Prepare for SWTOR 7.0! Legacy of the Sith Expansion comes soon. Get the most out of 6.0 and be ready hit the ground running once 7.0 releases!

Which items to stockpile for 7.0

6.0 Augments
BioWare has said that there will not be a new tier of augments available for 7.0, at least not right away, so don’t get rid of your current augments.

Augmentation Kit MK-11 Augmentation Kit MK-11
Since there won’t be a new tier of augments, there won’t be a need for a new tier of Augment Kits either. These kits will likely be more valuable in 7.0 since gearing is returning to a vertical progression system where you have to turn in your current piece of gear to get an upgrade, meaning you’ll need to augment gear more often than you do now.

Personal Conquest Requisition Personal Conquest Requisition
These grant 50k conquest points and are one of the possible Weekly Subscriber Login Rewards. It’s pretty easy to earn conquest now, but earning conquest on each toon will take longer in 7.0, so these will help early on. It is unclear what the rewards for completing conquest will be in 7.0, but in 6.0, those rewards include a box of gear. 

Complimentary Minor Class Mission Experience Boost XP Boosts
You’re gonna have to level a lot soon, XP boosts make that go faster. Don’t forget to buy the XP Boost Legacy Character Perks either!

Jawa Junk Jawa Junk
You will most likely be able to purchase Grade 12 crafting materials from the Jawas once 7.0 is released, albeit for a similarly ridiculous price just like how expensive the Grade 11 mats are now. 

SWTOR Credits Credits
As with any expansion, there will be new gear. This means you’ll need to spend a hefty chunk of credits on installing augments, buying stims, adrenals, and medpacs. It’s also likely that we’ll have to spend credits to buy specific pieces of gear as we do now with the Tech Fragment vendors.

What to do with your Tech Fragments

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, any gear you get now outside of tactical items is gonna be worthless very soon, so there isn’t much of a point to gearing right now. Instead, you should spend your Tech Fragments to get complete sets for cosmetic use. 

Some set bonuses available right now use shells that haven’t been available for a long time and were originally quite difficult to obtain, like the Soulbender’s set which uses the same model as the old Kell Dragon Force-Master/Mystic/Stalker/Survivor armor from 2.0 or the many sets from the Revanite gear of 3.0.

SWTOR Cosmetics - Soulbender's Set - prepare for SWTOR 7.0

Since set bonuses are being done away with entirely, it’s highly likely that most of these armor sets will be completely unavailable again once 7.0 is released. 

Make sure you take a look at all of the Tech Fragment vendors and choose ‘All’ in the dropdown, otherwise you’ll only see items relevant to your discipline. Don’t forget to check out the armor schematics sold by Kai Zykken as well since he will likely be leaving in 7.0.

There is also a vendor on Ossus named D3-CO next to the Masterwork gear vendors that sells decos in exchange for Tech Fragments. These may cost credits in the next expansion, or could be converted to cost one of the currencies that will replace Tech Fragments. The latter is what happened when 6.0 was released, though either way, now is probably one of the best times to buy those decos if you want them.

SWTOR D3-CO Vendor - How to prepare for SWTOR 7.0

When 7.0 is released, any remaining Tech Fragments will almost certainly be converted to credits. Don’t hold onto Tech Frags in hopes of turning them into credits though, the conversion rate will likely be terrible and you’d definitely make more credits from selling an RPM now rather than hold onto those 10k Tech Fragments for the conversion. 

Should you keep or get rid of the 6.0 Crafting Materials

Legacy of the Sith seems like it will be a bit different from other expansions with regards to crafting. Normally, a new level cap brings with it a new grade of crafting materials. No one wants to be stuck with a whole bunch of worthless mats and this causes the current, soon to be previous, expansion’s crafting materials to rapidly depreciate in value as the new expansion approaches, especially once an actual release date for the expansion is announced. 

As I mentioned earlier, BioWare has said that there will not be a new tier of augments for 7.0, at least not right away, meaning that players will continue to use the augments available in 6.0, so crafting materials related to 6.0 augments will continue to be valuable in 7.0. If you craft Conquest stuff, you’ll still need the combined material (cell graft, bonded attachment, etc.) to make War Supplies.

