Complete SWTOR Immortal Juggernaut 6.0+ PvE Guide, suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! Written for by Sevrahn!



Immortal Juggernauts are brute force tanks. Damage in, damage out. Keep it simple – know your mechanics, mind your positioning, and you will survive just fine. None of the cheese Assassins so desperately rely on and having a bit more interesting of a rotation than “Rapid Shots”.

If you are like me, watching the “Hope” trailer for SW:tOR was not about the Republic at all. It was a showcase of just how much punishment a Juggernaut can take and keep fighting. Malgus literally takes a grenade to the face, gets force-thrown into a rock wall, then is able to fight through a continuous force wave to pull himself off said wall before being sent through it. AND HE STILL COMES BACK FROM IT TO SACK CORSCANT IN THE “DECEIVED” TRAILER.

Not to fanboy it too hard, but “Hope” was honestly the video that made me want to play Immortal at launch. Now let’s get into the breakdown!

Note from the author:

Checking forums, reading random guides, and talking to guildmates/friends will net you quite a bit of “build X%”, “just do Y”, and/or “keep Z in mind”; but few of these sources (if any) take the time to explain why. You’re expected to just read and follow but that doesn’t really help you learn anything overall. So, I will do my best in each section to lay out the rationale behind the suggestions made.


  • AoE = Area of Effect.
  • BiS = Best in Slot. Usually referring to gear pieces, but I may use it as shorthand for “best” in other places just out of habit.
  • CD = Cooldown
  • DCD = Defensive Cooldown
  • DR = Damage Reduction
  • DtPS = Damage Taken Per Second
  • E/K = Energy/Kinetic (Damage Type)
  • F/T = Force/Tech (Attack Type)
  • I/E = Internal/Elemental (Damage Type)
  • M/R = Melee/Ranged (Attack Type)
  • Bonus Healing – derived from your Mastery, Power, and F/T Power


Contrary to how DPS/Healer builds work (and to popular belief), Tank stat distribution isn’t a matter of BiS. While there are definitely BiS gear pieces to attain and equip – which we will go over – the actual “build this amount of this stat” is a bit more blurred of a line. To say it as plainly as possible: Tank gearing is largely subjective, and you should adjust your build to what feels best for how you play as you learn the class better.

One of the best baselines I can recommend is the DtPS algorithm written by a player named dipstik. You can find it on the official forums. It can be a bit challenging to read the first time you look at it so I’ll summarize it for the sake of this guide. For Juggernauts specifically, Shield and Absorb have equal priority when slotting gear, so keep them as even as possible. Defense rating is found in nearly every piece of gear you will equip and will take care of itself.

Let’s get into gear pieces individually, go over Set Bonuses and Tacticals, and then we’ll break down specific stat builds at the end of this section.

Item Slot Upgrades

For your Ear and Implant slots, the uncontested BiS piece regardless of what content you are running is the Sund Tech Warding package (Absorb). Having the highest tertiary stat amount at 471 Absorb, they are BiS for capped content; and having the highest total relevant stat budget they are BiS for uncapped as well. If you have Shield in your Ear or Implant slots, you are intentionally choosing to have a lower overall stat budget. Note: if you prefer to stack the highest Endurance possible (applicable only in uncapped content), your option is the SoroSuub Warding package – also Absorb.

Armorings/Hilt is a choice you will have to personally make. Either way you will stick to 80 or 80 R-1’s but Warding vs. Versatile is preference. 5612 Health vs. 77 Bonus Damage, 53.9 Bonus Healing, 0.23% Crit Chance (Bonus Healing may seem an odd inclusion here, but for Juggernauts it does play a part which will be covered later).

Mods have several different options in uncapped. Capped is simple – regardless of class, spec, and role the BiS Mod is Warding 80 R-19/20. For content where your Endurance is not a set value however, your options are as follows:

  • Warding 80 R-1 (Highest overall mitigation)
  • Warding 80 B/B R-1 (Highest Endurance with Defense for mitigation)
  • Lethal 80 B/B R-1 (Highest Endurance with Power for damage/threat generation)
  • Lethal 80 R-2 (Highest damage/threat increase but with a hit to your Endurance)

Enhancements are split between capped and uncapped. In uncapped, level 75 content your BiS are going to be Steadfast/Vigilant 80’s or 80 R-1’s. These have the highest relevant stat budget for Tanks. However, in capped content your Endurance is preset, meaning all you care about is Shield/Absorb – so your BiS here are Immunity/Sturdiness 80 R-1’s.

Relics you will take 1-2 Shield Matrix and/or Avoidance. Technically Reactive Warding lowers your overall damage taken by the highest amount, but given it can proc and be consumed by constant fluff damage during the fight instead of when you really need it you are better off relying on the pure-stat Relics.

