they generate by 25%. These two effects apply regardless of range and the damage redirect is only a factor in PvP. No CD.

Who should you guard?
Choosing who you guard as a Juggernaut tank is fairly important for threat purposes but also determines how often we proc the 30% speed boost from Rule of Two. If you are doing a fight with heavy movement it will benefit you to guard a target that will often take damage and grant you the extra movement speed. Outside of this in general: you guard Healers when you have a situation where you have many add spawns that are difficult to generate threat on quickly, you guard your strongest AoE dps when you have a heavy AoE situation(I.E. Vengeance Juggernaut), you guard your strongest Burst DPS when you are having problems keeping threat at the start of a fight (I.E. AP Powertech), or if threat is a non factor you can consider guarding your co-tank to grant them the reduced damage taken as well as proc Rule of Two often. Also note that you can change guard at any point to maintain Threat against changing conditions in a fight.

Ability Tree Choices

Note: I sometimes refer to some of these choices as “utilities”. That word is not to be mistaken for the old “Utilities” system that existed in the game before 7.0.

Level 23 Choice

Defensive Stance Concealment and Scrapper Through Strength

  • Effect: Aegis Assault increases your damage reduction by an additional 2% when it deals damage.
  • Recommendation: Take when you want maximum survivability. Extra 2% DR is nice to have and raises total DR granted by Aegis assault to 5%.

Targeted Ambush, Bleeding Pommel, Penetrating Slash for Rep and Imp, Relentless Blades, Targeted Assault Targeted Assault

  • Effect: Aegis Assault deals 50% more damage to taunted targets
  • Recommendation: Could possibly be better than taunting strike in very specific situations however i do not recommend taking this. Constantly taunting in a fight could cause problems with either you taunting at a bad time or not having a taunt available when you need it. Requires deep knowledge of the encounter and more planning than it is worth to get full value of this utility.

Taunting Strike Taunting Strike

  • Effect: Increases the damage, critical hit chance and threat of Aegis Assault by 20%.
  • Recommendation: Take this in most situations when you want a DPS and threat output increase.

Level 27 Choice

Sweeping Slash Sweeping Slash

  • Effect: Slashes up to 8 enemies within 5 meters in front of you for a low amount of weapon damage and inflicts the targets with Trauma, which reduces the healing received from all sources by 20% for 6 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you need extra AoE damage outside of Crushing Blow and Smash. My default choice for this tier as it gives you a spammable AoE attack.

Overwhelming Slashes Overwhelming Slashes

  • Effect: Ravage immobilizes the target for 3 seconds and generates 1 rage.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you have no need for extra AoE damage and want slightly more rage.

Projected Scream Projected Scream

  • Effect: Force Scream does damage to additional enemies in a cone in front and slows them by 50% for 6 seconds
  • Recommendation: Take this when you do not need constant AoE damage from sweeping slash but want some extra AoE burst. The slim conal on this ability makes it difficult to use even in stacked AoE situations so it is generally better to take Sweeping Slash.

Level 39 Choice

Deadly Field, Retargeting, Explosive Reset, Roll Knife Crushing Rage

  • Effect: Dealing damage with Crushing Blow while Aegis Assault is active grants a barrier of protection to up to 8 allies within 10 meters for 6 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you want more personal and group survivability. Grants 10% DR to yourself and nearby allies for 6 seconds on every crushing blow, very powerful.

Befall, Energy Barrel (Agent and Smuggler), Critical Interrogation, Deep Cuts, Dusk Ward, Crippling Wounds Critical Blow

  • Effect: Crushing Blow critical chance and threat generated is increased by 20% and its cooldown is reduced by one second each time it critically hits.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you have no need for the increased survivability of Crushing Rage and want more Damage and threat output. Synergizes well with your Consuming Power passive to increase Crushing Blow critical strike chance to around 60%. The cooldown reduction part of this utility is not currently functioning but when fixed, will be extremely powerful in AoE situations.

