SWTOR Update 6.1.4 releases on October 20, 2020. This patch does not bring new story content. It focuses on improving various currently existing and running systems in the game. The highlights include a new seasonal event “Feast of Prosperity”, which actually does have some story elements to it, new highest tier of Augments, Conquest changes, new Deserter Lockout timers and rules to fight toxicity in PvP and more!

This time around I am combining the Patch notes post with the regular “everything you should know”. For 6.1.4 I bundled them into one article. Check the Table of Contents if you are only interested in one segment of this update. The patch notes are at the bottom of the article.

Let’s take a look!

Table of contents

New Seasonal Event “Feast of Prosperity”

Feast of Prosperity is a new SWTOR Seasonal event released for the first time with update 6.1.4. It appears once a year and brings a new type of content and missions that do not involve combat and weapons, but instead urge you to participate in a Feast.

To start Feast if Prosperity, head to the tables with food outside the Bazaar on the Empire and Republic Fleets. Speak to the Crier NPC and then head to Nar Shaddaa, where the actual event takes place.

The event will be available for a limited duration. It includes daily missions in different difficulties. Each week there will be another reveal of the main story behind the event.

The Feast of Prosperity is not directly related to the main narrative of SWTOR. It was create for the most part in the toughest times for development of a video game as 2020 is not exactly the favorite year for any game developer and studio.

The conversations in Feast of Prosperity include primarily alien languages, most likely due to the fact that recording studios were shut down for the better part of last half year.

Feast of Prosperity will run from October 20th until November 10th 2020.

Conquest changes in 6.1.4

It has been a couple of updates since the last Conquest changes from 6.1.2. It was time for BioWare to introduce the next batch of improvements to the most-changed-system-ever. And this time around changes are bigger and more impactful!

The changes made to the Conquest system in SWTOR 6.1.4 attempt to bring a better balance between objectives difficulties, time spent to complete them and proper reward for your efforts.

We took a thorough look at every Conquest objective and balanced their final points through emphasizing objective time to complete, complexity, and repeatability. The result is an abundance of Conquest points for some of the most complex and/or time intensive objectives, lesser points for marginal time and effort objectives, and an even scale for those objectives in the middle.” said system designer David Staats in a forum post a few weeks ago.

Most of the objectives have seen a revision and the interesting outcome is that it is likely that you will earn your Conquest Points even quicker and easier now. Especially if you choose the objectives properly.

Changes have been made to the Level Brackets as well. But that is not all. A ton of new objectives have been added to the roster with this update. Just when I thought that every single action and movement of my character rewards me Conquest Points for some reason, it turned out that BioWare found a few missed opportunities to throw even more points at me (and you).

I have included the full changes to in my updated to 6.1.4 Conquest Guide.

New Tier of Augments now available

It’s been just about an year since these augments were discovered to be waiting their time to shine. BioWare explained the long delay with a trivial reason: they wanted to give the hardcore players enough time to enjoy their hard-earned gear before they make them farm for a better one again in SWTOR’s EndGame.

The new Augments have Item Rating 300 and are going to be quite hard and expensive to obtain. To get them you will need new crafting materials, introduced with 6.1.4, specifically for them:

  • OEM-37 – obtainable from Operation Bosses (PvE)
  • RPM-13 – obtainable from Ranked Missions and boxes (PvP)

That’s right. To get the new augments you will need to participate and succeed in the toughest content SWTOR has to offer on both fronts – PvP and PvE.

Cybertechs are the only one that can craft the new augments and here is what they will need for one single Augment:

  • 14 RPM-13
  • 7 OEM-37
  • 5 Legendary Embers

The stats pools are as follows:

  • +171 Endurance
  • +171 Power
  • +130 Mastery / Accuracy / Alacrity / Crit / Defense / Shield / Absorb

For a better overview check out the Augments in SWTOR Guide.

New Deserter Lockout and PvP Toxicity rules

In an attempt to fight back the rising toxicity in the game’s PvP environment, BioWare developed a new set of rules and in-game systems that launch with the release of 6.1.4.

In Unranked Warzones you will get a 15 minutes Deserter Lockout of you leave early a game. If you get vote-kicked during a game, you will get a 5 minutes Lockdown timer. In case you are not aware, these were also in place in 6.1.3 and earlier patches.

The change is mostly aimed at Ranked PvP. In both Solo and Team Ranked you are no longer able to use the Vote Kick command. It has been removed from this part of the game.