Crafting UI - How to prepare for SWTOR 7.0

We don’t currently know what this means for other crafting skills, particularly Biochem. I think it would be odd for only some crafting skills to get a new tier of craftable things while others don’t.  It’s theoretically possible, though unlikely, that BioWare doesn’t release a new crafting tier at all, or at least not right away. If I recall correctly, it wouldn’t be the first time that BioWare chose not to release a new tier of crafting with the launch of expansions. 

Either way, it’s a gamble for what to do with other mats. They could retain their value in 7.0 if BioWare decides not to release a new tier, in which case you’d have a great advantage if you’re sitting on a big pile of mats already. If you decide to hold onto your mats and they do release a new tier, you’re sitting on a big pile of garbage. 

The smartest move would probably be to sell most of your mats now and keep an eagle eye on any announcements about 7.0 crafting. If they announce that there won’t be a new crafting tier, immediately buy up the mats on the GTN before the price has a chance to spike. 

Most people probably won’t have the opportunity to do that though, so good luck! I hope that whatever you choose to do with your mats ends up being the right call!

Obtain All of the Class Buffs

Based on the current state of the PTS, it looks like class buffs will be converted from abilities that grant a 60 minute buff to permanent passives. Overall, this is a good change since it significantly reduces buff bar clutter, opens up quickbar space, and should help brand new players who don’t yet know that the buff should be active at all times. It does come with a slight drawback though.

It likely won’t be possible to buff other players like you can now, so if you don’t have all 4 buffs yet, you probably won’t be able to receive that buff from other players. 

SWTOR Class Buffs - How to prepare for SWTOR 7.0

All you need to do in order to get a legacy class buff is finish Chapter 2 of each class story. You also only need 1 of each mirror class, so for example, if you have already gotten past Chapter 2 on your Agent, you don’t need to complete chapter 2 with a Smuggler. It’s possible this could change with 7.0 as well, but I don’t think that’s super likely. 

Catch Up on the Story

6.0 has been a bit different from previous expansions. We’ve been given lots of mini cutscenes alongside the major story updates. Honestly, most of them aren’t too impactful to the overall story. They’re mostly just opportunities to RP as Alliance Commander and serve a little bit as primers on what’s coming up in terms of story. Here is the major story order from the end of 5.0 to now (no spoilers):

  1. Ossus (5.10)
  2. Onderon (6.0)
  3. Mek-Sha (6.0)
  4. Objective Meridian Flashpoint (6.0)
  5. Aftermath of Onslaught Cutscene (6.1)
  6. Echoes of Oblivion Mission (6.2, basically a Chapter) 
  7. Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint (6.2)
  8. Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint (6.3)

If you’re lost, just do the purple quest you have in your mission log, unless the mission is called First Strike or Crystal Ball, which are the Ilum story missions that you still can’t abandon.

If you don’t want to do the 6.0 story on all of your toons, don’t worry about it. Once 7.0 launches, there will almost certainly be a mission available on your ship that lets you skip to the beginning of 7.0 just like how you can currently skip to Jedi Under Siege (Ossus).

SWTOR Insider December 2021 - Darth Malgus Cover - How to prepare for SWTOR 7.0
Cover for Star Wars Insider magazine issue #207, coming in December 2021

The Nature of Progress Dxun Operation will also connect with the upcoming R-4 Anomaly Operation in terms of story, so you may want to do that Evolving Opportunities quest again if you need to refresh your memory. It’s available from a droid on Onderon near where you pick up the dailies.

BioWare also released a video voiced by SWTOR’s Creative Director, Charles Boyd, that summarizes the major points in the story over the course of the past decade, which you can check out here.

You can follow along the development of SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith with regular news and updates coverage including PTS patches and analysis on every new feature, class change and everything you need to know about your favorite MMO!

SWTOR 7.0 Classes and Combat Styles Changes Overviews and Analysis

In this list I have gathered all individual articles we have released over the course of the SWTOR 7.0 PTS detailing each class and their Combat Styles – what is changed, what is new.

Each of the classes and Combat Styles analyzed includes terminology translation for the mirror class of the opposing faction, so all players could follow along.

Below is everything you need to know to have as smooth transition from the old 6.0 Advanced Classes system to the new 7.0 Combat Styles that replaces it!

Important Changes to SWTOR for 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Expansion

This list contains preview, overview and analysis articles of the most notable changes coming to SWTOR with the release of the 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion.

I have gathered here everything you should know to be fully prepared mentally and in hit the ground running when 7.0 launches!

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