BioWare announced today a new mini-pet that you can claim in Star Wars The Old Republic. It is inspired by one of the ships in the new starship pilot simulator Star Wars Squadrons releasing today! Alongside the mini-pet announcement BioWare also confirmed the release date for SWTOR Game Update 6.1.4!

SWTOR 6.1.4 arrives October 20

SWTOR‘s next patch is labeled 6.1.4 and is now set to arrive on October 20, Tuesday. It doesn’t bring a new storyline, but comes with a new event, Conquest changes, significant nerf to the Guard ability, new tier of Augments and more!

Update 6.1.4 is currently available for testing on the Public Test Server, where BioWare’s system designer David Staats confirmed the previously announced changes to the Conquest system.

The original idea for this patch was to introduce a better balance among the many available Conquest objectives in each conquest event. The first PTS patch brought some nerfs and restrictions to which objective you can play and when.

Player feedback forced the devs to revisit their intentions. The new PTS patch will bring most of the objective points earned back closer to their original value as they are right now on the live servers in 6.1.3.

Increasing or decreasing the points earned per objective is not all that the Conquest System is going to see with 6.1.4. New objectives will be added and several existing ones will receive new repeatability status. All in an attempt to find a better balance between the player’s effort and points gained per objective.

For the full details, which are still not final as the testing continues, can be found in David’s forum post.

The biggest new feature for 6.1.4 is the Feast of Prosperity in-game event. This new seasonal event will appear once per year around that time (October, November).

Feast of Prosperity is currently available on PTS, including a few bugs and excluding the main story of this event past the intro mission, of course.

It is an interesting mix of unusual activities in an attempt to lighten the spirit of the players while still providing a challenging environment for those, who see it.

The final big point of 6.1.4 are the new tier of Augments. I already covered what we know about them so far in a previous news story: SWTOR 6.1.4 brings New tier of Augments.

Update 6.1.4 also brings a severe nerf to the Guard ability for all DPS classes that have and use it. While guarding someone you will now deal 50% less damage. This is done to isolate the effect of the Guard ability and its over usage in certain scenarios in PvP.

A set of measurements are being introduced to how BioWare handles harassment in SWTOR, especially in PvP. It was a serious topic of discussion in this recent interview with the devs.

Get a free Starship mini-pet inspired by Star Wars Squadrons

Today, October 2 2020 is the official launch of Motive’s newest video game – Star Wars Squadrons. It is a title most of us did not expect, but some old-school veterans of the X-Wings series have surely been dreaming of something of this sort to come out.

“In honor of the launch of Star Wars™: Squadrons, players can receive their own Vanguard Squadron inspired mini-pet in The Old Republic starting October 20” – the official announcement on the SWTOR forums states

SWTOR free Corellian Stardrive Vanguard mini-petSWTOR free Corellian Stardrive Vanguard mini-pet

If you log in to SWTOR between October 20th (the launch date of 6.1.4) and November 17th, you will automatically receive the Model Corellian Stardrive Vanguard mini-pet.

The announcement article states that “This mini-pet will be granted for free to any player that logs into Star Wars: The Old Republic from Tuesday, October 20th (alongside Game Update 6.1.4’s launch) through Tuesday, November 17th“. There is no official confirmation that the mini-pet is tied to the launch of 6.1.4.

As we know delays of game updates are a frequent event in SWTOR’s development (and any other game for that matter). If the mini-pet is indeed tied to the release date of the patch, then we may have to wait a while longer to get it in our mail boxes.

This item will arrive in your mail box in-game. It will be available for all of your current characters as well as any new alts you create in the future. The level 1 character mails keep piling up :)))

This official promotion from BioWare was announced on October 2, 2020. You can check out the official announcement here.

Here is a brief introduction of what Star Wars Squadrons is:

Set just after the Battle of Endor, Star Wars: Squadrons tells the story of two rival starfighter squadrons: Titan Squadron, fighting for the remnants of the Galactic Empire, and Vanguard Squadron, defenders of the fledgling New Republic. When the New Republic develops a secret plan for victory — codenamed “Project Starhawk” — these pilots clash in a conflict that will redefine the war.

Vanguard Squadron’s pilots come from across the galaxy. War-hardened veterans and lovable scoundrels, daredevil racers and fearless rebels — each one is shaped by years of conflict, but hopeful that a New Republic victory means peace and freedom for all.

Meanwhile, Titan Squadron are loyal Imperials facing an uncertain future after the death of the Emperor. Some pilots harbor grand ambitions; some hunger for revenge against the rebellion that shattered their lives; and others see the Empire as the only hope for order in a chaotic galaxy. Both squadrons are fighting for what they believe in, and both will do whatever it takes to win.

Star Wars Squadrons fills a large and old gap in the Star Wars starship piloting experience that was left open for many years. It also weirdly enough completely blocks and overshadows the Starfighter Assault game mode of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Yes, the two are actually different in terms of gameplay design. Battlefront 2’s Starfighter Assault is more of an arcade shooter and Squadrons is a much deeper and complex simulation-like experience.

Squadrons is also available in VR if you are into that sort of thing.

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