BioWare announced a new promotion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It goes live on August 28 and will last until October 5th 2020. Log in to the game at least once during that period to receive a new Character SWTOR Pipeworks Flair. Be a subscriber during that period and you will get a Character Companion reward – Shae Vizla!

The images below are from BioWare’s announcement post, published on August 19 2020.

Steam-Inspired Login Reward and Shae Vizla Returns!

Coming August 28th, 2020, the Star Wars The Old Republic team is opens up two new promotions. Inspired by SWTOR’s Steam launch, the Pipeworks Character Flair is available to all players who login to the game. And the legendary Mandalorian Shae Vizla returns for subscribers. Let’s dive in!

Pipeworks Flair: Inspired by the Steam Launch

Introducing the newest Flair, the “Character Flair: Pipeworks” will be available to all players that login to The Old Republic anytime between August 28th, 2020 and October 5th, 2020.

Simply login to the game and you will see an in-game mail waiting for you with your new Flair!

If you haven’t used a Flair before, you can activate it by pressing the “Select Title” option in the top left corner of your Character sheet.

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This Flair is available to all players, not just those of you launching the game through Steam! So, be sure to login and get your Pipeworks Flair.

Your Own Mandalorian Companion

The legendary Mandalorian warrior Shae Vizla has returned! Simply ensure you are a subscriber at any time between August 28th, 2020 and October 5th, 2020 and Shae Vizla will be granted to all characters on your account.

Any subscription from either, Steam, or gametime card will qualify! This is a limited time offer so subscribe today and head into combat with this legendary warrior at your side. Offer expires on October 5th, 2020.

BioWare also announced this on Twitter with the following message:

Based on this announcement, it seems that the promotion is not limited to Steam only. You will get the rewards even if you have not tried the Steam version of SWTOR yet.

Since last month SWTOR launched on Steam. Three Steam Bundles were also added for purchase on Steam only. The contents of these bundles are not exclusive, though. Each one of the items you will find inside are available for direct purchase at the Cartel Market (the game’s store).

If you want to get a better look at what you purchase, check out the Steam Bundles reviews here on

Just recently we learned the names and requirements of all SWTOR Steam Achievements. Take a look, be prepared when they launch with 6.1.3 in September. All Steam Achievements will be retro-actively awarded if you have earned them before they were added to Steam.

Finally, if you missed it, check out the SWTOR Roadmap for second half of 2020. Lots of interesting announcements and hints came out with this one!

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