Augments will purely be divided between Shield and Absorb unless you are creating a hybrid build and know the exact stat thresholds you’re targeting.

Crystals in your lightsaber and shield generator are at your discretion between Endurance or Crit.

Amplifiers are new to 6.0 and beyond. If you want a one-Amp-fits-all just slot Armor Penetration.

If you are specifically looking for Amplifiers that will help increase your survivability, here are your options:

  • Aural Resistance – Reduces incoming AoE damage (max 9%)
  • Force Protection – Reduces incoming damage from Force attacks (max 9%)
  • Fortuitous Redoubt – Reduces incoming damage (max 4.5%)
  • Periodic Resilience – Reduces incoming periodic damage (max 19.8%)
  • Reinforced Armor – Reduces incoming damage from Melee attacks (max 9%)
  • Tech Aegis – Reduces incoming damage from Tech attacks (max 9%)

As I said, Armor Penetration will still help you in every fight and saves you time/credits on swapping sets out. If you want the most all-around defensive Amp, then Aural Resistance is going to be your top pick as the overwhelming majority of hits you take from bosses are AoE. When getting into content of higher difficulties, you may wish to build sets specific to Operations if you want the small extra bit of an edge. In these cases be sure to look up what damage type is the majority for the Op, or even specific to the fight/boss itself (I.E. Gods from the Machine is Tech Aegis, Dread Palace is Force Protection, and Dxun is Reinforced Armor).

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Set Bonuses

Unlike the other 2 tanks, Juggernauts do not really have a one-set-fits-all bonus. Different sets excel at specific fights while being nearly useless in others. If you need a baseline, fast answer – then just run Descent of the Fearless. For a bit more (and an option you may not have considered) keep reading.

Dashing Blademaster

Dashing Blademaster Dashing Blademaster
(2) +2% Alacrity Rating
(4) Reduces the CD of Mad Dash by 10 seconds
(6) Juggernauts do not have Force Camouflage.

Descent of the Fearless

Descent of the Fearless Decent of the Fearless
(2) +2% Mastery
(4) Whenever you gain or use a Furious Power ability charge while in combat, your damage is increased by 10% for 10s
(6) Dealing damage has a 10% chance to build a Furious Power ability charge. Can only occur once every 5 seconds.

Flawless Riposte

Flawless Riposte Flawless Riposte
(2) +2% Mastery
(4) Retaliation has no CD
(6) Taking damage during Endure Pain grants Retaliator stacks, increasing the damage of your next Retaliation by 10% per stack.

Fulminating Defense

Fulminating Defense Fulminating Defense
(2) +2% Endurance
(4) Threatening Scream gets 2 charges
(6) Endure Pain increases Elemental and Internal damage reduction by 75% for 3 seconds.

Lord of Pain

Lord of Pain Lord of Pain
(2) +2% Endurance
(4) Reduces the CD of Threatening Scream by 5 seconds
(6) Threatening Scream increases your damage reduction by 2.5% for each enemy it hits. This effect lasts 10 seconds.

The Undying

The Undying The Undying
(2) +2% Endurance
(4) After executing Mad Dash, you gain +20% damage reduction for 6 seconds.

First, yes you did read Dashing Blademaster. Second, yes that is a Marauder set bonus (probably why you missed it on the vendor). Cooldown reduction to Mad Dash still applies, so combining it with the Through Victory Utility means you can have Mad Dash on a 25s CD. Additionally, consider you’re using only the 4-piece of the bonus, so option is to you on your remaining slots. You can just run 3 Amplified Champion pieces to get those specific benefits listed in the previous section, or you can run an additional 2-piece bonus from another set to get that +2% Endurance.

Descent of the Fearless is the best all-round set as I mentioned before. This is the one I personally run in nearly every scenario unless there is a specific reason not to. More damage equals higher threat generation and just the boss/adds dying faster. There really is no downside to running this set, however some fights it doesn’t exactly have an upside in the phases that matter since you can’t use it (I.E. Brontes – damage will help for Hands and Fingers, but final phase where you’re just get flung around it isn’t exactly paying dividends).

Flawless Riposte is extremely niche, giving you a DPS increase of a different form when compared to Descent of the Fearless. Two things you really must note when running this set:

  1. Retaliation is still going to cost you Rage. So, if you aren’t actively paying attention to that you will burn through your resources very, very quickly.
  2. To get the maximum damage boost out of the bonus you will be using Endure Pain as an offensive cooldown, meaning you will not have it as a DCD option the vast majority of the time.