Gloom Ward, Shattering Burst Crushing Mark

  • Effect: Cruising Blow deals 50% more damage to taunted targets.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you want some extra single target or AoE burst in specific situations. While this utility is better than Targeted Assault because Crushing Blow already deals massive damage and can be used for AoE, I do not recommend taking it because it suffers similar drawbacks.

Level 43 Choice

War Machine War Machine

  • Effect: Critically hitting with direct attack reduces the cooldown of your Threatening Rage by 1 second. Threatening Rage purges movement impairing effects and increases your melee and ranged defense chance by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Always take this utility. Makes your Threatening Rage a mini DCD with the added M/R defense chance. The cooldown reduction on direct attack critical hits synergizes well with our other passive crit chance buffs. Root/slow break is also useful in some encounters.

Marked for Death Marked for Death

  • Effect: Dealing direct damage to taunted targets generates 1 rage. This effect can occur once every second. (Unlisted effect: Additionally heals you for 1% of your maximum health whenever you deal direct damage to taunted targets with 1s rate limit.)
  • Recommendation: Do not take this utility over War Machine. Suffers similar drawbacks as the other utilities that require taunt. Generally do not need the extra rage when you are tanking an enemy as you would already gain rage from your Endless Rage passive. The healing is a decent bonus, however you would only expect to heal 4-5% per taunt with the rate limit. Should only be considered if the encounter has little to no melee/ranged damage.

Reckoning Reckoning

  • Effect: Intercede grants Reckoning, increasing the damage dealt by your next melee ability by 20%. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of Intercede by 5 seconds and reduces the threat and damage taken by an additional 10% each for the friendly target of Intercede.
  • Recommendation: Mainly PvP focused utility, potentially useful if you had some weird strats that involved interceding on cooldown. Don’t recommend you take this.

Level 51 Choice

Extending Roar Extending Roar

  • Effect: Increases the range of Force Scream to 30 meters, but Force Scream deals reduced damage beyond 10 meters. Additionally, Force Push deals 20% more damage and grants Extending Roar, allowing your next Force Scream to deal full damage regardless of the distance from the target.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you want another ability that can be used up to 30 meters. Useful for when you find yourself needing more 30m ranged abilities beyond Saber Throw and Force Charge.

Warmonger Warmonger

  • Effect: Getting attacked reduces the active cooldown of Force Charge by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Take this in most situations. With the removal of most of our optional speed boosts, Juggernauts are more reliant on Force Charge as a mobility tool. Allows you to have Force Charge up more often to swap targets or engage new enemies. Synergizes well with War Master in the level 64 tier.

Unyielding Unyielding

  • Effect: You generate 4 rage when stunned, immobilized, put to sleep, or knocked around.
  • Recommendation: Take this on encounters that have many stuns/roots/knock-ups that can proc its effect. Generates you a ton of rage on certain encounters.

Level 64 Choice

War Master War Master

  • Effect: Force Charge grants Unstoppable, granting immunity to movement-impairing effects and effects that push or pull you around for 4 seconds. In addition, Force Charge enables your next Vicious Throw or Hew to be used against a target with any percentage of health.
  • Recommendation: Take this in most situations. The immunity to push/pulls and roots/slows can be very useful in some encounters. Additionally the Vicious Throw it enables is a nice dps increase.

Hardened Defense Hardened Defense

  • Effect: All damage is reduced by 30% while stunned.
  • Recommendation: Take this on fights where you are often stunned and are unable to use Unleash to remove the stun.

Payback Payback

  • Effect: Reduces the cooldown of Unleash by 30 seconds and causes Unleash to heal you for 10% of your maximum health when used.
  • Recommendation: Take this on fights where you are often affected by CC effects that can be removed with Unleash.

