BioWare System Designer David Staats announces changes to the Galactic Conquest are coming with the release of SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith!

Update to the Personal Conquest Goal

The goal for Personal Conquest will be increased from the previous 50,000 points to 100,000 points for Legacy of the Sith.

There are numerous facets to Conquest the team has been reviewing:

  • The economic impacts the system has had over the 6.0 era
  • The engagement impacts of the system and how that has affected not just the individual player but how it has affected the greater community as a whole
  • How Conquest is going to be tied into the 7.0 systems and gameplay loops

We want to ensure that Conquest remains a viable and enjoyable loop for all types of players, while also ensuring that it is promoting a healthy relationship for players and the connecting systems.

The dev team believes that the starting point of all of this is in the rate of which Conquest can be completed. It has an immediate and direct effect on every facet mentioned above.

  • It contributes to how many additional credits are being generated per week across the game
  • How many Guild Flagship Encryptions can be obtained and thus how rapidly a Guild can progress their Flagship
  • How many characters a player decides to run through the Conquest cycle
  • Which Conquest Objectives players favor in order to maximize their goals

What we have seen throughout 6.0 was that the rate of Conquest completion was not contributing to these facets in a healthy manner. It was increasing the rate of acquisition for what should be long term goals for players, promoting a playstyle of interruptive play as players hit their Conquest target and then swap out their characters, creating social pressures to participate in Conquest as often as possible, and adding to the on-going economic changes we have seen in the game over the past year.

We reviewed various goal amounts, both with their impact on the systems currently and soon to be associated with Conquest, but also with the player experience in mind. After this review, we found that 100,000 was the best bridge between the goals of maintaining the health of these systems while minimizing the impact for all players. We want to maintain that Conquest is an enjoyable system which rewards you for doing virtually anything the game has to offer, while also proactively working to ensure we can provide a healthy and responsible symbiotic relation to the economy, and additional systems and progression tied around it. We want to ensure that Conquest is still a system where players feel that they can run it with multiple characters each week, but that it is not the only way to enjoy Conquest.

I think it’s a good thing to increase the number of points needed to reach Conquest to 100k. I remember back when Conquest was first released, you really had to spend time on specific objectives to reach the 35k points, but now it’s like all you have to do is log in, sneeze at some random enemy, and there’s Conquest. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely support it being faster to gain Conquest rather than slower, but I do think it has been a bit too fast in 6.0. Earning 100k Conquest should still happen pretty fast, but you’ll definitely have to make more of an effort to reach it. The biggest impact this will have is on how many alts receive Conquest each week, which seems to be their intention.

Some players have pointed out that the effect will be a bit more significant than it may seem on the surface since we won’t have the Conquest points from gaining Renown ranks because that whole system is going away in 7.0 as part of the gearing RNG purge. 

I am curious if it would have been better to tweak more of the objectives to be one-time only as opposed to being repeatable since that would have a similar effect, though it perhaps wouldn’t scale as well for players with many alts and would introduce complexity and potentially other problems depending on how exactly it was implemented.

Conquest Objectives Screen

Update to Objective Rewards

With the launch of SWTOR 7.0 Conquest Objectives will no longer reward experience or credits for completing them.

We are making this change to help reduce the number of credits being generated in the game, as well as removing the experience loop Conquest has had in the past.

While Conquest is not solely responsible for some of the economic shifts we have seen in the game, it is definitely a strong contributor. The credit amount for individual Objectives was never considered high; however, over time those values begin to add up to a non-zero impact sum.

As an example of this, one of the more completed Objectives, “Missions: Story Time”, has generated nearly 64 billion credits into the economy alone. This is not taking into consideration the Credits players earned for completing the Story Mission itself (which could exponentially expand this value). As you can see, the combination of the Objective Credit reward with the Mission Credit reward is generating more credits into the game than necessary.

The removal of the experience reward is being done to help contribute toward the health of the leveling process, while also removing a self-generating loop in Conquest where completing Conquest Objectives would grant experience to level a player up. This would complete the ‘Advancement: Gain a Level’, ‘Advancement: Gain 5 Levels’, or ‘Renown: Rank Up’, thus gaining a player more experience. This loop in combination of the impact on the leveling experience are the reasons we are removing experience rewards from Conquest Objectives.

We want to maintain that the activity you are doing is the focal point and should provide the Credits and experience reward; not the Conquest Objective itself.

It sounds reasonable that Conquest rewards have greatly contributed to the hyperinflation we’re experiencing, though considering the entire playerbase, 64 billion doesn’t seem like that much. Even 8 trillion, which is what you get when you multiply 64 billion times the number of Conquest Objectives, doesn’t seem all that much either. That said, I’m not an economist and I certainly don’t have access to nearly as much information about SWTOR’s economy as BioWare. All we can really do is hope that they can fix this major issue. 

Is 40m reasonable for the median price of an armor set?

BioWare definitely needs to pay much closer attention to the in-game economy going forward though. Inflation has been a major issue in this game for a long time largely because of BioWare’s negligence. 

Concluding Thoughts

Full disclosure, I’ve never been super into Conquest and have never been a part of a Conquest guild. To me, it’s always just been a neat little bonus I get on top of doing the activities I enjoy and it doesn’t seem like these Conquest changes will affect me and how I play all that much.

I can see how this will be more frustrating for more Conquest-centric players who are more focused on getting Conquest on many different toons, but I don’t think there’s too much of a reason to worry. Conquest is one of the most popular ways of playing the game and it will even have its own dedicated gearing track in 7.0. BioWare has worked hard to improve it over the years and on the whole, they have done an excellent job in my opinion. If these changes end up taking things too far, I’m sure BioWare will take steps to correct it.

David’s post can be found here.

While these changes come into effect, you can still use the SWTOR Conquest Guide SWTOR Conquest Guide (Updated for 6.3.1) to earn your weekly personal and guild rewards! When the changes become reality, this guide will be updated accordingly, of course.

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