Additionally, the fight has to have enough defendable attacks in small enough windows (or just consistently enough throughout the fight as a whole) to even warrant having it equipped in the first place. If that condition is met however, you can negate the first problem by slotting the Syn’s Second Amulet Tactical. This will make your Retaliation free so you can use it as often as you want without worrying about it burning your Rage (keep in mind this means you cannot slot any of the defensive Tactical options). You can negate the second problem by only running the 4-piece, though this does lower the total damage potential of the set. Running just the 4-piece affords you the same options as Dashing Blademaster for what you want to do with the remaining slots in your gear.

Fulminating Defense is in an odd spot as far as identity. The double-charge for your AoE taunt helps with add control on multi-target fights, but the Internal/Elemental damage reduction is primarily going to be used in a single-target capacity. That being said, one thing to note is the 75% I/E DR doesn’t tell you the full story. Juggernauts have a base I/E DR of 10%, meaning even for a DPS this set will put you at 85% during Endure Pain. But we are Tanks, we have several more factors in play:

  • 10% Base
  • 6% from Soresu Form
  • 5% from Dark Blood Passive
  • 3% during Aegis Assault
  • 3% from Resistance (Healer buff)

Prior to the buff you will get from Healers this means you are at 99% I/E DR during Endure pain, with that buff you gain full immunity to I/E damage as your DR rises to 102%. Fulminating Defense is a solid option, but also somewhat niche in its application like most of your sets.

Lord of Pain is slightly overrated by newer players to be honest. The 4-piece is honestly lackluster compared to buff on Fulminating Defense at the same tier, and the 6-piece is honestly just the Leviathan’s Hide Tactical on a longer cooldown. It does have its place though. On fights with consistent adds or especially on fights with very demanding phases that include adds you can more than make the case for running it. If it is the latter option, consider combing this set with the aforementioned Tactical to get up to a +40% DR buff for those 10s.

The Undying is somewhat deceptive in its description. Keep in mind the 6s of DR starts on ability activation, and Mad Dash gives you that 100% Defend/Resist during the ability execution for about 1.5s (during which DR is effectively useless). In reality you’re getting only about 4.5-5s max of the window being advertised in the text. Not to say picking up this set is bad by any means. It is a strong option on single-target fights for when Fulminating Defense is not needed, Flawless Riposte isn’t warranted, and players who don’t wish to run Descent of the Fearless or Dashing Blademaster.


Grit Teeth

Grit Teeth Grit Teeth
The cooldown of Enraged Defense is reduced by 2 seconds when you are attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.

Hord's Makashi Strike

Hord's Makashi Strike Hord’s Makashi Strike
Retaliation consumes Aegis Assault’s damage reduction and grants Retaliating Defense, increasing damage reduction by 5% for 20 seconds.

Jaw Breaker

Jaw Breaker Jaw Breaker
Using Backhand while Invincible extends the duration of Invincible by 5 seconds.

Leviathan's Hide

Leviathan's Hide Leviathan’s Hide
Crushing Blow generates stacks of Crushing Defenses for every enemy it hits, granting 2.5% increased damage reduction per stack for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 8 times

Grit Teeth will be your go-to in every scenario with very few exceptions. The baseline CD of Enraged Defense is 120s, and this Tactical can bring that down to 40s. With Through Passion your minimum CD is down to 30s. Having such a powerful self-heal on that low of a CD is an incredible boon to any group, but keep in mind to maximize its potential you will need to be in comms with your Healers to make sure they know when NOT to heal you. Otherwise you are wasting this slot by not using the ability as often as possible.

Hord’s Makashi Strike can give you a flat +5% DR when used properly, but it involves actively reminding yourself to not spam Retaliation on CD. Aegis Assault gives you +3% DR and this Tactical consumes that and replaces it with +5%. What the text description does not make plainly apparent is you can reapply the Aegis buff after consumption. So what you end up needing to do is use Retaliation in your opener as normal, use Aegis Assault as normal, but then you will only ever use Retaliation again just before you use Aegis Assault for the rest of the fight. This allows the buffs to remain stacked, netting you a +8% DR compared to just +3% or +5% individually.

Jaw Breaker is highly undervalued in my opinion. It isn’t an overall BiS by any means, but there are certain fights where it comes in extremely clutch and you should definitely have it in your inventory so you can swap to it if needed. It has a strong highlight in fights with extended burn phases when you just need to live through as much damage as possible. As this Tactical interacts with your Invincible ability, please read the note at the end of this section so you have a full understanding of what electing this option will give you.

Leviathan’s Hide is simple to use and highly effective in fights with a lot of adds. In a single-target setting Hord’s Makashi Strike will provide you with more flat DR, but once you’re hitting 2 or more enemies this Tactical matches and then exceeds the survivability given. Having up to 20% DR for 10s from an ability on a 12s CD is incredibly potent, and not to be underestimated in any multi-target scenario.