In addition the Deserver Lockout timer is increased to 20 minutes with “diminishing returns”. If you decline a game or leave one before it is finished, you will get that lockout. If you continue doing it, the system will make your punishment longer until you hit the hard cap.

If you hit the max timer for the Deserter Lockout in Ranked, you will keep it for the remainder of the week (until Tuesday, I assume).

An important change here to note is the lockout timer prevents queueing for all PvP activity: Unranked, Solo Ranked, Group Ranked, and Galactic Starfighter. In addition, all Deserter lockouts will be account-based.

Why is BioWare doing all this? “Some of the philosophy behind this change is to still allow a smaller penalty for one-off accidents, such as missing a queue due to a bad internet connection or stepping away for a few minutes. Where the penalty increases is when we can begin to assume the likelihood of an attempt to manipulate the queue or gain an advantage in Ranked matches is greater than the likelihood of missing several queue pops on accident in a row.” – Chris Schmidt explained in a forum post shortly before patch 6.1.4 released.

Get a FREE Star Wars Squadrons inspired Starship mini-pet

There is currently an on-going promotion ran by BioWare. If you log in to SWTOR between October 20th (the launch date of 6.1.4) and November 17th, you will automatically receive the Model Corellian Stardrive Vanguard mini-pet.

This item will arrive in your mail box in-game. It will be available for all of your current characters as well as any new alts you create in the future. The level 1 character mails keep piling up.

SWTOR 6.1.4 Patch Notes

Below are the full and official Patch Notes for SWTOR Game Update 6.1.4. The Notes were posted to swtor.com on Monday, October 19, one day before the update hit the live servers.


  • Conquest – Several quality of life changes have been made to the Conquest system, including rebalanced points, new objectives, and level bracket changes. More details in the Conquest section.
  • New Augments – A new tier of Legendary quality Augments at Item Rating 300 have been added to the game. A new Cybertech Schematic, used in the process of crafting the new augments, can be picked up at your local trainer. It requires two new materials, obtainable from Master Mode Operations and Ranked PvP.
  • New In-game Event: Feast of Prosperity – This new in-game event is now live! Help Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous restore the Cartel’s influence during the 3 weeks of the event. Each week a new Story Mission will unlock to progress the event storyline, leading to the climatic choice during the third and final week: Gaboorga or Duuba? This event will initially run from October 20th – November 10th.
  • Legacy Ignore – Players will now be able to ignore a character’s entire Legacy. This option will also block those players from entering the blocker’s stronghold and override the possession of any type of stronghold key owned by the ignored player. The Legacy Ignore list is shared across a player’s Legacy.


  • Changes to squelch have been made across the galaxy. Squelched players will no longer be prevented from talking in guild, group, or ops chats. Additionally, players may be squelched only on the origin worlds and still able to talk in other planet chats.
  • The Tython theme is no longer played on top of the Cantina Music in the Jedi Temple.
  • The Honorary Bouncer’s Badge is now purchasable at the vendor near the bar in the Slugfall Cantina for characters from the same Legacy as a character who already completed the Mek-Sha Heroic Achievement “The Death Sentence on Twelve Systems”.
  • The Objective Meridian Achievements in the Legacy Window have now icons and background images.
  • Players who used the “Random Mount” button before logging out are no longer on a mount when logging back. In addition, the button will no longer remain in an active state upon logging back in, which could cause a “You are already mounted” error message in some cases.
  • Players below level 75 will no longer receive Tech Fragments as rewards, as intended.
  • Players can no longer avoid exhaustion zones.
  • Whisper and Add friend options can now be used from the Guild roster for players with a special character in their names.
  • Clicking on the Open Window button of the “Advancement: Reputation” section in the Conquest Objectives window is now opening the Reputation window.
  • Resolved an issue where some who list searches would not return all matches.
  • The duration of all in-game pop-up notifications has been shortened.
  • Players can now use the Comment/Guild/Chat Zone column to change data they’re viewing in the “Who” tab of the Social Window.
  • Corrected an issue where players were not able to rename their characters in some situations.
  • The Mission Reward window will now automatically pre-select the item when there is only one item to select.
  • The preview window will now appear when using CTRL + Left click over the dye item in the Stamp Dye menu.
  • The text in the Preference Window options will no longer overlap with each other.
  • The temporary Ability Bar applied to the players will no longer disappear after the player logs out and then back in.
  • The personal starship dummy now scales to level 70 when using Reverse Bolster modulators, as intended.
  • Training Dummy Health modulator items are now preventing players from benefiting from Guild Perks even if they gain the Guild Perks after applying the Health modulator to the Training Dummy.
  • Mailboxes on Imperial players’ ships are now displayed on the map if the player has enabled “Mailbox Display” from the main map options.
  • Exit points can now be set up at all discovered bind points on the Valor-Class Republic Cruiser and Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught Flagships.
  • Guilds will now be able to allow members to use Flagship Summon without enabling credits withdrawal.
  • Fixed an error which could cause guild strongholds and flagships to be unavailable.
  • Changing a character’s specialization while mounted from the Random Mount ability will no longer cause odd visual effects.
  • The Stronghold arrival point can now be set by other characters from the same Legacy than the Stronghold’s owner.
  • Enemies will now be less likely to open combat against a player with a stun attack.