Level 68 Choice

Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect

  • Effect: Reflects all direct single target ranged, Force, and tech attacks back to the attacker for 5 seconds. The damage done by each reflect is capped (116010) , and the cap rises with each new rank of the ability. In addition, Saber Reflect generates a high amount of threat (77340) on all engaged enemies within 30 meters when activated. 60s CD.
  • Recommendation: Take this in most situations. Most enemies or bosses have some attack that is reflectable so this is usually your default option. Knowing what attacks you should be reflecting is one of the most important skills to learn as a Juggernaut. Using reflect effectively not only increases your survivability but can also deal insane amounts of damage. Note that Saber reflect does NOT work against melee attacks.

Intimidating Roar Intimidating Roar

  • Effect: Paralyzes up to 8 enemies in fear, preventing all action for up to 6 seconds. Damage ends the effect prematurely. In addition, targets affected by Intimidating Roar deal 15% less melee and ranged damage for 10 seconds after the confounding effect ends. Targets immune to the confounding effect will immediately suffer from this damage reducing effect. 60s CD.
  • Recommendation: Take this only in situations where Saber Reflect and Mad Dash are not particularly effective. Useful for encounters with lots of Melee/Ranged damage or when you want the CC effect.

Mad Dash Mad Dash

  • Effect: Madly dash forward 20 meters dealing a low amount of weapon damage to enemies in your path and increasing your defense chance by 100% while dashing. Can be used while immobilized and purges movement-impairing effects when activated. 35s CD.
  • Recommendation: Take this when you know that there is nothing important for you to Saber Reflect in the fight. Most effective when you need extra mobility/root break and can use the short (1s) defense chance buff to avoid predictable damage spikes.

Level 73 Choice

Pooled Hatred Pooled Hatred

  • Effect: Whenever your movement is impaired, you gain a 10% damage bonus to your next ability that consumes rage. This effect can stack up to 6 times and lasts 15 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Mainly PvP focus utility, has very few PvE applications. Only take this on very specific encounters that have many roots or slows that can actually proc this effect often.

Crushing Fist Crushing Fist

  • Effect: For the Immortal discipline, Smash slows the targets it damages by 60% for 10 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Also PvP focused, has little to no use for PvE. Do not recommend taking it ever.

Through Passion Through Passion

  • Effect: Reduces the cooldown of Enraged Defense by 30 seconds.
  • Recommendation: Take this in 99% of situations. The cooldown reduction it provides is very valuable and all the other choices in this tier do not have much benefit in PvE.

Gearing and Stats Priorities

Legendary Implants

Blue Legendary Implant Force Resistance Package
Elemental, Internal, Kinetic and Energy damage reduction is increased by 3%. Comes with Absorb rating.
Take this whenever you are doing challenging content and need the extra survivability. Although the DR bonuses are minor, this is the only Legendary that directly increases survivability.
Teal Legendary Implant Retaliator Package
Retaliation has no cooldown. Comes with Shield rating.
Our second tanking Legendary that can be considered a slight survivability increase due it having Shield rating. Retaliation having no cool down can provide a noticeable DPS increase on fights where you are constantly defending melee/ranged attacks. Note that the extra retaliations require a high APM to not waste procs and can cost you a lot of rage so you need to be careful to not run out of rage.
Yellow Legendary Implant Fearless Victor Package
Whenever you use a rage spending damage ability, your melee damage is increased by 10% for 10 seconds. Comes with Critical rating.
While this is technically a dps Legendary, it is one of our best options. Provides a significant DPS increase due to the majority of our damage being melee damage. The critical rating also synergizes well with utilities like War Machine and our other crit passives.

