This is a review of all newly released and available items on the Cartel Market Store in SWTOR Update 6.1.4. Each one can purchased separately as well as found as a random drop from a Cartel Pack or a Hypercrate of Packs!

Note: I have purchased all of these items with my own Cartel Coins for the purposes of this review. Special thanks to the many of you, who use my Referral Link. and allow me to do these reviews

The majority of items are inspired by the Disney’s The Mandalorian tv series, premiering in just a few days at the end of October.

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Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Armor Set

The Infamous Bounty Hunter Armor Set comes with Blaster Pistol and Blaster Rifle. Both weapons can be purchased separately as well. I will share more details on them in their segments further below. The price of the bundle is 4800 Cartel Coins. The Armor Set on its own costs 2100 Cartel Coins.

Infamous Bounty Hunter'sInfamous Bounty Hunter's

The Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Armor set comes in seven pieces:

  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Helmet
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Chestpiece
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Bracers
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Gauntlets
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Belt
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Greaves
  • Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Boots

When you draw your weapons, the reticle on the right side of the helmet drops down in front of your right eye and glows with the same color as the color crystal inserted into your weapon. The Gauntlet on your left hand also extends when you enter combat and retracts when you exit.

Discharged Infantry Armor Set

Another armor set inspired by The Mandalorian tv show is the Discharged Infantry armor set. It is modeled by the outfit worn by Gena Carano’s character Cara Dune. Its standard price of this armor set is 1440 Cartel Coins.

SWTOR Cartel Market - Discharged Infantry Armor SetSWTOR Cartel Market - Discharged Infantry Armor Set

This set contains seven pieces:

  • Discharged Infantry’s Headgear
  • Discharged Infantry’s Chestpiece
  • Discharged Infantry’s Bracers
  • Discharged Infantry’s Gloves
  • Discharged Infantry’s Belt
  • Discharged Infantry’s Greaves
  • Discharged Infantry’s Boots

Payday Blaster Pistol

The Payday Blaster Pistol is inspired by the Bergmann1896 model, which is a newer version of the Bergman 1894, used by Din Djarin in the tv show The Mandalorian. The Pistol is sold as a part of the Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Armor Set and as a stand-alone purchase. On its own it costs 1800 Cartel Coins.

Image source: Tanner Hartman

Amban JP Blaster Rifle

Yet another weapon inspired from The Mandalorian series is the Amban JP Blaster Rifle. The original weapon used by Din Djarin is the Amban phase-pulse blaster. The Blaster Rifle has a unique animation upon enemy defeat – disintegration effect (similar to the one in the TV Show). This weapon is available as a part of the Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Armor Pack or as a stand-alone purchase. On its own it costs 2500 Cartel Coins.

Devastator Hoverturret Mount

The Devastaror Hoverturret mount is another throwback to The Mandalorian show. This large and bulky chunk of metal bolted together has a unique flourish when you “call” it. The mount appears in a bundle of smoke and the turret fires a single blaster shot, then the cannon’s exhaust holes get from yellow to red and then back to neutral color (an attempt to show that the canon has cooled down and is ready to fire again, although it wont as this is not a real weapon, just a flourish). The price of the Devastator Hoverturret Mount is 1500 Cartel Coins.

Desert Mudhorn Mount

The Desert Mudhorn Mount is a fantastic SWTOR-ized copy of the Mudnorh beast Din Djarin fights in episode 2 of the show. The mount costs 1500 Cartel Coins.

It’s my new favorite beast creature to ride in the game. I still don’t like its appearance “on the move” looking at it from behind, but this has been an issue for me with literally all four-legged mounts in SWTOR since forever (the slow speed makes it look funny).

Exiled Mercenary Decoration Bundle

TheExiled Mercenary Decoration Bundle is perfect to set it up in your Tatooine Stronghold. Unfortunately, I packed up mine a while ago and will instead show you the items in my Rishi “home” as background.

The Bundle costs 1800 Cartel Coins and contains ten items.

  • 1 Carbonite Freeze Chamber
  • 1 Carbonite Prisoner Rack
  • 2 Livestock Corral
  • 1 Roasting Monkey Lizard
  • 4 Trooper Helmet on Pike
  • 4 Veteran’s Helmet on Pike
  • 1 Helmets on Pikes
  • 1 Astromech Cart
  • 2 Gatekeeper Droid
  • 2 Bandit’s Brewing Vat

These items were released on October 20, together with the launch of SWTOR Update 6.1.4. This update also brought a new seasonal event. You can check out the SWTOR Feast of Prosperity Guide for more information and detailed instructions on how to find, pick up and complete all missions and earn all rewards and achievements.

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