Weighing the values of Hord’s Makashi Strike and Leviathan’s Hide compared to Grit Teeth is not an easy task. If played to perfection, Grit Teeth pulls ahead in nearly all fights – but as mentioned this requires you to be in communication with your Healers and for you to actually be dropping below 70% health every 40s or so. Grit Teeth and Leviathan’s Hide are the main 2 I would say every Juggernaut Tank needs to have available in their inventory.

Note about Damage Reduction vs Reduced Damage Taken:

Going to clarify this now and again when we talk about the ability itself because it is important enough that this distinction be explained twice. Up to this point you have seen a lot of mentions of DR in different pieces of gear. Invincible does not give you Damage Reduction. The ability “reduces all damage taken,” which is a completely separate interaction. Damage Reduction is applied immediately after a hit is registered, after that your Shield chance is rolled to determine if your Absorb percentage will be taken off, and the remainder from both of those will be your damage taken. It is this final part where Invincible comes in to play. Forty percent off the damage applied after all mitigations is not as impressive as it sounds, which should be in your mind when making the decision regarding Jaw Breaker.

Example Gear Sets

Full Mitigation Set (Uncapped)

  • Stim: 1
  • Sund Tech Absorb Ear/Implant: 3
  • Warding 80 Armor/Hilt: 9/9
  • Warding 80 B Mod: 9/9
  • Steadfast/Vigilant 80: 6/1
  • Shield Matrix Relic: 1
  • Avoidance Relic: 1
  • Shield/Absorb Augments: 4/10
  • Indestructible Crystals: 2/2


  • Defense: 5591
  • Shield: 3609
  • Absorb: 3625
  • Endurance: 17,444

Full Mitigation Set (Capped)

  • Stim: 1
  • Sund Tech Absorb Ear/Implant: 3
  • Warding 80 Armor/Hilt: 9/9
  • Warding 80 R-19 or 20 Mod: 9/9
  • Immunity/Sturdiness 80 R-1: 3/4
  • Shield Matrix Relic: 2
  • Shield/Absorb Augments: 9/5
  • Eviscerating Crystals: 2/2


  • Defense: 7335
  • Shield: 3771
  • Absorb: 3757
  • Endurance: Capped

I could make this section infinitely longer with specific breakdowns of sets tailors to individual fights but that is not the purpose of this guide. I will reiterate though the above are examples of gearsets and as I said before you should use any guides or examples you come across as baselines/starting points and personally tune and adjust your gear to what works best for you.

Tanking does not have a one-and-done BiS stat distribution suggestion the way many DPS/Healing classes do.

I will end this section by clarifying a couple things. First, when getting into hybridization of your builds, keep in mind Power and Mastery do contribute to your mitigation via increasing the shield amount from Sonic Barrier. Second, building for full mitigation is going to be my starter recommendation until you get a solid gauge on how to rotate your cooldowns effectively (and how good your Healers are).

After you’ve got a bead on both of those you can start to shed some defensive stats in favor of offensive ones because you doing higher DPS helps everything die faster – which is always a good thing. Finally, focus on learning the class first before stressing too hard about your gear. Do not ever get too reliant on your gear numbers because most nightmare-level raiding has to do with positioning and understanding how to counter boss mechanics with your available abilities.

After you have a solid grip on how Juggernauts feel and play, your gear is a secondary thing you can use to push that skill boundary even further by swapping out certain pieces of it. Switching to more damage-oriented hybrid builds is not about threat generation, that is just a bonus effect. If you can’t hold threat in full mitigation gear, you’re either tanking for the top DPS in the world or you need to evaluate how well you’re using the threat options available to you.



Sith Warrior Passives

Discipline Passives

Primary Offensive Abilities

Aegis Assault

Aegis Assault Aegis Assault
Primary Rage builder. Additionally, provides you with +3% DR and +3% Absorption, only reason to delay using it immediately off CD is if one of your harder-hitting abilities is available and if you are at or above 5 Rage.


Backhand Backhand
Threat builder. Deals a bit more damage than Smash (but less than Ravage) and does not cost Rage, so freely use on CD if nothing of higher priority is available. Note: this ability is counted as Force damage and does not utilize stacks of Furious Power.

Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow Crushing Blow
Primary damage ability. Highest damaging ability you have, generates the most threat, deals damage in AoE if you are buffed by Aegis Assault. Should be used immediately when off CD. Advanced: after your opening threat rotation, Furious Power should be used only in conjunction with this ability.

Force Choke

Force Choke Force Choke
Threat builder and Rage builder. Use on CD unless a higher priority ability is available.

Force Scream

Force Scream Force Scream
High damaging ability which also provides you a self-shield that absorbs damage. Should be used off CD unless Crushing Blow is available.