Other Legendaries

Red Legendary Implant Champion’s Precision Package
Activating Enrage, Bloodrage or Threatening Rage grants Champion’s Precision, increasing your critical chance by 20% for 8 seconds. Comes with Critical rating.
Another DPS Legendary but is not nearly as strong as Fearless Victor. If you wanted to run a pure DPS build you might consider this over Retaliator, however Retaliator would outperform it in most real fight situations.
Red Legendary Implant Nimble Master Package
Activating Saber Ward grants Numble Master increasing your movement speed by 100% for the duration of Saber Ward. Comes with Alacrity rating.
Mainly PvP focused Legendary, kind of fun to play around with but has no practical uses in PvE. Do not recommend it.
Red Legendary Implant Vicious Thirst Package
Vicious Slash, Massacre and Sweeping Slash add Vicious thirst to their targets, stacking up to 5 times. Killing an enemy with Vicious Thirst stacks increases your damage by 3% per stack for 10 seconds. Comes with Alacrity rating.
Mediocre for Tanks and DPS alike. Don’t bother.

Tactical Items

Grit Teeth Grit teeth
The active cooldown of Saber Ward is reduced by 2 seconds when you are attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.
Take this in most situations. Changed from reducing the cooldown of ED to Saber Ward in 7.0, this tactical allows us to significantly reduce the cooldown of one of our strongest DCD’s. Note this is a crafted tactical and its schematic can be found on Kai Zykken some weeks or purchased off the GTN.
Hord’s Makashi Strike Hord’s Makashi Strike
Retaliation consumes Aegis Assault damage reduction and grants Retaliating Defense, increasing damage reduction by 5% for 20 seconds.
The extra DR granted from this tactical can be pretty handy on some encounters but it requires you to change how you use Retaliation and Aegis assault. To get maximum value out of this tactical you must only use Retaliation right before you activate Aegis Assault, this allows you to maintain both DR buffs for a total of 8% DR between both buffs (10% total if you have Through Strength utility!). Note that since you have to hold retaliation proc’s to do this you will lose some DPS.
Leviathan’s Hide Leviathan’s Hide
Crushing Blow generates stacks of Crushing Defense for every enemy it hits, granting 2.5% increased damage reduction per stack for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 8 times.
Good tactical if you can consistently hit 2 or more targets with Crushing Blow. When the cooldown reduction part of the Critical Blow utility is fixed this tactical will become even stronger with the ability to potentially have 100% uptime of the DR buff and potentially stack it against a single target.
Jaw Breaker Jaw Breaker
Using Backhand while invincible is active extends the duration of Invincible by 5 seconds.
Can be a good choice if you need a longer duration Invincible to help you survive a specific phase or mechanic. Requires some planning ahead as you need to have Backhand available to use during your Invincible duration.

Optional Tacticals

Life Warden The Life Warden
Taking damage below 20% heal will rapidly heal you for a large amount. 10 minute cooldown.
Definitely not the best option but is usable if you do not yet have any of the better tacticals.
Throwing Arm Throwing Arm
Saber Throw lowers the target’s accuracy by 70% for 6 seconds.
Potentially useful in some solo content or flashpoints as the accuracy debuff is quite strong. Note that it does not work against Operations bosses or most strong boss type mobs found in operations encounters.
Syn’s Second Amulet Syn’s Second Amulet
Retaliation refunds one rage and finishes the cooldown of Furious Strike.
Technically a Rage Juggernaut DPS tactical, but rage refund on Retaliation synergizes well with the Retaliator Legendary for a high DPS build.

Stats and Gear Pieces

My gearing philosophy for tanking is a bit different to how one might approach gearing a DPS. Unlike DPS, tanks do not have Accuracy and Alacrity thresholds they need to aim for. This allows tank gearing to be less strict and does not have only one “right” build. While every fight has different damage profiles it is most useful to gear for the general case. When gearing tanks I aim to have roughly a 65-35 split between Shield rating and Absorb rating, leaning towards higher Shield rating. This stat distribution works out well with the unmoddable Bulwark gear pieces we are given since it has 4 shield pieces and 3 absorb pieces. Also with changes introduced in 7.0, different classes can share almost all the same gear, minus weapons and implants. So this gear set and stat distribution will also work well with Darkness and Shield Tech if you plan on playing those specs. 

