With the release of SWTOR Game Update 6.1.3 on September 9th BioWare also introduced a batch of new items, all accessible exclusively via the in-game store – the Cartel Market. They are all available for stand-alone purchase, but can also be found in the Cartel Packs as a random drop. Below is my full review of the new items!

Note that all cartel market items have no specific requirements (except for the mount, which require Speeder Piloting I). They are all cosmetics only. All items are available to all classes, with exception for specific weapons that only certain classes can wield. I purchased the items reviewed in this article with my own Cartel Coins.

Winter Outlaw’s Armor Set

The Winter Outlaw’S Armor is a set of customizable armor, for any character and class. It’s exclusive to the Cartel Market and retails for SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon

SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon 1440.

This set contains the following six pieces:

  • Winter Outlaw’s Chestguard
  • Winter Outlaw’s Boots
  • Winter Outlaw’s Gauntlets
  • Winter Outlaw’s Pen
  • Winter Outlaw’s Greaves
  • Winter Outlaw’s Bracers
SWTOR 6.1.3 Winter Outlaw's Armor Set IconsSWTOR 6.1.3 Winter Outlaw's Armor Set Icons

Below is the video overview of the set and a collection of high-quality images from various angles and in different poses.

Winter Outlaw Armor SetWinter Outlaw Armor Set
Image source: BioWare

Lab Technician Armor Set

The Lab Technician Set is part of the 6.1.3 batch of new items. It is an adaptive armor and retails for SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon

SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon1440.

It contains the following six armor pieces:

  • Lab Technician’s Headgear
  • Lab Technician’s Coat
  • Lab Technician’s Bracers
  • Lab Technician’s Gauntlets
  • Lab Technician’s Belt
  • Lab Technician’s Greaves
  • Lab Technician’s Boots
SWTOR 6.1.3 Lab Technician Armor Set IconsSWTOR 6.1.3 Lab Technician Armor Set Icons

Below is the collection of images and video overview for this set.

Lab Technician Armor SetLab Technician Armor Set
Image source: BioWare

Fork-Lift Walker Mount

This giant monstrous mount is available to all players with Pilot Speeder Piloting I. It increases your character’s movement based on the tier of the Speeder Piloting skill you have.

The Fork-Lift Walker mount has a unique Flourish effect. Use the Flourish Key bind (default CTRL+Z) to check it out. Or watch the video overview below to see it.

The Fork-Lift Mount retails to SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon

SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon1500 and is available exclusively from the Cartel Market. It can, however be sold and resold later on GTN.

Fork-Lift Mount IconFork-Lift Mount Icon

Below you can find the video overview and a few screenshots of the item in use.

Fork-Lift Walker MountFork-Lift Walker Mount
Image source: BioWare

Junkshop Decoration Bundle

The Junkshop Decoration Bundle contains, as BioWare describes it, “everything you need to tinker in your own shop no matter what parts you’re working with”.

The bundle retails to SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon

SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon2700. At the time of this publication it is discounted to SWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol IconSWTOR Cartel Coin Symbol Icon1620 (40% off).

The collection contains the following Stronghold Decorations:

  • 1x Junkshop Compactor
  • 2x Droid Junk Pile
  • 1x Junkshop Crane
  • 1x Junkshop Furnace
  • 1x Junkshop Generator
  • 1x Junkshop Repair Desk
  • 2x Junkshop Tool Rack
  • 1x Mount Repair Station

Below you can see the items on display in one of my strongholds. Some of the items have clickable button to display some kind of an activity. You can view those in the video overview.

Droid Junk Pile
Junkshop Crane
Junkshop Furnace
Junkshop Generator
Junkshop Repair Desk
Junkshop Tool Rack
Mount Repair Station
Junkshop Decoration BundleJunkshop Decoration Bundle
Image source: BioWare
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This review is based on BioWare’s news article from Septemb er 9, 2020. You can check out the previous one here: SWTOR New Cartel Market Items | June 2020

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