Cartel Market

  • The description of the “Junkshop Decoration bundle” will now correctly mention “2 Droid Junk Pile” in the list of included decorations.
  • Corrected a typo in the German name of the Vice Admiral’s Purple and Grey Dye Module.
  • The visual of the Pragmatic Master’s Armor Set in the Character Sheet and Preview Window have been updated to properly reflect the armor set’s appearance.

Items + Economy

  • The Predacious Weapon Lockbox (Season 6) has been returned to the vendor once again and contains all weapons as intended:
    • The Predacious Blaster Pistol
    • The Predacious Offhand Blaster Pistol
    • The Predacious Scoped Heavy Blaster
    • The Predacious Offhand Scoped Heavy Blaster
  • The Chestpieces and Pants of the following Armor Sets no longer have an unintended metallic armor sound when jumping, running, and falling down:
    • Impulsive Adventurer
    • Secret Agent
    • Dashing Rogue
    • Wayvard Voyager
    • Resistance Fighter
    • Sly Operator
    • Resourceful Engineer
    • Expert Outlaw
    • Frontline Slicer
    • Exiled Revolutionary
    • Remote Outcast
    • Taskmaster
    • Loyal Adherent
    • Pragmatic Master
    • Revered Master
    • Light Devotee
    • Noble Councillor
    • Nathema Zealot
    • Shikaakwan Royalty
    • Festival Dress
    • Force Apprentice
    • Casual Connoisseur
    • Exiled Master
    • Je’daii Warrior
    • Dark Disciple
  • The icons of the following pieces of the Lab Technician’s Armor Set will now reflect their in-game appearance:
    • Belt
    • Boots
    • Gauntlets
    • Headgear
    • Coat
    • Bracers
  • Corrected the visual effect of the Basilisk War Mount decoration so that it matches the actual Mount.
  • The rockets of the Basilisk War mount will now have a sound when moving around, as intended.
  • The Obsidian Squad Recon Walker will now correctly unlock the corresponding decoration when used.
  • Buying Baron Deathmark’s Predacious Wrangler Replica will now grant the correct mount and Achievement.
  • A Number of Holo Sign decorations have been corrected to their proper colors, previously they were incorrectly showing entirely as blue.
  • The Explosive Weaponry Tactical no longer plays a visual effect when equipped, as intended.
  • The Spoils of War Vendors no longer give Enhancements with Accuracy to Healer disciplines.
  • Corrected the name of the Jaesa Willsaam Light and Dark Customizations so they match their items.
  • The Alderaan Floor Medallion decoration will no longer be partially covered by the floor when placed in a Stronghold.
  • Corrected a typo in the name of the Season 4 Replica Rewards: “Replica Swashbuckling Weapon Lockbox”.

Crew Skills


  • Players will no longer be able to send their Companions to do a crafting item Mission after a gathering Mission, as intended.


  • Grade 11 combination materials willnow grant crafting materials when disassembled by players who have the respective profession.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight Set Bonuses

  • Changed the Force Bound debuff icon to differ from Obfuscate’s icon.


  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Vigilance and Focus disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Sith Warrior

  • Corrected an erroneous error message when a Sith Warrior tries to cast an ability without the required amount of rage.

Sith Warrior Set Bonuses

  • Changed the Force Bound debuff icon to differ from Obfuscate’s icon.


  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Vengeance and Rage disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Jedi Consular


  • Forcequake damage is now appropriately considered area-of-effect damage once again.


  • Corrected an issue that caused the Kinetic Collapse utility to prevent charging characters from reaching their target.

Telekinetics Tacticals

  • Corrected an issue with the Eyrin’s Haste Tactical where Force Speed ability would sometimes not allow Turbulence to be activated instantly.


  • Players affected by the Mind Maze ability will no longer take an extra second to recover control of their movement after the sleep effect wears off.
  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Infiltration and Serenity disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Shadow Tacticals

  • The Force Shroud ability no longer applies to targets when the caster doesn’t have the Friend of the Force Tactical equipped, as intended.