There is one point I want to make before we get into detail about gearing. While it is important to have “proper” stats and gear, the most important factor to your survival is good DCD usage. Now this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your gearing, you should still aim to have a good balance of Shield and Absorb. However, most of your attention should go into answering these questions: What are the best Legendaries for me to use here? Am I getting enough value out of my tactical or could another one help me more? Do I have DCD’s available for when the fight hurts most or am I overlapping them or using them when the fight it not very stressful?

So to make things simple for each gear slot you want:

  • Mainhand: Bulwark
  • Offhand: Bulwark
  • Head: Bulwark
  • Wrists: Bulwark
  • Chest: Bulwark
  • Hands: Bulwark
  • Feet: Bulwark
  • Waist: Bulwark
  • Legs: Bulwark
  • Ear: Bastion or Bulwark
  • Implants: Combination of 2 of Force Resistance / Retaliator / Fearless Victor
  • Relics: Shield Matrix and Avoidance
  • Tactical: Grit Teeth/ Hord’s Makashi Strike/ Leviathan’s Hide/ Jaw Breaker
  • Augments: Combination of Shield and Absorb
  • Color Crystals: Indestructible (Endurance)
  • Stim: Fortitude (Endurance)

A few notes about the gearing above: 

For the Ear slot, it does not matter if you have Bastion or Bulwark, just wear the highest item level piece.

For Implants, it depends on the encounter. I recommend purchasing them in the order of Fearless Victor > Force Resistance > Retaliator. Carry all three of them on you so you can swap between Legendaries as needed. If you do not have your legendary implants yet you can use either Bastion or Bulwark. 

For Relics, I recommend that you have at least one Shield Matrix relic but the second slot can be either a second Shield Matrix or Avoidance, favoring the highest item level of course. Other Relics like Shrouded Crusader or Reactive Warding are usable while gearing up but Shield Matrix and Avoidance are what you want to aim for. 

For Augments, the exact number of Shield and Absorb augments will vary depending on what gear pieces you have exactly in each slot. Just try to use them to balance your Shield and Absorb rating with roughly a 65-35 split, favoring higher Shield rating. While the Augment 77’s (300 ilvl) augments are currently the best, they are tremendously expensive. I only recommend going these if you can afford spending up to 1 Billion per augment and know exactly how many of each you will use in your final build. Otherwise it is perfectly fine to use the Augment 74’s (286 ilvl), or even Augment 73’s (276 ilvl) while gearing up as they are way cheaper and the stat difference from the Augment 77’s is small.

What about Critical and Alacrity?

It is not uncommon for tanks to run some DPS tertiary stats. I only recommend this if you and your healers are very comfortable with the encounter. Investing into alacrity enough to get a 1.4s GCD will be a significant DPS increase but it comes at a heavy cost of close to 2100 tertiary stats so I do not currently recommend it. Critical rating is a bit easier to use since you don’t need to invest a large amount of stats to gain value. Every point of Crit is valuable and Crit synergizes well with many of our passives that increase Critical chance/damage and also works well with our War Machine utility.

As you are gearing up your stat distributions will change and things will sometimes get a little funky. Just always use your highest item level gear pieces and do the best that you can to balance your stats out but don’t worry about everything being perfect until you are max item level. If you want more info on gearing on the gearing process in 7.0 check out this guide by Endonae: SWTOR 7.0 EndGame Gearing Guide for level 80.

When moddable gear becomes available later into the expansion this section will need to be updated.

Best Immortal Juggernaut Builds in 7.0

You will notice some similarities between the builds below. Your main choices will be in the lvl 23, 39, and 68 tiers. Refer back to the Ability choices section for more explanation on each choice. 

These are just two examples of potential builds. There are many other combinations out there so I encourage you to experiment with different utilities/Legendaries/tacticals to see what works best for you in each fight.

Damage Focused Build

Appropriate for Solo content, Flashpoints, and some raid encounters. This build focuses on choosing the higher DPS options over survivability. Saber reflect could be swapped for Mad Dash depending on fights or preference. 

