This guide explains what is the Loadouts System in SWTOR 7.0, how it works, and shares tips on how to take full advantage of it!

What are Loadouts in SWTOR

Loadouts are new to SWTOR in 7.0. They are particularly common in other multiplayer games like shooters, MMOs, etc. Loadouts allow you to save multiple different builds so you can quickly switch between them. In SWTOR, you can save up to 10 different loadouts.

How to use Loaouts in SWTOR - The Loadouts Tab overview

What do Loadouts Save

Loadouts save the following information about your character, UI and gear:

  • Combat Style
  • Discipline
  • Ability Tree Choices
  • Equipped Gear
  • Outfit
  • Quickbar Ability Layout
  • Character Title (but not Legacy Title)
  • Flair

You can see detailed information that depicts almost everything the loadout saves by selecting an individual loadout and looking at the left panel. The only things not shown in this pane are your Character Title, Flair, and Quickbar Ability Layout.

How to use Loaouts in SWTOR

Your active loadout updates automatically

If you change anything saved by a loadout, it will automatically update your active loadout. In other words, your active loadout autosaves any changes you make, so if you make a change to your gear or ability choice for your current loadout, switch to a different loadout, and then switch back, it will give you the loadout as it was after you made the adjustments, not whatever you initially designed it to be. There is no save or lock button.

There is also no mass update button, so every time you upgrade or buy a piece of gear, you’ll have to go in and manually equip that piece to each relevant loadout.

To avoid ruining your carefully designed loadouts, don’t change combat styles or disciplines manually. If you want to change combat styles or disciplines, make a new loadout or switch to one that already has that as its active.

How to use Loaouts in SWTOR - choosing your Combat Style and Discipline

Once your loadout is set, don’t change these! If you want to change your discipline, switch to or create a new loadout with that discipline.

If you find that the 10 slots are insufficient, you should reserve 1 loadout slot as a sandbox (you can see in other pictures, I labeled my own loadout for this purpose as Sandbox) and switch to that one whenever you find yourself making frequent major changes to your build but want to preserve the existing loadouts.

How to change to a different loadout

If you want to change another loadout, select it in the list and then click the activate button that appears at the bottom of the list.

How to use Loaouts in SWTOR - Loadouts list

How to create a new loadout

You can add a new loadout by clicking one of the + Create Loadout buttons.

You will be prompted to name it, so pick something that will allow you to easily recognize its purpose. The name can be up to 18 characters, which isn’t super long. Thankfully, the role, combat style, and discipline are shown next to the name, so you don’t need to include that information if you’re short on space.

After you’ve entered a name, you have created a loadout! The game automatically takes whatever your existing build is an copies it to that new loadout and makes that new loadout active. Since your active loadout is updated automatically, you can now define what you want that loadout to be.

Remember, you only have 10 loadout slots. This means you can have have 1 loadout for all 6 disciplines and still have 4 left over for specific situations. If you don’t need a dedicated loadout for all 6 disciplines, you have more loadout slots for situational builds.

What do the icons next to each loadout mean?

On the right side of each loadout, there are 2 buttons that each affect that specific loadout.

Clicking this icon lets you edit the name of the associated loadout.
This icon copies your current active loadout to whichever loadout that icon is associated with.

Notably, there is no button that lets you delete a loadout or there is also no button that locks a loadout to prevent future changes.

Why can’t I change my active loadout?

There are several situations where you are not allowed to change your active loadout, combat style, or discipline. Restrictions usually occur when you’re in an group instance or queue.

You cannot change your discipline or combat style while you are in a group instance, like a Flashpoint or Operation, you are only allowed to reassign your ability tree buffs and change gear, so the only loadouts that the game will let you swap to are ones that have the same discipline as your current active loadout. If you want to change your discipline or combat style, you must exit the phase.

While you are in a queue or part of a queued group, like a Warzone or Group Finder Flashpoint, you may be more restricted and might not be able to change your gear or change your ability tree choices. You cannot change your discipline at any point after entering the group finder queue, so if you queue as both DPS and Healer and you’re currently DPS spec, but get assigned healer, you won’t be able to change disciplines to reflect your new role.

If you’re concerned about not being able to change something, play it safe before you enter the queue and set things up as you’d need them to be for that activity.

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