Ravage Ravage
Free ability that is one of the highest damaging cooldowns you have. Cannot ask for much more, but oh wait – there is! Also gives you +6% Defense chance for 6s.


Retaliation Retaliation
Damage ability. Does not respect the global cooldown so should be used whenever available considering its low cost. Also applies Blade Barricade so MUST be used at least once every 10s.

Saber Throw Jugg

Saber Throw Jugg Saber Throw
Rage builder. Does comparable damage to Vicious Slash, so it can be used in place of Vicious Slash if you are low on Rage with minimal effect to your threat output.


Smash Smash
Secondary AoE damage ability and applies a -5% Accuracy debuff to enemies. Though this is an AoE ability, it does more damage and costs less Rage than Vicious Slash, so it should be used instead of Vicious Slash if it is off CD.

Sweeping Slash

Sweeping Slash Sweeping Slash
AoE filler ability. When you’ve already use Smash and Crushing Blow and still need to generate or hold threat on adds until they die.

vicious throw

vicious throw Vicious Throw
Second-highest damaging ability when target is below 30% Health. Should be used off CD unless Crushing Blow is available.

vicious slash

vicious slash Vicious Slash
Filler ability. When literally everything else is on CD, this is the button you press.

Secondary Offensive Abilities


assault Assault
Filler ability. Rage builder. Use only when everything else is on CD and you don’t have enough Rage for Vicious Slash.

Chilling Scream

Chilling Scream Chilling Scream
Only considered damage when you have the Piercing Chill Utility, and in that case is a filler AoE DoT. More so used for the movement it provides with Piercing Chill passive. If you’re trying to have max AoE threat generation I’d recommend applying the DoT from this (if you have the Utility) after using Crushing Blow and Smash so it is ticking while you spam Sweeping Slash.


Enrage Enrage
Builds 6 Rage, 45s CD.

Force Charge

Force Charge Force Charge
Gap closer. Rage builder. Used during fights to return to a boss after displacement, switch between bosses for tank swaps, or to engage groups of adds quickly.

Force Push Imperial

Force Push Imperial Force Push
Displacement. Used on specific bosses that require you to have a knockback.

Mad Dash

Mad Dash Mad Dash
Gap closer with solid AoE damage potential as well. This ability is also a DCD, so will be mentioned again in the next list.

Defensive Cooldowns

Endure Pain

Endure Pain Endure Pain
Increases your Max Health by 30% for 20s, 60s CD. Note: after 20s, you lose the health. If you are not fully healed and approaching that fall-off, it is highly recommended you let your Healer know it’s about to expire as you’re going to lose a significant portion of your health bar and the lack of communication may get you killed.

Enraged Defense

Enraged Defense Enraged Defense
Gives 12 charges that last 15s and heal you for 6453.744 + 2.72 * Bonus Healing. Can be used only when under 70% of your Max Health. Has a 120s CD that can be reduced to 90s with the Through Passion Utility.

Intimidating Roar

Intimidating Roar Intimidating Roar
Reduces enemies’ outgoing damage from M/R attacks by 15% for 10s. Has a 60s CD that can be reduced to 45s with the Thrown Gauntlet Utility. This is also the only DCD you have that is affected by Alacrity.


Invincible Invincible
Grants -40% to all damage taken for 10s, 150s CD. Note: as mentioned before Damage Reduction and Reduced Damage Taken are not the same thing. While this ability is quite potent, it is not on the same level as something like the Powertech’s Energy Shield.

Mad Dash

Mad Dash Mad Dash
Increases M/R Defense and F/T Resist chance by 100% for the duration of the dash (roughly 1.5s). Has a 45s CD that can be reduced to 35s with the Through Victory Utility. Note: beginners should use caution with this one, it can be extremely useful when timed properly, but do not dash at the expense of keeping the boss in position. Once you understand how far it goes, and how to dash into walls to not sacrifice positioning this can be one of the better DCD’s you have.

Saber Reflect (Imperial)

Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect
Signature DCD of the Juggernaut. Stops all incoming R/F/T attacks while reflecting a capped amount of the incoming damage back to the attacker. This lasts for 3s but can be increased to 5s with the Intimidating Presence Utility, 60s CD. Note: this ability does not protect you from MELEE attacks. For boss abilities that count as melee, using this will not help you negate any damage.

Saber Ward (Imperial)

Saber Ward (Imperial) Saber Ward
Increases M/R Defense chance by 150% for 2s and then 50% for 10s. Additionally gives +25% DR against damage from F/T attacks for 12s, 150s CD.

Opening Threat Rotations

Note: Saber Reflect is included in all these lists, however if you do not have the Intimidating Presence Utility do not use it as it will not actually generate any threat. Additionally, if you need to use Saber Reflect as a DCD in the first minute of the fight you should obviously omit it from your opener.