Legendaries: Fearless Victor & Retaliator
Tactical: Grit Teeth / Hord’s Mikashi Strike / Leviathans Hide / Jaw Breaker / Syn’s Second Amulet

SWTOR 7.0 Immortal Juggernaut PvE Tank Best Damage Focused Build

Defensive Focused Build

Appropriate for difficult Flashpoint bosses and difficult raid encounters. This build choses the options that improve our survivability and DR wherever possible. Saber Reflect could be swapped for Mad Dash or Intimidating roar depending on the encounter. This build with Hord’s Mikashi Strike tactical can put you around 65% DR when you have all your DR buffs up. 

Legendaries: Force Resistance & Retaliator / Fearless Victor
Tactical: Hord’s Mikashi Strike / Grit Teeth / Jaw Breaker / Leviathans Hide 

SWTOR 7.0 Immortal Juggernaut PvE Tank Best Defensive Focused Build

Openers, Rotations, Ability Priorities

Single Target Priority

Below is the single priority ability priority list. In general, it is sorted by damage, if two abilities deal similar damage the one with defensive buffs is prioritized higher. 

  1. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow
  2. Force Scream
  3. vicious throw Vicious Throw
  4. Ravage
  5. Backhand Backhand
  6. Force Choke Force Choke
  7. Smash Smash
  8. Retaliation*
  9. Aegis Assault Aegis Assault
  10. vicious slash Vicious Slash
  11. Saber Throw
  12. Force Push Imperial Force Push
  13. Force Charge Force Charge 
  14. Assault

*Note that Retaliation should be used on cooldown. Since it is off the GCD it does not interfere with activating our other abilities. I put it at that spot in the list to show its damage relative to your other abilities. Be careful when using the Retaliator Legendary as all the extra procs can drain your rage, you do not want to delay stronger abilities due to lack of rage. Using weaker rage builders like Assault + Retaliation is actually about 60% more damage than using a Vicious Slash and wasting a Retaliation Proc.

AoE Priority

  1. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow
  2. Force Scream Force Scream with Projected Scream Projected Scream Utility
  3. Smash Smash
  4. Sweeping Slash Sweeping Slash*

Use Aegis Assault before your first Crushing Blow. Use Aegis Assault and other rage builders as necessary.

*Sweeping Slash becomes better than Vicious Slash at 2 targets. At 3+ targets it becomes worth using over our other single target abilities.

General Opener

  1. Force Charge Force Charge
  2. Aegis Assault Aegis Assault 
  3. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow + Retaliation Retaliation 
  4. Force Scream Force Scream + Enrage, Threatening RageThreatening Rage
  5. Ravage Ravage
  6. Smash Smash
  7. Backhand Backhand 
  8. Force Choke Force Choke
  9. vicious slash Vicious Slash (Or vicious throw Vicious Throw with War Master War Master utility) 
  10. Aegis Assault Aegis Assault
  11. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow + Retaliation Retaliation

After the opener just follow your priority list. Use Threatening Rage as needed to supplement your main rage builders, also remember that Threatening Rage deals damage similar to smash to all taunted enemies within 15m. As fun as dealing damage is though, always prioritize your survivability and mechanics over DPS and uptime. 

How Taunts Work

The exact details on how taunts function is not explained anywhere in the game and this often leads to some confusion on how they work. Taunts basically function as a threat multiplier, since taunts are multipliers they become more effective the more threat there is on a target.  

When you taunt an enemy it takes the current highest threat, multiplies it by 110% or 130%, sets your threat to that value and forces the enemy to attack you for 6 seconds. The multiplier is dependent on your range from the target when you activate taunt, if you are within melee range (<4m) it is 110% and if you are outside of melee range (>4m) it is 130%. Some mechanics that force target swaps or threat drops can cause enemies to change targets even when taunted. 

