We reached out to BioWare to get answers to a few questions that many players in the community have been wondering about!

When will a New Crafting Tier be added

Some players have been holding off on purchasing the ludicrously expensive gold augments because it would be pointless to fork over billions of credits if a new crafting tier is right around the corner.

The official answer stated that while the developers “cannot provide a definitive timeline right now, a change to the Crafting system will not be implemented in the immediate future. At this time, players can continue spending credits on augments.” When the time comes that a crafting revamp will happen, BioWare said that they will give everyone plenty of time to adjust to the changes accordingly.

Based on BioWare’s answer, it seems that they are planning a more significant rework to the crafting system in line with other modernizations we’ve gotten with 7.0. Furthermore, it should theoretically be pretty trivial to just add another crafting tier if that’s all they wanted to do.

I don’t know anyone that actually liked the direction they went with crafting in 6.0 and there is a host of other issues with the existing system that have been around for the entirety of this game’s lifetime.

The current Crafting Window in SWTOR 7.0

In 5.0 and 6.0, BioWare released gold augments as a way to make existing content easier for those that were having trouble clearing it.

They could be taking a similar approach with the new crafting tier by releasing it sometime after R-4 Anomaly.

That said, if BioWare is planning a more significant modernization to the crafting system, perhaps it could be released on its own or in conjunction with something that has yet to be announced.

Given how difficult the game is right now, how long it has taken for BioWare to release 7.1 with the rest of the expansion, and how long we’ll need to wait before we get an actual crafting update, I think it would have been better if BioWare just gave us a new crafting tier with 7.0, perhaps without the complications from 6.0. Then they could have pushed a modernization of the crafting system to 8.0.

Plans to resolve the Battle Rez issue

With 7.0, BioWare changed how battle rezzes worked to compensate for the removal of stealth rez. They removed the five minutes raidwide lockout and made battle rezzes a healer-only ability, effectively capping the number of battle rezzes to 2 per 5mins in 8m groups.

In theory, this should result in a greater number of battle rezzes in a lot of fights, unless the group was heavily abusing stealth rezzes. Unfortunately, BioWare’s implementation has come with several massive problems:

  • Two players can use their battle rez on the same corpse, wasting 1 of them. This was previously prevented with the raidwide battle rez lockout. Immediate battle rezzes are often required for a pull to be salvageable, but when healers have to communicate who will rez. For example, the group won’t survive for very long if a tank is out of commission because the boss hits hard and is able to run around deleting random players.
  • Only two players in the groeir cooldown reset and the raidwide lockout removed after a wipe. I’m not sure what the exact mechanism was for how the cooldown reset worked, but cooldowns on battle rezzes are no longer ever reset, resulting in some pulls where the battle rez is on cooldown for 1 or both healers. This exacerbates the issue with coordinating who will rez because you won’t even consistently be able to define who will rez first if 1 healer’s battle rez is still on cooldown from the previous pull.
  • Only two players in the group will ever have access to the battle rez in 8m groups. Beyond making DPS raid utility less balanced, if one of the healers gets taken out and they were the only one that had their battle rez available, that pull just became a wipe. This situation may occur because the other rez was already used in that pull, or the other healer’s rez was still on cooldown from a previous pull; in that case, the group would get no rez for that pull. It also introduces new situations where a pull could have been salvageable if a DPS could have rezzed; this is especially problematic in fights where the group is split up, like in the first phase of the Terror from Beyond fight, it’s a lot more of a hassle for 1 healer to rez someone from the other side.

The core implication of all these issues is that battle rezzing is much harder to use, can easily be wasted, and doesn’t work nearly as well at solving the core issue. It forces groups to quickly decide if it’s worthwhile to even try to salvage a pull or consider waiting 5 mins for a battle rez to come off cooldown and that’s not a decision that players should have to make.

BioWare’s answer was brief: “We are keeping an eye on the feedback players have provided for this experience. No updates will happen with 7.1, but we will look into finding a solve for this in a future update.”

The fact that BioWare explained that it’s too close to 7.1 suggests to me that they were not aware of the problem before we asked them about it, but also potentially that they view it as a high-priority issue.

Battle Rez in SWTOR

Regardless, unless BioWare has plans to introduce a change in the very near future, I would (personally) strongly prefer if the changes to battle rezzes were just reverted until BioWare can come up with a more concrete solution. This would entail giving back battle rezzes to relevant DPS specs and reinstating the 5min raidwide lockout.

To be clear, they don’t even have to revert the change stealth rezzing either; stealth rezzing is absolutely not required to clear content in SWTOR.

I’d much rather have a guaranteed 1 battle rez per fight without stealth rezzing than all the nonsense we have to deal with right now.

Fix for the Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Alert

The Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Alert allows you to recruit (or defeat) the Dashade companion named Ak’ghal Usar.

The bug sometimes prevents players from completing the quest, though it seems there are some workarounds and it has worked fine for some players.

Based on the dates of forum posts about issues with the mission, it seems to have been bugged basically since it was released all the way back with Game Update 4.3 in 2016.

“A fix for this is coming in 7.1. The mission should advance correctly after Game Update 7.1 goes live.” – BioWare assured us.

It’s unfortunate that a fix for this bug has taken so long to arrive, but given that the bug only occurred for some players; only applied to a single mission that required you to complete three specific missions in sequence in order to access, and only rewarded you with a, now mostly redundant, companion, it’s hard for them to justify this bug getting fixed sooner given the amount of support that this game receives.

I appreciate BioWare taking the time to address these questions. We’ll continue to share any advancements and progress to the above-mentioned issues. And, of course, you can find regular and thorough coverage of Update 7.1 and all of BioWare’s announcements here on VULKK.com.

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