  • Low Slash ability will now work against targets that move beyond 30 meters while the ability is in use.

Sith Inquisitor


  • Force Storm damage is now appropriately considered area-of-effect damage once again.


  • Corrected an issue that caused the Backlash utility to prevent charging characters from reaching their target.

Lightning Tacticals

  • Corrected an issue with the Eyrin’s Haste Tactical where Force Speed ability would sometimes not allow Thundering Blast to be activated instantly.


  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Deception and Hatred disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Assassin Tacticals

  • The Force Shroud ability no longer applies to targets when the caster doesn’t have the Friend of the Force Tactical equipped, as intended.


  • Low Slash ability should now work against targets that move beyond 30 meters while the ability is in use.




Sharpshooter Tacticals

  • Corrected a typo in the B-0 Differential Targeting System Tactical tooltip.

Imperial Agent


Sniper Tacticals

  • Corrected a typo in the Sniper’s Ambush buff.


Marksmanship Tacticals

  • Corrected a typo in the B-0 Differential Targeting System Tactical tooltip.

Bounty Hunter


Mercenary Set Bonuses

  • The Apex Predator Set Bonus now correctly increases the Critical chance of Tracer Missile and Grav Round.


  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Pyrotech and Advanced Prototype disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Powertech Tacticals

Shield Tech

  • The Jet Charge ability should no longer fail to activate and go on cooldown.
  • The Oil Fire Tactical will now give the proper amount of damage reduction.



Commando Set Bonuses

  • The Apex Predator Set Bonus now correctly increases the Critical chance of Tracer Missile and Grav Round.


  • A 50% damage penalty has been applied to the Plasmatech and Tactics disciplines while they are guarding allies.

Vanguard Tacticals

Shield Specialist

  • The Storm ability should no longer fail to activate and go on cooldown.
  • The Oil Fire Tactical will now give the proper amount of damage reduction.



  • Low-level characters can no longer be equipped with high-level gear when in a Flashpoint.


A Traitor Among the Chiss

  • Players will no longer be blocked when the Temple Guardian is killed by a companion.

Blood Hunt

  • Republic players will now see the opening cinematic of the Blood Hunt Flashpoint in Solo Mode.

Colicoid War Game

  • Corrected an issue preventing players from receiving and opening rewards in the Colicoid War Games Flashpoint.

Maelstrom Prison

  • Players are now set to the correct level in the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint in Story Mode.

The False Emperor

  • There are no longer invisible/non-targetable enemies in multiple areas of the Darth Malgus’ Space Station: Command Deck in The False Emperor Flashpoint.


The Dread Fortress

  • Gate Commander Draxus has gotten better managing his forgetfulness! He will no longer forget about returning to players after using Jet Away.



  • The proper loot is now dropping for Sith Assassin players with the Hatred discipline in Uprisings.
  • Weapons and offhands rewarded from Uprisings’ lootboxes will now respect the character’s Loot Discipline.
  • Tech Classes will no longer receive Hilts from Uprisings.
  • Force Classes will no longer receive Barrels from Uprisings.



  • An Item Rating of 306 is now required to queue for Solo Ranked PvP matches.
  • Players can no longer Vote Kick other players from Solo Ranked PvP matches.
  • Players can no longer leave a PvP queue when there is a pending match being created for them.
  • Previously, if a player left a PvP queue they may have encountered an ‘instant decline’ under certain circumstances, resulting in rating loss and a lockout in Ranked queues.
  • The text for the “Introduction to Warzones” Mission will now correctly indicate it requires a Warzone victory to progress the Mission.
  • The Sith Sorcerer and Sith Assassin icons on the PvP Arena Scorecard are now represented by their correct colors.
  • The lockout timer for declining a match in Solo Ranked PvP has been increased, with additional time being added if there are multiple declines in a row.
  • Players will no longer be able to remove the “Deserter detection” debuff while remaining in one of the starting areas in the Rishi Cove arena, as intended.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause PvP and Group Finder groups to be split across multiple instances.
  • Players with a Deserter Penalty will not be able to use the Join Queue button when there is an active penalty. This prevents all PvP queueing (Unranked, Ranked and Galactic Starfighter) while the penalty is active
  • PvP Queuing will now require you to be the group leader to queue the group.
  • The Unranked Warzone button will no longer be active when a group has too many members to join the queue.