  1. EnrageEnrage Enrage
  2. Furious PowerFurious Power Furious Power
  3. Mad DashMad Dash Mad Dash + Saber Reflect (Imperial)Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect
  4. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow + RetaliationRetaliation Retaliation
  5. RavageRavage Ravage
  6. BackhandBackhand Backhand
  7. Force ScreamForce Scream Force Scream
  8. SmashSmash Smash
  9. Aegis AssaultAegis Assault Aegis Assault
  10. vicious slashvicious slash Vicious Slash
  11. Force ChokeForce Choke Force Choke

If you have the Warbringer Utility:

  1. EnrageEnrage Enrage
  2. Furious PowerFurious Power Furious Power
  3. Force ChargeForce Charge Force Charge + Saber Reflect (Imperial)Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect
  4. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow + RetaliationRetaliation Retaliation
  5. vicious throwvicious throw Vicious Throw
  6. RavageRavage Ravage
  7. BackhandBackhand Backhand
  8. Force ScreamForce Scream Force Scream
  9. SmashSmash Smash
  10. Aegis AssaultAegis Assault Aegis Assault
  11. vicious slashvicious slash Vicious Slash
  12. Force ChokeForce Choke Force Choke

The above is listed in order of highest possible threat output. As noted, the Saber Reflect can be omitted. I will point out in the normal opener I do not recommend using Force Charge to start the fight. This is going to run contrary to what a lot of people currently do. To clarify: there isn’t inherently anything wrong with using it, but Mad Dash does more damage and inherently will provide more opening threat in your first GCD than Force Charge would.

You will also notice I delay using Aegis Assault, again this is because that opener is purely based on highest amount of threat. If your primary focus is getting your personal buffs online and applying your debuffs to the boss as fast as possible, your opener would look like this:

  1. EnrageEnrage Enrage
  2. Furious PowerFurious Power Furious Power
  3. Mad DashMad Dash Mad Dash + Saber Reflect (Imperial)Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect
  4. SmashSmash Smash
  5. Aegis AssaultAegis Assault Aegis Assault
  6. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow + RetaliationRetaliation Retaliation
  7. RavageRavage Ravage
  8. BackhandBackhand Backhand
  9. Force ScreamForce Scream Force Scream
  10. vicious slashvicious slash Vicious Slash
  11. Force ChokeForce Choke Force Choke


Taunts are not necessarily recommended to be part of your opener, but in some cases players may find it necessary. You should never begin a fight by taunting. To help explain why, here is how taunts work:

  • Forces the target to attack you for 6s unless a scripted override mechanic is in effect.
  • Places you at the top of the threat table by giving you the amount of threat the person currently on top has (even if it is yourself) and increasing that amount by a given multiplier based on your distance to the target.
  • If you are 4m or less away from the target you are taunting, your threat multiplier is 110%.
  • If you are greater than 4m away the multiplier is 130%.

As you can see, beginning a fight with a taunt is a complete waste as you are multiplying by zero threat. If you feel the need to taunt in your opener to hold threat over your DPS, you want to meter it out for maximum effect. Keep in mind it lasts 6s, so you want to wait that full duration before using another one if you plan to use both taunts in your opener.

  1. EnrageEnrage Enrage
  2. Furious PowerFurious Power Furious Power
  3. Mad DashMad Dash Mad Dash + Saber Reflect (Imperial)Saber Reflect (Imperial) Saber Reflect
  4. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow + RetaliationRetaliation Retaliation
  5. TauntTaunt Taunt
  6. Force ChokeForce Choke Force Choke
  7. SmashSmash Smash
  8. Aegis AssaultAegis Assault Aegis Assault
  9. RavageRavage Ravage
  10. Threatening ScreamThreatening Scream Threatening Scream
  11. BackhandBackhand Backhand
  12. Force ScreamForce Scream Force Scream

This would be my recommendation if you are going that route. Your first taunt happens after your highest threat spike so you get the multiplier from that, bump Force Choke up earlier because you’ll get the full amount of its threat in the window of your first taunt, then apply your debuffs to the boss and buffs to yourself. Second taunt to multiply all of that and maintain forced aggro while you go through the highest threat parts remaining in your rotation which will carry you into a third taunt if you truly need it for some reason.

Rotation by Priority

  1. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow
  2. Force ScreamForce Scream Force Scream = vicious throwvicious throw Vicious Throw (Vicious Throw does a small amount more damage than Scream but Scream additionally provides Sonic Barrier, so they are equal in priority).
  3. RavageRavage Ravage
  4. BackhandBackhand Backhand
  5. Force ChokeForce Choke Force Choke
  6. SmashSmash Smash
  7. Saber Throw JuggSaber Throw Jugg Saber Throw = vicious slashvicious slash Vicious Slash (Similar to above. Damage is comparable, but Saber Throw builds Rage while Vicious Slash costs Rage. If you are at 8+ Rage use Slash, less than that feel free to use Saber Throw).