So when you engage new enemies you don’t want to open with a taunt. It is generally best to go in, hit them with a few high threat abilities, and then taunt them so that your taunts generate more threat. 

Using this information lets take a look at what our open looks like when using taunts. You will want to use this opener when pulling a boss and you want to be the first one tanking it.

Opener with Taunts

  1. Force Charge Force Charge (+ Saber Reflect*)
  2. Aegis Assault Aegis Assault 
  3. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow + Retaliation Retaliation + Taunt Taunt
  4. Force Scream Force Scream + Enrage, Threatening Rage Threatening Rage
  5. Ravage Ravage
  6. Smash
  7. Backhand Backhand + Threatening Scream Threatening Scream
  8. Force Choke Force Choke
  9. vicious slash Vicious Slash (Or vicious throw Vicious Throw with War Master War Master utility) 
  10. Aegis Assault Aegis Assault
  11. Crushing Blow Crushing Blow + Retaliation Retaliation

*Only if you are specced into Saber Reflect and do not need it for a specific mechanic within the first 60s of a fight.

If using Retaliation + Taunt is difficult for you to activate between one GCD you can activate Taunt after Aegis Assault instead, however this will generate less threat. When you want to solidify your threat even more, and do not need to save your taunt for an upcoming mechanic, use your single target taunt again right after the taunt debuff from Threatening Scream expires.


StarParse is a popular program used by many SWTOR players to read the information generated from their combat logs. StarParse is useful for real time combat stats like DPS/DTPS/HPS/Timers as well as useful for analyzing your combat log after fights. Being able to check how much damage you are taking and from what sources can help you better understand how to use your defensive cooldowns. If you join a raid group in StarParse it will also display death logs from the last 10-15s before a player dies. These death logs can help you quickly identify the cause of a death, whether it was by mistiming DCDs or if it was due to a lack of healing. You can download StarParse here.


I hope all this information was helpful to you whether you are just starting with Immortal Juggernaut or if you are just trying to get up to date on the 7.0 changes. I’ll leave you with a few tips and reminders before I finish. 

Remember the types of damage and attacks your cooldowns mitigate so you can use them against the right things. 

While minimizing DTPS is important, it is more important to prioritize using DCDs to minimize spike damage as spike damage is more likely to get you killed. 

Try Saber Reflecting everything so you can learn what it works on, you will find some unexpected attacks it works against but you will also find that it does not work against some attacks you would expect it to. 

Juggernauts are very slow now with the removal of all of our movement speed boosts besides Rule of Two, being creative with Force Charge/ Intercede/ Mad Dash will help you move around the fight quickly and position. 

Finally, tanking as a role can be intimidating at the start. The only way you will get more comfortable with tanking is by doing fights. You won’t always get it right the first time but the more you familiarize yourself with the class and the fights, the better you can plan how to use your defenses and where you need to be for each mechanic.

About the Author

Most people know me as Dongo or Funkyphil, I’ve been playing SWTOR since 2014. Juggernaut was my first main class in this game and is my favorite class to play. Currently my main role is Tank but I have experience with every spec in the game and have cleared all Nightmare mode content as every class and role. I am GM of the raiding guild <Failure> on Satele Shan and lead Group Emerald. My most notable PvE achievements include World First 5/5 NiM Gods, World Second Gods Timed run, World Second 6/6 NiM Dxun, World First Dxun Timed Run, and World First Ultimate Hunter. A few notable PvP achievements include Rank 1 & 2 Juggernaut Solo Ranked S9, Rank 1 Mercenary Team Ranked S9, and Rank 3 Mercenary Solo Ranked S11. I would like to give a thanks to my guild mates as well as all my current/past raid teammates for helping me become a better player and for all the great times we’ve had together. 

If you are interested you can find videos of me playing Juggernaut tank and other specs on my Youtube Channel and on my Twitch Channel. If you want to contact me you can send an ingame mail to my character Dongo on Imperial side Satele Shan or add me on discord Funkyphil#6309.

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