Galactic Starfighter


  • Players are no longer locked out of the PvP queue if they quit the Galactic Starfighter tutorial early.
  • Players can once again toggle Chat on and off during Space Missions.
  • Galactic Starfighter Conquests.
    • “Starfighter: Bomber Pilot” has been added to all Conquests.
    • “Starfighter: Gunship Pilot” has been added to all Conquests.
    • “Starfighter: Scout Pilot” has been added to all Conquests.
    • “Starfighter: Striker Pilot” has been added to all Conquests.

Missions + NPCs

  • Daily Heroic Missions on the Heroic Mission Terminal now correctly state those Missions can be repeated daily instead of weekly.
  • Bounty Hunters are now able to go through the phase gate of the Shuttle Bay when at “Speak to the warden” step of the “In Cold Blood” Class Mission on Hoth.
  • The cinematic meeting with the contact at the “Find and Speak to the Underworld Contact” step in the following Missions no longer fails:
    • “Imperial Bounty Contract: Tatooine”
    • “Imperial Bounty Contract: Dromund Kaas”
  • Tanno Vik will no longer fight unarmed in the Trooper’s Class Mission “Battle of the Gauntlet” if he was equipped with a weapon before starting the Mission.
  • Players are now moved back to the weapons factory floor when completely adding all the power cores in the Iokath Mission “The Lost Arsenal”.
  • Players who completed the Republic Bonus Series Mission “Militia’s Trial” no longer receive erroneous mail reflecting a different choice.
  • The “Shadow of Revan: Prelude” Mission will now correctly grant a reward for Jedi Sages.
  • Kuat Drive Yards Missions will no longer grant the max level XP to lower levels, as intended.
  • The “Introduction To Conquests” Mission will now automatically be granted to players at level 10.“
  • To Pierce the Heavens” Mission no longer grants access to “The Observer” Heroic 2+ Mission that shouldn’t be available.
  • NR-02/Jonas will no longer be floating in the cinematic of the “Speak to your imperial/Republic contact” step of the “Inflection Point” Mission.
  • The Ancient Monster in the Trooper’s Class Mission “Friend or Foe” on Belsavis now animates properly when using the Earth Shatter ability.
  • Dr. Lokin is now accepting the Rakghoul DNA Canister for trade in “A Kindly Old Monster” Mission.
  • The Ziost World Boss “Worldbreaker Monolith” now drops Spoils of War loot as intended.
  • Made a variety of changes to improve the Class Mission and Planet Mission experience throughout the game including:
    • Added terminals in the final room of large areas so that players can easily travel back to the entrance of those areas.
    • Reduced requirements for several Missions and Bonus Mission Objectives.
    • Adjusted how or when Missions are available to give players better agency in their Mission choice: Some Missions will no longer be marked as Exploration Missions and will now always appear on the map.


All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

  • A new “Swoop Gang Mayhem” Achievement has been added for reaching the Personal Conquest Goal.
  • Completing the “Introduction to Conquests” Mission during the Swoop Gang Mayhem Conquest is now correctly completing the Mission.
  • The Blatant Beks, Razors, and Pit Screamers Token Vendors will no longer be missing their torso.

Bounty Contract Week

  • The Underworld Information item obtained from Shady Characters during the Bounty Contract Event are no longer removed from the player’s inventory if accidentally used at the wrong time.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

  • Corrected the Pearlescent Cruiser tooltip description to remove the mention of knock-off protection.


Points rebalanced: The conquest points for a large number of objectives have been rebalanced based on the time to complete, their complexity, the type of activity they are, their potential queue times, and their repeatability. 

New objectives: New Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives have been added to offer more ways to achieve Conquest goals on more characters.

Level Bracket Changes: To create additional variety in our Conquests and to streamline the number of Conquest Objectives available for all players, the level brackets of a large number of objectives have been adjusted.

Objective Repeat Changes

  • “Advancement: Gain 5 Levels” is now a Daily Repeat Objective (change from Infinite Repeat)
  • “Advancement: Gain a Level” is now an Infinite Repeat Objective (change from Daily Repeat)
  • “Advancement: Legacy” is now an Infinite Repeat Objective (change from Daily Repeat)
  • “Bounty Contracts: License to Hunt” is now an Infinite Repeat Objective (change from Daily Repeat)
  • “Crafting: Dark Project”
  • “Missions: Heroic” is now an Infinite Repeat Objective (change from Daily Repeat)
  • “Rakghoul Resurgence: Lair of the Eyeless Pinnacle”
  • “Starfighter: Dominate the Stars” is now an Infinite Repeat Objective (change from Daily Repeat)
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