Use Retaliation off CD. Furious Power should always be used with Crushing Blow. If you get a stack of it and Crushing Blow is on CD, do not use it with Ravage or Vicious Throw even though you may be tempted. Just wait a couple seconds for Crushing to come off CD and then use Furious Power. You will never go above 1 stack if you stay on top of it and it is the highest possible damage and threat output you can get. Do not waste stacks on lesser abilities once you’ve gotten through your opener.

Exception being if you are running Descent of the Fearless, then your priority for Furious Power consumption is:

  1. Crushing BlowCrushing Blow Crushing Blow
  2. vicious throwvicious throw Vicious Throw (sub-30%)
  3. RavageRavage Ravage
  4. Aegis AssaultAegis Assault Aegis Assault. Still always keep 1 stack for Crushing Blow..

Note about Threat Multipliers

Soresu Form gives all your damage a 2.5x threat multiplier. Certain of your abilities are additionally labeled with “generates a high amount of threat”. Juggernauts have 3 high-threat abilities and then there is the buff to Force Choke from the Force Grip passive.


The only quintessential Utility a Juggernaut has is Deadly Reprisal (Skillful). There are more in each tier that are highly recommended, and there are some in each tier that are specifically for PvP. Which ones from the recommended list can vary by the situation, I will give you some baseline specs after breaking these down, but in Operations there are usually BiS ones for each boss. If you are not looking forward to reassigning your Utilities every single fight during Ops, well, you will get used to it.


  • HR – Highly recommended.
  • R – Recommended.
  • N – Niche. Only used in specific scenarios, or overall, just PvP-focused.


  • (HR) Deadly Reprisal – +2 Rage/s when taking AoE damage.
  • (HR) Path Carver – +25% Sweeping Slash damage.
  • (R) Sonic Wall – AoE Taunt gives all allies Sonic Barrier.
  • (R) Warmonger – Getting attacked reduces the cooldown of Force Charge by 1s, 1.5s internal CD on this effect.
  • (R) Payback – Using Unleash heals you for 10% of your Max Health, CD of Unleash is reduced by 30s.
  • (R) Unyielding – +4 Rage when Stunned, Rooted, Sleep’d, or Knocked. (Niche to bosses that have Stun or Throw mechanics)
  • (N) Pooled Hatred – +10-50% damage to your next Rage-consuming ability when Slowed or otherwise impaired. (Useful vs. bosses with high amounts of Slow mechanics if you just want to boost your damage output, otherwise PvP-specific).
  • (N) Overwhelm – Ravage immobilizes enemies. (PvP-specific).


  • (HR) Consuming Rage – Self-cleanse on activation of Endure Pain.
  • (HR) Unshackling Rage – +50% MoveSpeed for 6s when you use Enrage.
  • (R) Unstoppable – For 4s after using Force Charge, you cannot be Slowed, Pushed, or Pulled.
  • (R) Strangulate – CD of Force Choke is reduced by 15s.
  • (R) Through Power – Slow Immunity and +50% MoveSpeed during Enraged Defense. Note: this one is tagged as “recommended” and not “highly” because it does rely on you being lower than 70% Health at the time you need the buff. Unless you know where that is in the script of the fight and communicate/plan for it accordingly you’re just rolling the dice.
  • (N) Crushing Fist – 60% Slow to all enemies you damage with Smash (PvP-focused).
  • (N) Seething Hatred – Charge, Enrage, and Saber Throw have their CD’s reset when you exit combat.
  • (N) Hardened Defense – +30% DR while Stunned (PvP-focused but has niche applications in fights where bosses do stun you before dealing large amounts of damage).


  • (HR) Intimidating Presence – +2s to duration on Saber Reflect, Saber Reflect generates +46980 threat on all engaged targets within 30m.
  • (HR) Through Passion – CD of Enraged Defense is reduced by 30s.
  • (HR) Thrown Gauntlet – CD of Intimidating Roar is reduced by 15s.
  • (R) Warbringer – Force Charge enables Vicious Throw to be used on any target regardless of their current health.
  • (R) Through Victory – Mad Dash can be used while immobilized, CD of Mad Dash reduced by 10s.
  • (N) Piercing Chill – DoT damage added to Chilling Scream, Chilling Scream grants +35% MoveSpeed for 8s.
  • (N) Reckoning – Intercede increases damage of next melee ability, CD of Intercede reduced by 5s, +10% damage reduction to target of Intercede (Niche to specific fights).
  • (N) Extending Roar – Force Scream extended to 30m range but deals less damage (PvP-focused).

