BioWare revealed today the planned/targeted release dates for the next two major patches to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Along with that the studio also announced which Replica Rewards will be released and when for the Ranked PvP Season!

Season 13 of Ranked PvP is currently ongoing and BioWare kept their word to announce release dates of the next waves of Replica Rewards of old Ranked Season Rewards.

In the months to come and tagging along with the planned release dates for Game Updates 6.1.3 and 6.2 a number of of items will be added to the Ranked PvP vendors.

Game Update 6.1.3 arrives on September 9

Next week, on Wednesday 9th of August SWTOR will get patched to 6.1.3. This update is best known for the upcoming Steam Achievements that will be finally going live.

Back in the end of July Bioware announced the studio’s plans with an improvised Roadmap for the second half of 2020 during a live stream. On the same stream Eric Musco confirmed that Update 6.1.3 will get s number of quality of live improvements and some systems tweaks along with the Steam Achievements, which are the main highlight of this patch.

SWTOR Steam Achievements List GuideSWTOR Steam Achievements List Guide

Chris Schmidt, design director for SWTOR, posted on the forums the following list of Ranked Season 13 PvP rewards that will be added to the vendor and available for purchase with PvP tokens:

  • Predacious Weapon Set (Season 6) – 50,000 pvp tokens
  • Commanding Weapon Set (Season 8) – 50,000 pvp tokens
  • Baron Deathmark’s Predacious Wrangler mount (Season 6) – 200,000 pvp tokens

These rewards should be available as soon as the servers go live. The release date for 6.1.3 is set for 9th, but as usual timing may change.

With the release of 6.1.3 non-seasonal Ranked PvP reward tokens will be converted to Legacy currency. Starting next Wednesday you will be able to combine all of the tokens you have earned and put them together.

Update 6.2 arrives in December with new story and more PvP replica rewards

As previously announced the next major story content that will be released for the game is going to be in Patch 6.2. Due to the global situation and forced delays, this patch had its release date moved from originally planned for the Summer of 2020 all the way back to December 2020.

6.2 will be a big story patch. Creative director Charles Boyd revealed on the same July live stream that this will be essentially two story patches combined into one update.

December is still too far away into the future for a more concrete date to be revealed, but I imagine this would be an update the size of 5.10 Jedi Under Siege.

BioWare cannot afford to miss a Holiday release, so unless unforeseen obstacles prevent them from releasing it this year, 6.2 will arrive before Christmas. Both BioWare and EA cannot afford to miss on the opportunity to offer us fresh content to keep us entertained and busy during the Holiday season!

The second set of PvP Ranked Season 13 rewards will be added to the vendor with the release of 6.2. Here is the list and pricing for the items, so you would know what and how much to save if you decide to purchase them:

  • Gladiator Weapon Set (Season 5) – 50,000 pvp tokens
  • Giradda’s Acklay mount (Season 7) – 200,000 pvp tokens
  • Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter mount (Season 4) – 200,000 pvp tokens
  • Gladitorial Nexu mount (Season 5) – 200,000 pvp tokens

More PvP Replica Rewards coming before the end of Season 14

While Season 14 is still far into the future, Chris Schmidt wanted to give away one more potential set of Replica rewards that will be added to the game at some point.

The following will be made available in-game for purchase from the vendor before the end of Season 14:

  • Furious Armor Sets (Season 3 – there are four sets) – 100,000 pvp tokens each
  • Furious Weapon Set (Season 3) – 50,000 pvp tokens
  • Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker mount (Season 3) – 200,000 pvp tokens
  • Ember Makrin mount (Season 8) – 200,000 pvp tokens

Listening to Feedback, but not always

The devs acknowledge the demand for the Replica Color Crystals and Chris made a promise in his forum post to bring some back at some point:

“In addition, we’ve heard your feedback around bringing back Replica Color Crystals, and we’re working on a plan for those. Both pricing and timing TBD, but we will likely make some available beginning in Game Update 6.2.”

While the negative feedback around the pricing models of these replica items has been heard, there are no plans for any adjustments. At least not for now:

“We’ve heard lots of your feedback around pricing as well. We have no plans to adjust pricing, however we will certainly evaluate boosting the end of season token payouts for all rating tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).”

Last, but not least, Chris touched on the topic of harassment and more specifically in PvP:

“Finally, we’ve seen and heard lots of reports about harassment and general toxicity in the game, in particular in PvP. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the things we’ve been working on to address toxicity in particular and the state of PvP in general in a future post.”

Unfortunately the percentage of harassment and toxicity would inevitably rise with the increased numbers of active players and the general population grow.

With SWTOR launching on Steam it was to be expected that the population of the game will multiply. Old and new players were successfully attracted to check out this title for the first time or return to it after a long break.

Don’t forget the Free Flair and Shae Sub Rewards

Last week BioWare announced a new Promotional program that started in the end of August and will last until October 5th.

If you log in to the game right now, you will receive 100% free a new Character Flair called “Pipeworks”. Its design celebrates the Steam Release for SWTOR.

If you are subscribed to SWTOR at any point in time until October 5th, you will get the famous Shae Vizla as a companion. Of course, Shae was rewarded to subscribers in the past, so if you are like me and have received her the previous time, you will be left without a new Sub reward this time around.

That’s not the first time Bioware repeats Sub rewards, so I am not surprised.

To get the full details of this promotion, check the full story at the following link: SWTOR gives away free Character Flair, brings Shae Vizla Subscription Reward

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