BioWare opened up the Public Test Server for Star Wars: The Old Republic once again. The new December story update 6.2 is currently there, without the story, of course. The devs have added the new SWTOR 6.2 Flashpoint for testing and surprised us with two new game features – a LogIn Rewards Window and an Emote Window

The November 13 Livestream was canceled

Starting with the most disturbing, yet most freshest news piece. BioWare had a live stream planned for Friday, November 13 2020. It was announced a few days earlier and was expected to preview a few of the new features coming out with SWTOR Update 6.2 this December.

The event was canceled last night, following a very disturbing news coming from Ubisofot regarding a real-life hostage situation potentially being in progress at one of their studios.

Shortly after the news broke out, Eric Musco posted this on the forums and on Twitter:

“With the situation unfolding tonight with our Ubisoft colleagues in Montreal, we’re going to postpone our livestream cantina to a future date which we will announce soon. Thanks everyone, and be safe.”

Ubisoft Montreal released the following message later:

There is currently no new date for the SWTOR 6.2 live stream that was planned for yesterday. I am really looking forward to seeing this, because Musco hyped it up quite a bit in he hours before the event yesterday:

The new 6.2 Flashpoint

Ever since BioWare treated us to the SWTOR Fall Roadmap for 2020 we knew that the 6.2 update will be a bigger one and will deliver a new story-related Flashpoint.

SWTOR 6.2 Flashpoint preview imageSWTOR 6.2 Flashpoint preview image

Called “The Spirit of Vengeance” the new Flashpoint tells a story of rogue Mandalorians. Here is the premise from the in-game mission:

Renegade Mandalorians commanded by Heta Kol ambushed one of Shae Vizla’s capital ships – The Spirit of Vengeance II – to rip it apart and steal priceless Mandalorian relics. Players will fight these renegades to free Shae Vizla’s ship and save its crew and relics.
The Mandalorians’ flagship, the Spirit of Vengeance II, has come under attack during a cargo run commanded by Jekiah Ordo. Shae Vizla has recruited your help in saving the ship, its crew and cargo.

How fitting! Given the fact that we are currently in the middle of the Mandalorian’s Second season streaming on Disneyplus!

To test the new Flashpoint on PTS without the major story spoilers, of course, you can copy your character to PTS and head to Odessen. Take the elevator (left hand-side as you face the wall in the Odessen base) to the Alliance Operations room.

SWTOR Spirits of Vengeance Flashpoint Terminal and MissionsSWTOR Spirits of Vengeance Flashpoint Terminal and Missions

There is one single terminal available in the area there and it will allow you to pick up one of three available missions: Story, Veteran and Master Mode.

Note that at this stage the Flashpoint is a bit buggy. You may encounter strange behaviors and game breaking bugs. I did have some trouble on my first run myself.

SWTOR 6.2 Spirits of Vengeance Flashpoint interiorSWTOR 6.2 Spirits of Vengeance Flashpoint interior

UPDATE: The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint Guide is now available for you to use! It contains information for the achievements available inside as well as all of the lore objects and, of course, the boss mechanics.

New Login Rewards Program

Since I don’t play other MMOs currently I am not aware whose idea BioWare took, but this seems like a proper thing for an old MMO game to undertake and whoever came up with this one, I have to congratulate them!

SWTOR 6.2 Login Rewards WindowSWTOR 6.2 Login Rewards Window
The new Login Rewards window, work-in-progress from PTS

The new Login Rewards system is rolling out with 6.2 in December and it is designed to encourage you to log into the game more often. Frequently, actually. There are different types of rewards stages and segments based on that how often you log in each week. You will be eligible for a reward regardless if you are a SWTOR Subscriber or not.

Login Rewards Tracker ToolLogin Rewards Tracker Tool

To access the new Login Rewards window, click on this little tracker next to your minimap

There are Daily rewards and Weekly rewards in this program. The Weekly rewards are only for Subscribers, though. So, while everyone gets something for logging in to play the game, Subscribers will get a little extra stuff. if they log into the game at least four days during a week. That Weekly reward will be different each week.