Flashpoint Loadout

My standard Flashpoint loadout is:

  • Skillful:
    • Deadly Reprisal
    • Unleash
    • Path Carver
  • Masterful:
    • Strangulate
    • Seething Hatred
    • Consuming Rage
  • Heroic:
    • Intimidating Presence
    • Warbringer
    • Through Victory

Operations Loadout

My standard Operations loadout is:

  • Skillful:
    • Deadly Reprisal
    • Unleash
    • Path Carver
  • Masterful:
    • Strangulate
    • Unshackling Rage
    • Consuming Rage
  • Heroic:
    • Intimidating Presence
    • Thrown Gauntlet
    • Through Victory

Though as I said, each Operation, even each individual fight will have a BiS utility loadout.


As I said in the intro, Juggernauts are not reliant on cheese the way Assassins are, but they are more mechanically demanding than Powertechs (though that is an extremely low bar for comparison). All-in-all they are viable in every fight of every operation and, in my somewhat biased opinion, one of the most fun tanks to play given the variety of approaches they have to staying alive. Approachable to learn but definitely a high ceiling for what all can be done optimally when playing them.

Tips and Tricks

  • Intimidating Roar is one of the most underused DCD’s you have. It is a short CD on an ability that reduces the target’s outgoing damage – meaning it lowers the damage taken by your entire team when used before a period of AoE M/R attacks.
  • Using Intercede on the other Tank immediately before a swap can be a pseudo-DCD for them in the right situation. They are about to take all your threat, so reducing theirs prior to the taunt does nothing and they go into the swap with the increased DR.
  • Using Ravage 2s after Saber Ward will stack the +6% Defense boost on top of the +50%, netting you a higher overall Defense chance during that window. When combined with other factors such as your gear, you can be sitting in the low 90%’s for that window.
  • Final reminder that Invincible is reduced damage taken, not DR. Abilities like Intimidating Roar and Saber Ward will make it less effective if you stack them.
  • Force Scream gives you the bubble and Ravage gives you the Defense buff. Still recommend using both on CD in your rotation just to help mitigate damage overall, but as you learn fights better there are small optimizations you can make by holding them for a moderate hit or 2.
  • Guard-swapping during boss encounters can be helpful if you know why you are doing it. Most likely you and the other Tank will be guarding the DPS with the highest damage output, but after you have threat locked you can swap them to whomever in the group will be taking the most damage to help mitigate some of that. Alternatively if you’re having persistent threat problems you can guard the people with the hardest-hitting openers, and then swap to the other DPS about 60-90s into the fight since you’ve already reduced the threat of the other player enough.
  • You can abuse the distance-based threat multiplier taunts have if you keep it in mind during tank swaps on fights that are entirely melee range with a single boss. Simply back up when it is going to be your turn to take him until you are past 4m and then when you taunt you get the extra 20% threat for free just by taking a couple steps.

About the Author

SWTOR Immortal Juggernaut Tank PvE Guide by SevrahnSWTOR Immortal Juggernaut Tank PvE Guide by Sevrahn

My name is Sevrahn and I have been playing Immortal Juggernaut since beta. Primarily did it through the first years of the game because I enjoy going against the grain and Assassin/Powertech or double-Assassin combos were the go-to at the time. Juggernaut has never risen to be the number one option at any point in the game but is has always been the most fun Tank to run in my opinion, and has always had viability for those who know how to play it well. As it stands post-6.0 all Tank classes are viable in all content, so if you are just getting into playing Tank now is a great time to play all 3 and find the one you enjoy most.

I have been a nightmare-level raider since launch with timed-run clears on most content, and have been theorycrafting for all 3 roles for the better part of the game’s life cycle (you may have seen my BiS spreadsheet in other guides or being linked in other Discords). On my off days I mostly chill or am away from my PC, but during work I have a lot of downtime so if you have questions feel free to shoot me a message on Discord and I’ll do my best to get back to you with the answers. Happy raiding!

Fair warning – learning to tank well is a trap. Your friends will never permit you to play another role once they know you’re good at this.

From Vulkk

I would like to thank Sevrahn for the hard-core dedication to this class and spec. Providing this guide for the community has been a long search and struggle for me and I am glad Sevrahn’s experience and knowledge is now in your hands, on your monitors and on your phone screens.

Sevrahn is a dedicated theorycrafter as well. His BiS PvE 306’s Sheet is often referenced in other SWTOR Class Guides here on and is an invaluable resource that is also always kept up-to-date for the current patch!

If you are skilled with a Class and Discipline that has not yet been covered with a guide on VULKK, and you want to provide one for the Community, contact me via email or wherever you see Vulkk present. I share on Facebook and Twitter whenever a new guide is available or will soon be ready.

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