BioWare released notes for SWTOR Game Update 6.3.2a – a small patch with one big notable change – Kai Zykken will be on the fleet constantly!

Patch 6.3.2a releases on September 14th following a maintenance period. Being a “lettered” update, this means you cannot expect much from it.

6.3.2a brings one huge improvement, however – quality of life, you might call it. Kai Zykken will now be constantly present on the Republic and Empire Fleets. You can visit the Merchant of Mystery (why do I keep thinking Gaunter O’Dimm every time I hear this) any day or time of the week to purchase his exclusive and unique items.

You can find Kai Zykken in his usual spot on the outer circle on the Fleet, in the Supplies section. If you will now be visiting him for the first time, there is a short cinematic of him welcoming you. Nothing special, but it’s cool that they are “developing” this character since his first appearance on Rishi in Shadow of Revan 3.0 Expansion.

This would have been fantastic news to a lot of players if it happened an year or so earlier.

As it happens every Holiday Season, new Star Wars fans join the ranks of active players in SWTOR inspired by Disney’s new and recurring shows, so this will still be a welcomed change to all newly arriving at SWTOR’s EndGame players.

The rest of the patch notes are what I would call traditional for a small patch such as this one. Below you can read the full patch notes as they were officially announced on

  • Kai Zykken, the Merchant of Mystery, is now available all days of the week to sell Unique Items to players.
  • The following Izax and Dxun decorations are now tradeable:
    • Commemorative Statue of Red the Pack Leader
    • Commemorative Statue of Predator Droid
    • Commemorative Statue of Mutant Trandoshans
    • Commemorative Statue of Kronissus
    • Commemorative Statue of Hissyphus
    • Commemorative Statue of Titax
    • Commemorative Statue of Greus
    • Commemorative Statue of The Huntmaster
    • Apex Vanguard Statue
    • Commemorative Statue of Izax, the Destroyer
  • The following Objectives are now correctly progressing:
    • Crafting: Inventor
    • Crafting: Inventor 2
  • The descriptions in the PvP tabs of the Activity Finder window are no longer missing.
  • It is no longer possible to edit the descriptions of the Activities in the Activity Finder window.
  • The “True Apex Predator” Title has been temporarily changed to the “Apex Predator” Title to fix it appearing as blank. The correct title will be restored in a future update.
  • Bosses are no longer only dropping crafting materials for low-level characters (56-60) in the following Flashpoint – Story Mode:
    • Maelstrom Prison
    • Assault on Tython
    • The Black Talon
  • Fixed the following issues on harvesting nodes:
    • Players now correctly receive their loot after harvesting a node while in a group.
    • Harvesting nodes now correctly appear as fully looted after being harvested.
  • The following issue has been previously fixed with a hotfix deployed on September, 1st:
  • Items that were already ‘Bound by Legacy’ are no longer showing a bind timer.

This week we have a new PTS phase coming. BioWare announced this on the forums today:

We will be taking down the PTS shortly to perform character wipes in order to prepare for the next phase. We intend on launching the next phase sometime this week. All relevant info will be posted once it is live. Should any of this change, we will let you know.

JackieKo wrote

We’ve already seen the first glimpses of the Guardian 7.0 changes and Sentinel 7.0 changes coming with the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 Expansion from the first PTS phase. In the second they showed us the Operative and Sniper 7.0 changes.

With the next phase, coming some time this week, we might see the full roster of characters and specs. Only time will tell!

One thing is certain, though – as soon as the new PTS is up, Endonae will be diving deep into all of the changes to break them all down into pieces and serve them to you in a nicely digested form.

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