One of our primary design goals for the Login Reward system was to allow you the opportunity to progress your Reward Calendar at your own pace, without missing rewards! As such, the system tracks accumulated logins (think of a punch card), providing you with a reward every time you log into the game.” – David Staats explained on the forums

This means that if you log into the game for the first time on Monday, you earn your first reward. If you do not long into the game again until Friday, you still earn your second reward, as that is your second login. This continues until you have completed all 28 days in a Reward Calendar.

The Login Reward system does not have a timed expiration – you may progress the Reward Calendar at your own pace, be that 28 days, or more.

About these rewards, though. They are “meh”. And they cannot be anything else. This system is designed as a fluff. I highly doubt anybody will dramatically change the way or frequency with which they login to the game because of these items, but it’s still nice to have a feature like this. Who knows, maybe down the line Bioware will surprise us with a more meaningful rewards. Perhaps “seasonal” ones?

Logging in to the game means nothing, so you should not expect to be rewarded with something exclusive and incredibly expensive or precious. Playing the game regularly for an extended period of time (say between big updates – “seasonal”) would be a good enough reason for a more interesting and inspiring reward!

How the Rewards Calendars will work

The Login Reward system comprises 3 different Reward Calendars, each being 28 days in length. When you log into the game, you will be assigned 1 of the 3 different calendars; “Strength In Allies”, “United Efforts”, or “Aggressive Negotiations”. While the majority of the rewards are shared across all calendars, each of these specific calendars comes with their own “calendar defining rewards” based around their theme, or associated gameplay system.

  • Strength In Allies – Companions. As you progress through this calendar, you can expect to earn various levels of Companion gift qualities and amounts.
  • United Efforts – Crew Skills. As you progress through this calendar, you can expect to earn various levels of Material qualities and amounts.
  • Aggressive Negotiations – Warzones and Galactic Starfighter. As you progress through this calendar, you can expect to earn various stims, adrenals, and Requisition grants.

Once you have completed your 28 day Reward Calendar, you will be assigned a new Reward Calendar on your next login, and can immediately continue to earn rewards.

What Rewards to expect from this program

Rewards may only be claimed once per server, however almost all rewards which come from the Login Reward system are Bind On Legacy. Here is an example list of possible rewards:

  • Credit Chips
  • Scavenged Scrap
  • Assorted Droid Parts
  • Jawa Junk
  • Kai Zykken’s Satchel of Dyes
  • Cartel Certificates

Every seventh login you will get a chest with random items including a “calendar-defining” reward (as BioWare described it) and the following (based on the login number):

  • Purple Sparkle Powder ( 7th login in a calendar)
  • Tech Fragments (14th and 28th logins in a calendar)
  • Credit Chips (21st login in a calendar)
  • Personal Conquest Requisition (Grants 50k Personal Conquest points – 28th login in a calendar)
  • Legendary Embers (28th login in a calendar)

Subscriber Weekly Bonus Rewards

If you are a subscriber and log in to the game at least four times per week, you will get one of the following rewards (list is not complete):

  • Personal Conquest Requisition (Grants 50k Personal Conquest points)
  • Valor Token (Grants 6k Valor)
  • Badge of Renown (Grants 160k Renown)
  • Crate of Universal Prefabs (Grants 1 of each MK-1, MK-2, MK-3, and MK-4 Universal Prefabs)

New 6.2 Emotes Window

A new Window is being designed to better organize and structure the thousands of emotes you may have available. Whether you have unlocked something for free, purchased it from GTN or the Cartel Market, one thing is certain – today’s SWTOR Emotes collection is enormous and this Emotes Window is a good idea to have!

I personally dislike the design of the new tool, but since it’s not final yet (this is an early build from PTS), I wont comment on it. The Emotes Window is accessible from the Social drop-down menu.

How to open the Emotes Window in SWTOR 6.2How to open the Emotes Window in SWTOR 6.2

When you open it, you will see all Emotes available in the game structured in twelve categories. When you open each one, you will then see specific Emotes and a little hint how they can be unlocked if you don’t already own them. Here are a few images from the tool’s “home page” and its sub-categories:

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